15:01:54 <adrianr> #startmeeting CentOS HPC SIG (2017-10-19)
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15:02:14 <adrianr> #topic roll call
15:03:12 <ahs3> o/
15:03:27 <adrianr> hi ahs3
15:03:37 <ahs3> howdy
15:03:39 <pllopis> hi there o/
15:04:30 <jchaloup> hi everyone
15:06:03 <adrianr> #chair adrianr ahs3 pllopis jchaloup
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15:06:32 <adrianr> anybody else?
15:07:05 <adrianr> let's get started
15:07:09 <adrianr> #topic overview
15:07:57 <adrianr> After the initial discussion in April and after the actual creation of the HPC SIG there has not been much communication.
15:08:31 <adrianr> As I have started to work on some of the topics which are important to me I thought it would be a good time to share some status information.
15:09:08 <adrianr> My main focus in the beginning has been on getting the packages provided by the OpenHPC community built in the CentOS build system
15:09:25 <adrianr> and to start using the CentOS CI system.
15:10:07 <adrianr> #topic current status
15:10:35 <adrianr> I was able to rebuild all OpenHPC packages in the CentOS build system
15:11:09 <adrianr> which is not really surprising as the packages are also released for CentOS by the OpenHPC community.
15:11:24 <ahs3> excellent start, though.  well done.
15:11:33 <adrianr> The biggest difference is that OpenHPC uses the opensuse build system which has some implicit rules
15:12:10 <adrianr> which had to be resolved to build the packages outside of their buildsystem.
15:12:26 <adrianr> those changes are all merged upstream (OpenHPC)
15:12:57 <adrianr> My main motivation for re-building the packages was to come to the point where the CentOS CI system
15:13:15 <adrianr> can be used to validate the packages and especially provide validation of pull requests.
15:13:46 <adrianr> On my git branch the necessary changes are ready and I am currently discussing with upstream to get
15:14:11 <adrianr> the CI system included in the official OpenHPC github pull requests -  let's hope that works
15:14:19 <pllopis> that sounds great
15:14:28 <ahs3> +1
15:15:28 <adrianr> the next steps from my point of view
15:15:31 <adrianr> wait
15:15:38 <adrianr> #topic future plans
15:16:15 <adrianr> I added (by opening a ticket) aarch64 to the buildsystem tags and I am currently rebuilding the packages
15:17:04 * ahs3 is very, very interested in helping with aarch64
15:17:07 <adrianr> so the packages are now available for x86_64 and aarch64
15:17:17 <adrianr> cool
15:17:39 <ahs3> just those two arches?
15:17:41 <adrianr> I am not sure what arches the CI supports
15:17:49 <adrianr> pcp64le would be next
15:17:53 <ahs3> ack
15:18:12 <adrianr> still need to go through my local changes and see what can be submitted upstream
15:19:08 <pllopis> are there any (already known) future challenges for keeping this in sync with OpenHPC other than adding other architectures?
15:19:11 <adrianr> I would also like to extend the CI setup to three system so that I can run the MPI tests over multiple machines
15:19:24 <adrianr> aarch64 is available from OpenHPC
15:19:37 <adrianr> and I guess they would be open to patches for ppc64le
15:19:54 <adrianr> I had everything building in Fedora's copr on ppc64le a few months ago
15:20:08 <adrianr> need to find those changes somewhere in git and submit them
15:20:51 <adrianr> another thing I started to look at is to reduce duplication of packages
15:21:26 <adrianr> right now I started a rebuild of all the packages by using the devtoolset-6 gcc instead of installing an additional compiler
15:22:10 <adrianr> final goal is to get it built, tested for multiple arches and if possible on the mirrors
15:23:41 <adrianr> #topic open floor
15:23:56 <jchaloup> adrianr, awesome, lot of work done from your side
15:24:13 <ahs3> indeed.  many thx, adrianr
15:24:23 <pllopis> +1, thank you adrianr
15:24:54 <adrianr> thanks, I am really hoping to get the CI integrated in the pull requests
15:25:17 <adrianr> my focus, so far, has clearly been the OpenHPC packages
15:25:48 <adrianr> from the initial discussion I know that others have voiced other possible topics and I am hoping this SIG can be a place also for those topics
15:26:49 <adrianr> any other thoughts?
15:27:16 <ahs3> well, what can we do to help get the packages to the mirrors?
15:28:24 <adrianr> I guess the multinode CI setup would be a good thing
15:28:31 <ahs3> also, is there any thought of making a group, so one could do 'yum group install OpenHPC'?
15:28:55 <adrianr> the OpenHPC tests are always assuming a resource manager pbspro or slurm to run the tests
15:29:35 <adrianr> if you want you can try to get that going
15:30:05 <adrianr> OpenHPC comes with many meta packages
15:30:11 <adrianr> ohpc-this and ohpc-that
15:30:21 <adrianr> not sure what is better meta packages or groups
15:31:11 <ahs3> nod.  not sure myself if it even makes sense, but i do like simple :)
15:32:02 <pllopis> one question would be what a group might include? all MPI flavors? also, I think OpenHPC includes additional packages compiled with/for intel tools
15:32:27 <pllopis> so not sure what one would expect from a group, but I agree that keeping it that simple would be nice :)
15:32:29 <adrianr> right, I ignored everything with the intel compiler (as I do not have it)
15:32:53 <ahs3> personally, i'm not really familiar with the CI system, so not sure i could help there.  might be time to learn it though....
15:34:05 <adrianr> on my github branch there are the first commits to get CI going https://github.com/adrianreber/ohpc/commits/test
15:34:14 <ahs3> agreed -- not sure if a group makes sense; just a thought -- and you'd probably have to make several for all the MPI types, so it could just get weird
15:34:36 <ahs3> adrianr: noted.  thx for the ptr
15:34:39 <adrianr> there is also a test PR which runs the CI https://github.com/adrianreber/ohpc/pull/4
15:35:44 <adrianr> ahs3: if there are questions just ping me, I am also new to CI ;) just two weeks or so
15:36:03 <adrianr> but after the initial setup from bstinson (thanks) it is just a shell script
15:36:24 <ahs3> adrianr: that's about two weeks more than me :-)
15:36:42 <pllopis> cool, thanks for the pointers
15:36:53 <adrianr> ok, I will try to make a follow up meeting in two or three weeks
15:37:11 <adrianr> I will put the groups/meta-packages on the agenda, maybe there are new ideas
15:37:44 <adrianr> anything else?
15:37:51 <ahs3> tuning and optimization come to mind, too, though that's not really CentOS-specific
15:39:05 <adrianr> optimization, not sure how we can handle that
15:39:49 <pllopis> well actually it might be useful to share performance tuning tips, since some will depend on the kernel version and available tools. It is not very CentOS-specific but there might be differences. Not sure what format would be best for sharing this information, though
15:39:57 <pllopis> and if this would be the right place.
15:40:23 <pllopis> I meant to say there might be differences between distros.
15:40:30 <adrianr> so, OpenHPC has really excellent documentation, maybe that would be a good place
15:40:44 <pllopis> indeed, could be.
15:41:32 <ahs3> right, and the distro differences would be the most useful part, perhaps
15:43:36 <adrianr> if there is nothing more I would end the meeting in 30 seconds
15:44:12 <pllopis> nothing more on my part, I was mostly interested in hearing about the OpenHPC packaging :)
15:44:23 <pllopis> thank  you again for your efforts, adrianr
15:44:34 <skozina> +1, indeed!
15:44:44 <jchaloup> adrianr, nothing from my side, it was great to get to know what you have been up to, this is really promising
15:44:44 <ahs3> truly awesome work, thx!
15:45:24 <adrianr> ok, thanks for joining and hopefully I will not forget to schedule the next meeting
15:45:47 <adrianr> #endmeeting