14:04:27 <hhorak> #startmeeting SCLo SIG sync-up (2017-10-31)
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14:04:31 <hhorak> #meetingname sclo-sig-syncup
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14:05:46 <hhorak> hope nobody is surprised that we start now with sclo sig -- it's because we follow CET timezone so we moved time of the meeting again 1 hour later, as summer time ended in Europe last sunday
14:06:45 <hhorak> calendar update PR submitted: https://github.com/CentOS/Calendar/pull/25 ^^
14:06:51 <hhorak> and hello btw :)
14:07:00 <jstanek> hhorak: hello!
14:07:21 <pvalena> hello
14:11:01 <hhorak> one thing I wanted to discuss today -- adrianr asked me for ppc64le and aarch64 builds for devtoolset-7
14:11:27 <hhorak> adrianr: if you're around, one thing I wanted to make sure -- you care only about centos7, right?
14:13:13 <TrevorH> I don't think there is an el6 ppc64* or aarch64
14:13:37 <hhorak> TrevorH: ah, good point, so that answers that question.. :) thanks
14:13:52 <hhorak> So, we have the buildroots set this way in case of devtoolset-6 already, and someone (Evolution or alphacc?) did the trick that the new arches were magically added from the sources for x86_64 builds ... so we didn't need to bump the release and submit the builds.
14:14:23 <hhorak> alphacc: Evolution: is it possible to do it the same this time?
14:14:49 <adrianr> hhorak: yes, only centos7
14:23:00 <kbsingh> i think Evolution is travelling today
14:23:06 <Evolution> I'm back today
14:23:18 <Evolution> traveling tommorow afternoon again
14:23:39 <Evolution> I know that devtoolset6 on aarch64 works and built fine.
14:24:01 <Evolution> currently it's only on buildlogs. I don't know what voodoo KB needs for it to be public from there
14:24:38 <Evolution> iirc it's maybe just a -release package bump to put the file in the appropriate place.
14:25:20 <hhorak> Evolution: I can submit a ticket for that as well
14:25:39 <Evolution> kbsingh: is that correct? --^
14:25:54 <kbsingh> yeah, just need the releast file to go through - bstinson / hughesjr  can get that done
14:25:59 <Evolution> hhorak: please. I'd *love* to see this officially available.
14:26:08 <kbsingh> then the automation under the sign/push will ( should ) work
14:27:54 <hhorak> Evolution: ok, so do you think we can do the same thing with devtoolset-7? I mean take the srpms from x86_64 builds and just build the packages for these two new arches?
14:28:19 <hhorak> I guess knowing an order of the builds could be handy..
14:30:08 <hhorak> ..and then just submit a ticket for buildsys?
14:30:49 <kbsingh> yup
14:31:03 <kbsingh> if you need any manual bootstrap, alphacc would need to help there
14:35:02 <hhorak> great..
14:35:45 <hhorak> kbsingh: when seeing you -- are you the one who should we bother with https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=14000? or is there any other victim?
14:38:26 <kbsingh> hhorak: this should be as simple as getting a new user setup in accounts.centos.org, and getting it added to the sig etc
14:38:46 <kbsingh> there is a thread running on centos-devel around the same topic, i would highly recommend getting involved in that
14:38:58 <hhorak> kbsingh: cool, I missed that
14:39:32 <kbsingh> from my perspective, we should encourage this automation in ci.centos.org talking to cbs.centos.org, and setup a proper credential management stack in the same infra
14:39:48 <kbsingh> so beyond the 'enable' part, the actual accounts/creds etc are not shared out
14:45:58 <hhorak> kbsingh: I'm thinking hard what you meant by the 'enable' part..
14:47:06 <kbsingh> enable as in, get the user setup, get it whitelisted in a.c.o, get it setup for the right privileges in cbs, make sure its setup for the right user in ci.centos etc
14:47:09 <kbsingh> basic bring up
14:47:27 <kbsingh> once that is done, then every job for sclo should be able to just make cbs calls, and have them work etc
14:47:42 <kbsingh> ( the main thing is : take away the need to ever ship the credentials )
14:51:17 <hhorak> kbsingh: ok, that makes sense
14:51:52 <hhorak> all right, time's almost up, what else around SCLo should we talk about today?
14:52:10 <hhorak> (btw. I just sent a heads-up about new packages and new SCLs in the -testing repo)
14:57:01 <hhorak> it seems like nothing is in fire, so thanks for today and see you next time (again, Tuesday 2pm UTC)
14:57:05 <hhorak> #endmeeting