13:02:58 <hhorak> #startmeeting SCLo SIG sync-up (2017-04-04)
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13:03:03 <hhorak> #meetingname sclo-sig-syncup
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13:03:08 <hhorak> Hello
13:03:51 <kbsingh> hello
13:04:03 <kbsingh> jpena: service back?
13:04:22 <jpena> kbsingh: yes, the NFS server became available a couple hours ago
13:04:26 <jstanek> hello
13:07:11 <hhorak> kbsingh: Hi, before anybody else brings some other topic, I was seeking for sources for https://www.centos.org/keys/ but couldn't find them... which does not mind, just looking for someone who would be able to fix https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=12844
13:07:27 <hhorak> (reporter asks for links for the keys for the SIG groups as well)
13:07:41 * RemiFedora is there is needed
13:14:38 <hhorak> anybody else any other issue/question around SCL?
13:21:15 <hhorak> alphacc: just FYI https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=13085 (just created, no hurry)
13:21:44 <hhorak> Anyway, if nobody has any issues, let me close this silent meeting early today.. in 3m..
13:23:32 <alphacc> hhorak: done
13:23:53 <hhorak> alphacc: wow, that was quick, thank you very much :)
13:30:58 <hhorak> #endmeeting