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14:00:09 <gwd> #chair sbonazzo
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14:00:23 <gwd> lsm5 rafaelmartins kbsingh jirkade
14:00:37 * jirkade here
14:00:46 <gwd> #chair jirkade
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14:01:26 <gwd> anthonyper ^
14:01:45 * lsm5 here
14:01:50 <gwd> #chair lsm5
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14:02:12 <anthonyper> gwd: o/
14:02:19 <gwd> #chair anthonyper
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14:02:21 <gwd> OK -- jirkade, do you want to start with an update on your libvirt project?
14:02:37 <gwd> (start with a #topic libvirt (or whatever) when you're ready)
14:03:05 <jirkade> #topic libvirt update
14:03:28 <jirkade> #info upstream libvirt-3.2.0 was released yesterday
14:04:13 <jirkade> #info libvirt-3.2.0-1.el7.src.rpm for virt7-libvirt-latest is ready, but it faced some strange build errors in cbs
14:04:59 <jirkade> #info I hope to have the build ready by the end of this week
14:05:12 <gwd> OK -- do you have a way forward / know who to ask for help?
14:05:13 <jirkade> gwd: that's all I have
14:05:46 <alphacc> jirkade: koji is broken at this time.
14:06:23 <jirkade> gwd: I filed a bug on bugs.centos.org for removing i386 from build archs and the rest looks like what alphacc said
14:06:34 <gwd> jirkade: OK, cool
14:06:42 <gwd> sbonazzo, you want to go next?
14:06:46 <alphacc> jirkade: the i386 is weird
14:06:50 <sbonazzo> gwd: sure
14:06:59 <sbonazzo> #topic oVIrt updates
14:07:01 <alphacc> jirkade: I'll comment on the ticket
14:07:05 <jirkade> alphacc: thanks
14:07:20 <sbonazzo> #info oVirt 4.1.1 has been released upstream, packages are coming to CBS and mirrors right after
14:07:34 <sbonazzo> I think that's mostly it
14:07:55 <gwd> OK, lsm5?
14:08:06 <lsm5> no update from me this time, sorry
14:08:38 <gwd> OK
14:08:42 <gwd> #topic Xen update
14:08:57 <gwd> #info Just updated to 4.6.3-12 with XSA-212, a critical security fix
14:09:52 <gwd> #info Still trying to update to Linux 4.9.x now that 3.18 has gone out of support; A number of issues we're ironing out, but should be pretty close now.
14:10:03 <gwd> #info Xen 4.8.0 still not in progress yet
14:10:11 <gwd> Hopefully either anthonyper or I can get to it soon. :-)
14:10:41 <gwd> #info There has been some rumblings about supporting livepatching for Xen 4.8
14:11:06 <gwd> I don't think I can do that, but if there are people in the community who are interested in doing that anthonyper or I can definitely help.
14:11:20 <gwd> anthonyper Anything you want to add?
14:11:31 <anthonyper> No.
14:11:48 <gwd> OK -- anything else?
14:11:51 <gwd> #topic AOB
14:12:16 <gwd> jirkade: Out of curiosity, in your libvirt packages, are you doing anything on purpose to either enable or disable Xen support?
14:14:10 <jirkade> gwd: it's build in the same way we build normal libvirt packages for centos, in other words, xen is explicitly disabled by
14:14:10 <jirkade> %if 0%{?rhel}
14:14:10 <jirkade> %define with_openvz 0
14:14:10 <jirkade> %define with_vbox 0
14:14:10 <jirkade> %define with_uml 0
14:14:10 <jirkade> %define with_phyp 0
14:14:10 <jirkade> %define with_vmware 0
14:14:11 <jirkade> %define with_xenapi 0
14:14:11 <jirkade> %define with_libxl 0
14:14:12 <jirkade> %define with_hyperv 0
14:14:12 <jirkade> %define with_vz 0
14:14:13 <jirkade> %endif
14:15:08 <gwd> jirkade: OK, just curious.
14:15:15 <gwd> I think that's it for me -- anyone else?
14:16:29 <gwd> Great, thanks everyone
14:16:30 <gwd> #endmeeting