18:00:06 <richm> #startmeeting CentOS OpsTools SIG
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18:00:15 <richm> #chair mrunge
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18:00:26 <richm> #topic what to do about collectd
18:00:33 <richm> lon: yt?
18:00:39 <lon> yup
18:00:42 * lon here
18:00:53 <lon> o/
18:01:49 <richm> lon: Did you have a suggestion about what to do about collectd in EPEL vs. OpsTools?
18:02:05 <lon> richm, mrunge_ - if there's one "odd product out" that really wants the EPEL variant and not changing packages, that's fine
18:02:19 <lon> my original goal was to avoid duplicating work between logging and optools
18:02:29 <lon> since optools consumes logging
18:02:35 <lon> or vice-versa
18:03:10 <lon> if oVirt has quite different needs (which seems likely), it's possible that a unified build can't be done?
18:03:19 <lon> or at least, it's impractical
18:03:56 <lon> I like mrunge_'s suggestion to use optools SIG
18:04:39 <richm> I'm still don't quite understand what the problem is with oVirt and collectd
18:04:46 <lon> I don't really either.
18:05:13 <lon> it sounded like they needed slower-moving / more stable?
18:05:23 <lon> optools sig => all the new and all the cool
18:05:41 <lon> much more in line with RDO
18:05:47 <richm> . . . and I don't see Sandro or Didi around
18:06:50 <richm> lon: mrunge: for sure cloud/rdo needs collectd with features not found in epel?
18:07:12 * lon needs to defer to mrunge_
18:07:24 <lon> that's my understanding, but - I'm just the guy trying to deduplicate work
18:07:46 <richm> ok
18:07:56 <lon> complicated packages that are 99% the same is a waste of effort
18:08:13 <richm> #action @richm - reach out to oVirt to find out how they can use opstools collectd
18:08:28 <richm> there's also the issue of who will maintain collectd in opstools
18:08:46 <richm> imo it should be the users i.e. cloud and ovirt
18:11:55 <richm> #topic fluentd updates
18:12:12 <lon> richm: agreed
18:12:29 <richm> I've recently built and pushed rubygem-fluent-plugin-collectd-nest for oVirt
18:14:15 <richm> #topic open floor
18:14:59 <richm> anything else?  I'll leave the meeting open for 5 minutes just in case
18:16:35 <lon> richm: nothing here
18:17:19 <richm> ok
18:19:59 <richm> #endmeeting