17:01:04 <tdawson> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:01:09 <tdawson> #topic roll call
17:01:22 * _ari_ here
17:02:12 <sdodson> hello
17:02:35 <tdawson> Hi _ari_
17:02:37 <tdawson> Hi sdodson
17:02:53 * _ari_ waves
17:02:59 * herlo is here
17:03:09 * bamachrn hi
17:03:11 <tdawson> Howdy herlo
17:05:32 <tdawson> #chair tdawson sdodson _ari_ herlo
17:05:32 <centbot> Current chairs: _ari_ herlo sdodson tdawson
17:05:41 <tdawson> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:05:48 <tdawson> Starting with rpms
17:06:18 <herlo> hola tdawson!
17:06:21 <tdawson> We have the new openshift-ansible-3.5 in testing
17:06:29 <tdawson> It's the version that was released with OCP 3.5 GA.
17:06:53 <tdawson> origin-1.5 is still ... distilling .... if that is the correct term.
17:07:36 <sdodson> Does centos allow things to be un-tagged from the testing repo? the Origin CI jobs are installing origin-1.5.0-0.4 and openshift-ansible-3.5.46 which are old and buggy (at least buggier) than current builds.
17:07:49 <tdawson> Clayton said it best ... but I can't find the exact email ... in short, they are making sure all the bugs have settled down.
17:07:52 <sdodson> I imagine once we move out of testing to release repos those old versions won't exist?
17:08:34 <tdawson> sdodson: For candidate, I know things go away
17:08:43 <tdawson> sdodson: For release, I know things stay forever
17:08:51 <tdawson> I'm not positive about testing
17:08:58 <sdodson> ok
17:09:20 <sdodson> For release though, it won't have builds that were never promoted past candidate/testing will it?
17:09:31 <tdawson> sdodson: I know I'll have to untag it to get out of testing.
17:09:53 <tdawson> sdodson: Correct, the release won't have anything that doesn't purposefully get tagged into released.
17:10:07 <sdodson> tdawson: cool, thanks
17:11:25 <tdawson> sdodson: Did you want me to untag a particular package(s) out of -testing to see?  I can untag origin-1.5.0-0.4.el7 if you want
17:11:53 <tdawson> and openshift-ansible-3.5.46-1.git.1.b88158d.el7
17:11:59 <sdodson> tdawson: yes please
17:13:27 <tdawson> OK, done ... we'll see if they go away.
17:13:32 <tdawson> or at least out of testing
17:13:47 <tdawson> It will take about an hour before the next run though.
17:14:14 <sdodson> tdawson: thanks
17:14:29 <tdawson> Any other rpm items?
17:14:53 <sdodson> Not from me.
17:14:58 <tdawson> When origin-1.5 gets released, we'll get it up and into -testing as fast as we can.
17:15:47 <tdawson> Moving on to Documentation
17:16:06 <tdawson> Since 1.5 wasn't released, I haven't updated the general documetation
17:16:45 <tdawson> _ari_: You had mentioned doing a blog of some type to talk about the new automation ... have you made progress on that?
17:17:13 <tdawson> Or should I save that for the automation section
17:17:26 <_ari_> tdawson: no blog yet I can talk about more of that during automation
17:17:40 <tdawson> OK
17:18:13 <tdawson> Well ... I don't think we have much more to do with Documentation ... let's move to the Automation
17:18:34 <tdawson> _ari_: How are things going in Automated building and testing?
17:18:44 <_ari_> I have two jobs https://ci.centos.org/job/paas-bfs-master-test-matrix/search/?q=paas&Jenkins-Crumb=e32f6d41f7c9e178e318e5f06a785418
17:19:31 <_ari_> unfortunately I am battling with the way skuznets builds origin so I have a PR to update to get the things we need for CBS and build it a certain way https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/13796
17:19:51 <_ari_> since we need the src rpm and also to have el7 in the name of the rpms
17:20:21 <_ari_> I think his method is the best since we don't need any deps it just takes the checked out source and buildds it in a container
17:20:29 <_ari_> So I am working through that
17:21:01 <_ari_> the Jobs can build scratch builds (by default) and also do bleeding edge (by default) master branch
17:21:19 <tdawson> _ari_: Can't you use the "tito build --dist=.el7" to get the proper dist setting?
17:21:47 <_ari_> tdawson: yes but that has to be done in his script it gets built in a container that is not there at moment
17:22:02 <tdawson> _ari_: Ahh ... ok
17:22:14 <_ari_> so is that not a --rpmbuild-options?
17:22:32 <tdawson> _ari_: It can be
17:22:52 <tdawson> _ari_: But it's also a "tito build" option
17:22:52 <_ari_> this is what I am working on adding
17:22:53 <_ari_> tito build --quiet --offline --srpm --rpmbuild-options="--define 'dist .el7'" --output="${tito_tmp_dir}"
17:22:53 <_ari_> tito build --output="${tito_tmp_dir}" --rpm --no-cleanup --quiet --offline \
17:22:53 <_ari_> --rpmbuild-options="--define 'make_redistributable ${make_redistributable}' ${RPM_BUILD_OPTS:-}"
17:22:57 <_ari_> tito tag --undo --offline
17:23:13 <_ari_> the RPM_BUILD_OPTS would allow us to add this at execution from an env var
17:23:31 <tdawson> _ari_: I like your patch ... cuz it's nice and generic and you can add more to it if you find something else down the road.
17:24:02 <_ari_> cool I just have to get the src rpm out of the container like the binaries
17:24:15 <_ari_> skuznets has been a huge help in guiding me through this setup
17:24:44 <tdawson> Good to har
17:24:46 <_ari_> tdawson: so hopefully next week this will be all complete and checked in or at least I can override the checked in version with my own and run it
17:25:09 <tdawson> That is awesome
17:25:50 <_ari_> tdawson: once we have that we will need to figure out automation and testing of image building
17:26:01 <_ari_> tdawson: that is it for me
17:26:24 <tdawson> _ari_: Thank you for all the work you are doing.  It's great.
17:26:27 <_ari_> tdawson: also at some point going to take some of herlo awesome changes to linch-pin for updates
17:26:38 <_ari_> tdawson: it has been fun and interesting
17:26:59 <tdawson> Speaking of herlo ... herlo weren't you also working on another blog?
17:28:40 <tdawson> He must have stepped away.  let's move on to Images and Image building.
17:28:55 <tdawson> rtnpro: Are you here?
17:29:01 <herlo> I'm here
17:29:10 <rtnpro> tdawson, yes
17:29:26 <herlo> and nothing yet. linchpin is nearing 1.0 so yeah...no blog yet. I'll get there.
17:29:28 <tdawson> rtnpro: Do you have an update on the new images building with the rpms are updated?
17:29:43 <rtnpro> tdawson, we got repo monitoring feature deployed in container pipeline prod today
17:29:56 <tdawson> herlo: OK, so when linchpin get's to 1.0 ... I'll start nagging you more about a blog. :)
17:30:08 <herlo> tdawson: sounds good.
17:30:16 <tdawson> rtnpro: That's awesome
17:30:19 <rtnpro> tdawson, we check for repo updates once in a day (for now)
17:31:07 <rtnpro> tdawson, could I have some insight into how do you plan to test this feature?
17:31:45 <tdawson> rtnpro: At the moment, I'm not sure.  Is there a list of what repo's it looks at?
17:32:06 <tdawson> rtnpro: Or is there a way to say "this image should look at this yum repo for updates"?
17:32:17 <rtnpro> tdawson, we scan all the containers we build and save their repos to track :)
17:32:38 <tdawson> rtnpro: Ah, so it's the repo they were originally built from.  OK
17:32:47 <rtnpro> tdawson, yeah
17:33:32 <_ari_> tdawson: got to run
17:33:45 <tdawson> _ari_: Will this help with the automatic image building?  In theory, you'd just need to build the first image looking at the repo, and let the automation build it after your rpm is updated.
17:33:53 <tdawson> _ari_: OK
17:33:58 <rtnpro> tdawson, whenever a container image is built, it's gonna pull the latest packages
17:34:20 <rtnpro> tdawson, till now, container pipeline used to build images only on SCM change of the project
17:34:22 <_ari_> tdawson: yes this would work
17:34:47 <rtnpro> tdawson, now, it triggers image builds when there are package updates for the container, as well
17:36:21 <tdawson> rtnpro: When is that once a day?  Or is that documented somewhere / someconfig ?
17:36:52 <tdawson> rtnpro: I think it would be good to get our daily builds to get done an hour or so before that kicks off.
17:37:46 <rtnpro> tdawson, what do you mean by "that"?
17:39:05 <tdawson> rtnpro: You said earlier "we check for repo updates once in a day" ... when does that check happen?
17:39:27 <rtnpro> tdawson, at midnight
17:39:46 <tdawson> rtnpro: UTC midnight?
17:40:16 <rtnpro> tdawson, I need to confirm that with the server which is running jenkins
17:40:48 <rtnpro> https://github.com/CentOS/container-pipeline-service/blob/master/provisions/roles/repo_tracking/templates/jobs.yml.j2#L12
17:40:48 <tdawson> rtnpro: Oh ... midnight of the server, ok
17:40:56 <rtnpro> tdawson, yes
17:41:18 <tdawson> OK
17:41:28 <rtnpro> tdawson, we can run the update checker job more frequently if needed
17:42:22 <rtnpro> tdawson, how do you ship your latest packages in the container images?
17:42:49 <rtnpro> do you wait for it to get pushed to centos repo, or do you download from a custom repo?
17:43:55 <tdawson> rtnpro: For our automated way, I believe were pulling from the -candidate repo ... for our non-automated way ... I'm not the right person to ask, cuz I don't know.
17:43:58 <rtnpro> tdawson, could you also point me to the projects in question here: https://github.com/CentOS/container-index/tree/master/index.d ?
17:44:59 <rtnpro> tdawson, if you have the candidate repo enabled in the container image, we can start tracking it
17:45:47 <tdawson> rtnpro: That's what we'll have to coordinate with _ari_ ... but he said we still have one more week before his automation is running.
17:46:12 <rtnpro> tdawson, then we can discuss it next week
17:46:19 <tdawson> rtnpro: Yep
17:46:36 <tdawson> rtnpro: From index.d list, we're the openshift.yml
17:46:59 <rtnpro> tdawson, ok, I will check out the projects listed there
17:47:24 <tdawson> rtnpro: great
17:47:40 <rtnpro> :)
17:47:42 <bamachrn> rtnpro: its all the openshift origin and its components with version tags
17:47:53 <rtnpro> bamachrn, ok
17:48:42 <tdawson> rtnpro: Anything else?
17:49:28 <rtnpro> tdawson, nope
17:49:54 <tdawson> OK, moving on to "seperate repo work"
17:50:39 <tdawson> I did get all the origin1.{3,4,5} testing repo's to be self sustaining this week, for -testing.
17:51:12 <tdawson> I'm going to be tagging 1.3 and 1.4 as -released, and open up the ticket to get those signed and to the mirrors.
17:51:42 <tdawson> That's about it for that subject
17:51:47 <tdawson> Moving on to minishift
17:51:55 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Are you here this week?
17:52:17 <lalatenduM> tdawson: yes
17:52:30 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Was there any update on minishift in CentOS?
17:52:33 <lalatenduM> But do not have much update :(
17:52:56 <lalatenduM> it was busy at the project as we are to release another rc before GA
17:53:01 <lalatenduM> busy week*
17:53:20 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Was there another minishift release canidate ... and you answered before I was able to ask. :)
17:54:03 <lalatenduM> tdawson: yes, we are going to a release tomorrow
17:54:09 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Cool
17:54:23 <lalatenduM> then one week will (most likely) will do a 1.0 GA release
17:54:49 <tdawson> lalatenduM: That will be great to get a GA release of it.
17:54:59 <tdawson> lalatenduM: You, and your team are doing a great job with that.
17:56:16 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Anything else?
17:56:40 <lalatenduM> tdawson: nope
17:56:45 <lalatenduM> thats it , thanks
17:57:02 <tdawson> OK, I think that's the last of our general subject, opening up to Open Floor
17:57:04 <lalatenduM> Next week I should give give you update on RPM stuff
17:57:10 <tdawson> #topic Open Floor
17:57:18 <tdawson> lalatenduM: I look forward to it
17:58:22 * tdawson just saw the time.
17:58:43 <tdawson> I'm goign to cut the Open Floor short
17:59:13 <tdawson> I'll talk to ya'll next week.
17:59:19 <tdawson> Thanks to everyone for all their work.
17:59:20 <herlo> ttfn
17:59:42 <tdawson> #endmeeting