17:00:39 <tdawson> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:00:47 <tdawson> #topic roll call
17:01:00 <tdawson> _ari_ has already let me know he will not be able to make it today.
17:04:23 * tdawson wonders if anyone else will be able to make it.
17:05:19 <mzee1000> heh
17:05:34 <gfidente> back later
17:05:36 <tdawson> Ya ... at least one person :)
17:05:45 <tdawson> or not ... but that's ok.
17:05:59 <tdawson> #chair tdawson
17:05:59 <centbot> Current chairs: tdawson
17:06:24 <tdawson> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:06:28 <tdawson> Starting with rpms
17:06:39 <tdawson> origin-1.5.0 has been released upstream.
17:06:53 <tdawson> We have built origin-1.5.0-1.1 (multiarch: x86_64 and aarch64)
17:07:32 <tdawson> We also got golang-1.7.5 built (also multiarch), and built origin-1.5.0-1.1 on it.
17:08:46 <tdawson> The new origin is currently in -testing.
17:09:05 <tdawson> We are going to try to get it tested and tagged into -release as soon as possible, so people can enjoy it during summit.
17:10:02 <tdawson> It is passes the tests, it will be released with the openshift-ansible-3.5.58-1.git.0.eef56e1.el7
17:10:26 <tdawson> I think that's it for general rpms
17:10:31 <tdawson> Moving on to Documentation
17:10:45 <tdawson> I haven't had a chance to update the Documentation for 1.5
17:11:07 <tdawson> None of the blogs that are being worked on are ready ether, so this week there was no Documentation update.
17:11:23 <tdawson> Automated rpm building and testing
17:11:36 * herlo is here-ish...
17:11:54 <tdawson> herlo: Any updates that you know about?
17:12:36 <tdawson> _ari_ let me know that his day job had been sucking up all his time.  He's got everything ready for the openshift-ansible, but still working on one pull request for origin.
17:15:33 <tdawson> OK, moving on to images and image building
17:15:51 <herlo> tdawson: nothing from me yet. Just like to be here. :)
17:15:51 <tdawson> Looks like rtnpro isn't here today
17:16:01 <tdawson> herlo: And it's always good to have you here.
17:16:12 <herlo> :)
17:16:17 <tdawson> I like company when I'm doing my monologue meetings. :)
17:16:23 <herlo> haha, indeed.
17:16:27 <mzee1000> tdawson: i would like to update that rpm based updates has been deployed
17:16:38 <mzee1000> into production
17:16:46 <tdawson> mzee1000: awesome
17:17:04 <tdawson> mzee1000: Which versions are you using?
17:17:29 <mzee1000> tdawson: we are currently using openshift origin 1.4.1
17:17:38 <tdawson> mzee1000: Cool
17:17:58 <tdawson> mzee1000: This is the stuff that rtnpro was talking about the past couple of weeks, correct?
17:18:04 <mzee1000> we have a feature freese for validating the pipeline this week for upcoming GA
17:18:26 <mzee1000> tdawson: yes its the one me and rtnpro have been hacking on
17:19:46 <tdawson> mzee1000: I think it's a great thing.
17:21:00 <mzee1000> tdawson: thanks :)
17:21:39 <mzee1000> We will be expanding that to allow user to specify their own repositories as well post GA.
17:22:09 <tdawson> mzee1000: That will be great.  I was just in the middle of asking about that.
17:23:35 <mzee1000> Cool i heard from rtnpro about your plans for end to end testing via the pipeline
17:23:40 <mzee1000> tdawson : ^
17:23:45 <tdawson> mzee1000: I know that many of the openshift images, would really benefit from pointing to our individual origin rrepositories ... that's a feature that will be nice to try out.
17:24:11 <tdawson> mzee1000: Well, it's actually _ari_'s plan, but yes, it's something that I think we can utilize.
17:24:26 <mzee1000> tdawson: yes, that would be great :)
17:25:34 <tdawson> mzee1000: Anything else you want to add before we move on?
17:25:45 <mzee1000> tdawson: no im good
17:26:24 <tdawson> Next item on the agenda is multi-arch
17:27:05 <tdawson> We got the -extras repo added to our future, and we are now able to build both x86_64 and aarch64 builds in our future build target.
17:27:45 <tdawson> We've currently got golang-1.7.5 built, and origin-1.5.0 built with multi-arch.
17:28:40 <tdawson> It's still a little early, but this might mean that we might make the newer released versions multi-arch
17:29:15 <tdawson> At this point, we're sticking to just future being multi-arch, and possibly adding ppc64le
17:29:33 <tdawson> I think that's it for multi-arch
17:29:46 <tdawson> Moving on to Seperate Repo work
17:31:10 <tdawson> origin13 and origin14 release's have been requested.  I hopefully will also get origin15 repo released as well
17:31:33 <tdawson> Then we'll have to work on the origin-release rpm, so it's easy for people to use them.
17:32:04 <tdawson> I'm pretty sure I'll get the origin15 release stuff done, but I don't think I'll have time this week to get the origin-release rpm's done this week.
17:32:22 <tdawson> Moving on to minishift
17:32:39 <tdawson> lalatenduM: ping - are you around this week?  And would you like to give an update on the minishift work?
17:33:34 <marcindulak> I have been trying to build the minishift binary with rpm, it seems there are some issues: https://github.com/minishift/minishift/issues/828 , but I'm not sure I'm doing this right
17:35:45 <tdawson> marcindulak: sorry for going quiet, I was reading the issue
17:37:08 <tdawson> marcindulak: That is alot of progress you've made (looking at your github repo)
17:38:57 <tdawson> marcindulak: I'm hoping that lalatenduM is able to help you with that issue, I have to say that it's over my head, but I haven't done any looking at minishift, other than the overview level.
17:39:27 <marcindulak> someone experienced with go packaging will need to help, maybe https://github.com/ingvagabund
17:41:36 <tdawson> Although I like packaging, and I've done several go packages, I'm really not the best at them.
17:41:58 <tdawson> So ya, if you can get ingvagabund ... he's be great to help with it.
17:42:39 <marcindulak> i think i'll slowly figure out, people on the minishift issues tracker are very responsive
17:43:07 <tdawson> That's good to hear
17:43:46 <tdawson> marcindulak: do you think you'll be able to get things worked out by the time that minishift 1.0 is officially released?
17:44:04 <marcindulak> when is this planned?
17:45:25 <tdawson> marcindulak: I actually have no idea ... I just know they are in the release candidate stage.
17:47:33 <tdawson> marcindulak: Anything else?  Is there anything you need from the CentOS Paas community?
17:49:21 <marcindulak> i don't need anything else now
17:49:42 <tdawson> OK, then moving on to OpenFloor
17:49:49 <tdawson> #topic Open Floor
17:50:10 <tdawson> I do have one thing to bring up here.  Do we want to cancel the meeting for next week, due to Red Hat Summit?
17:50:37 <tdawson> I won't be here, and I think there are a couple of others that won't be either.
17:51:09 <tdawson> I asked _ari_ when I talked to him, and he was for skipping next week.
17:51:53 <tdawson> All in favor, say nothing.
17:52:20 <tdawson> All opposed to canceling the meeting, say "Nay"
17:53:54 <tdawson> I believe the silense has the vote.  Sounds like we're going to cancel the meeting next week.
17:54:09 <tdawson> Either way, I won't be able to be here next week.
17:54:17 <tdawson> So I'll talk to ya'll in two weeks.
17:54:25 <tdawson> Take care everyone.
17:54:41 <tdawson> #endmeeting