14:00:35 <bstinson> #startmeeting CBS/Infra
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14:00:43 <bstinson> #topic Agenda
14:00:49 <bstinson> #info Topic: Status Updates
14:00:54 <bstinson> #info Topic: Account Requests
14:00:59 <bstinson> #info Topic: CI
14:01:05 <bstinson> #info Topic: Open Flood
14:01:37 <bstinson> #topic Status Updates
14:01:44 <bstinson> what's going on this week?
14:03:48 <alphacc> not much, I rebuilet koji 1.13 in koji ; I need to decide when to push to extras
14:04:10 <bstinson> i promised you some testing, which i'll probably do today :)
14:04:24 <alphacc> cool, thanks.
14:04:54 <alphacc> I have few pending tickets for hhorak and hpc ; I will do that a bit later
14:05:38 <alphacc> I will try to recreate dev-koji with ArrFab this week when it's more calm.
14:06:14 <Arrfab> alphacc: was on my TODO list for today, but other fires to fight against though :-(
14:06:17 <bstinson> awesome, i might take a peek through and see if we can make sure the NFV guys are up to date as well. some email conversations may not have translated over to bugs
14:06:25 <alphacc> Nothing else on my side.
14:07:01 <alphacc> bstinson: sure I'll be around, ping me if something is missing
14:07:02 <Evolution> alphacc: please consider HPC to have a greenlight for things on my side. I'm out this week for meetings
14:07:13 <Evolution> alphacc: feel free to steer them appropriately buildsystem-wise as needed
14:07:18 <alphacc> Arrfab: good luck :)
14:07:27 <alphacc> Evolution: I saw your +1 on irc all good
14:07:53 <Evolution> okay cool.
14:08:18 <bstinson> anything else for status updates today?
14:09:01 <kbsingh> not much from my side.
14:09:10 <bstinson> #topic Account Requests
14:09:13 <kbsingh> we've still got the outstanding work of deactivating old accounts
14:09:17 <kbsingh> i guess thats on a backlog somewhere
14:10:14 <bstinson> yeah, i can help if needed, but the work was slated to go into the weekly email script
14:10:25 <kbsingh> yeah
14:11:13 <bstinson> #info CI: 1 new member of the libvirt/libguestfs team going in today
14:11:58 <bstinson> anything doing in ACO today?
14:13:03 <kbsingh> the only accounts added in were for the devcloud stuff
14:13:26 <bstinson> cool
14:13:29 <bstinson> #topic CI
14:14:50 <bstinson> #info We're one step closer to altarch support in CI, thanks to Arrfab who worked on the installer playbooks. Duffy+altarch-support for ppc64le is deployed in our dev environment while we test a few more things
14:15:06 <kbsingh> nice!
14:15:19 <kbsingh> i have the patches to review as well.. will try and turn that out today
14:16:35 <bstinson> kbsingh: your key is in on admin.dev if you need to test a live instance
14:17:00 <bstinson> i have a WIP PR against cicoclient for dmsimard
14:17:02 <kbsingh> bstinson: tanks
14:17:13 <bstinson> next is documentation of the flavors on the wiki
14:18:33 <kbsingh> and capacity ?
14:18:58 <bstinson> capacity in what way?
14:19:24 <kbsingh> as in how much of what can we support etc
14:19:41 <kbsingh> eg. if we throw ppc open, we likely cant have 100 people come ask for these...
14:19:54 <bstinson> i'm doing for a table of:  <flavor_name> | <ram> | <cpu> | <disk> | <number-of-instances-available>
14:19:56 <kbsingh> i guess we still timeout in the same way as the baremetal
14:20:04 <kbsingh> ah cool! that would be perfect
14:20:13 <bstinson> yeah, there's a timeout, and we have a fair amount of capacity to start with
14:20:48 <bstinson> there's something like 36 total VMs with a minor amount of disk overcommit
14:21:00 <bstinson> and that's only 2 of our hypervisors
14:21:11 <kbsingh> nice!
14:22:31 <bstinson> anything else for CI today, before we move on to general open floor?
14:22:46 <kbsingh> was there any movement re: Jenkinsfiles ?
14:22:57 <kbsingh> _ari_: was looking at this ?
14:23:08 <bstinson> yes, he's putting together initial commits sometime this week
14:23:22 <kbsingh> sounds good
14:23:28 <_ari_> kbsingh: Yes I am putting first libs out today
14:23:28 <bstinson> work will be happening here: https://github.com/CentOS/cico-pipeline-library
14:23:46 <kbsingh> _ari_: nice. looking forward to that
14:25:40 <bstinson> #topic Open Floor
14:26:17 <kbsingh> there is a new setup in place for the devcloud.
14:26:20 <kbsingh> openstack/rdo based
14:26:24 <bstinson> \o/
14:26:34 <kbsingh> and just a reminder - that if people in the SIGs need some dev resource, that is an option for adhoc workloads
14:27:05 <alphacc> yes it's working well and I tested nested kvm support. thanks Arrfab.
14:27:07 <bstinson> and i can personally attest that it is loads faster than the previous setup
14:27:15 <bstinson> Arrfab++
14:27:38 <kbsingh> Arrfab++ indeed
14:29:09 <Arrfab> working on some VMs there right now btw :)
14:29:38 <Arrfab> (testing mod_evasive and other things like that because of the stupid amount of downloads from buildlogs nodes)
14:31:17 <bstinson> sounds like...nah can't even joke about that being fun
14:32:29 <bstinson> other things for open flood this week?
14:32:50 <Arrfab> bstinson: hehehe
14:34:14 <kbsingh> since this is the build meeting...
14:34:36 <kbsingh> it looks like we should have the 7.1708 in the existing /7/ CR repos this week
14:34:44 <kbsingh> with testing / release likely following that soon
14:34:49 <bstinson> woo!
14:35:09 <bstinson> reminder, that this will affect CI as well. CR is enabled on all of the machines there
14:35:33 <kbsingh> good point, i forgot about that
14:35:47 <kbsingh> we had a few lessons learnt from the last release process w.r.t CI
14:36:07 <kbsingh> bstinson: want to recap / see if we need to do something different / communicate differently etc ?
14:36:26 <kbsingh> the main problem with CR is that there is typically not a lot of lead time for communication
14:36:59 <bstinson> i can dig back through and send something to the list
14:37:13 <bstinson> some of the problems were related to lag between when CI and CBS were in sync
14:37:32 <bstinson> since we -don't- enable CR on the builders
14:37:37 <kbsingh> ah
14:37:45 <kbsingh> thoughts around how to better manage this ?
14:39:23 <bstinson> IMHO, while it's not pleasant, some of this is the type of breakage that should be surfacing through CI
14:40:01 <bstinson> otherwise folks wouldn't have necessarily rebuilt for X.Y+1
14:41:11 <bstinson> last time there was a bit of communication lag for CI though, so maybe we can make an email to ci-users part of the CR release gating checklist
14:41:30 <kbsingh> okay
14:41:50 <kbsingh> for the rdo guys, i think the problem was that some of their old builds, done without CR didnt work with runtime that had CR enabled
14:43:54 <bstinson> we -could- take CR out of the install locations in the kickstart, but enable it in post
14:44:02 <bstinson> don't want CR? don't yum update
14:45:19 <kbsingh> its an optionm
14:45:30 <kbsingh> i think best to work this on the ci-users list, there will be implications either way
14:45:42 <bstinson> i think we should do a reminder email to ci-users and see how much noise people make one way or another
14:45:43 <bstinson> yep
14:46:21 <bstinson> i'll take that action
14:46:31 <kbsingh> ta
14:48:07 <bstinson> there's plenty of time if there are other topics, last call for open floor
14:50:27 <bstinson> seeing none, closing the meeting in 1 minute
14:51:45 <bstinson> thanks all, see you next week!
14:51:47 <bstinson> #endmeeting