13:06:37 <hhorak> #startmeeting SCLo SIG sync-up (2017-08-22)
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13:06:41 <hhorak> #meetingname sclo-sig-syncup
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13:06:53 <hhorak> hello, better late than never  :)
13:07:06 <hhorak> anybody who has some SCL related topic to share?
13:07:17 <RemiFedora> _o/
13:14:49 <hhorak> RemiFedora: it seems like nobody else is here.. so do you have something to talk about?
13:15:44 <RemiFedora> hhorak, only that I hope to have centos-sclo-*-testing populated on time  ;)
13:15:51 <RemiFedora> nothing else
13:19:08 <hhorak> RemiFedora: it should get to there soon: https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=13680
13:19:41 <RemiFedora> great
13:24:00 <hhorak> so let's close for today
13:24:03 <hhorak> #endmeeting