14:02:35 <gwd> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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14:02:39 <gwd> #chair carlwgeorge
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14:02:42 <alynpost> gwd: srn and I are here; we're at one keyboard momently.
14:02:54 <gwd> #chair alynpost
14:02:54 <centbot> Current chairs: alynpost carlwgeorge gwd
14:03:57 <alynpost> srn has made patches for 4.8.  We haven't submitted them yet; plan to this week.
14:04:11 <gwd> carlwgeorge, can you remind me what you're working on?  Something to do with docker I think.
14:04:31 * lsm5 here
14:04:38 <gwd> alynpost: OK, good -- I just got back from holiday yesterday and wondered if those were coming.
14:04:59 <gwd> It doesn't look like hughesjr did the XSAs for 4.6 either, so I'm working on th at.
14:05:00 <alynpost> aye.
14:05:10 <gwd> #chair lsm5
14:05:10 <centbot> Current chairs: alynpost carlwgeorge gwd lsm5
14:05:24 <strigazi> hello
14:05:27 <gwd> Since we're here...
14:05:33 <gwd> #topic Xen update
14:05:37 <carlwgeorge> gwd: yes, docker-compose. I haven't built it in cbs yet.
14:06:18 <gwd> #info New XSAs out for Xen -- No updates yet for 4.4, 4.6, or 4.8 (AFAIK)
14:06:39 <gwd> #info New version of CentOS has newer version of libvirt, will require the Virt sig updating to a higher version number (again)
14:07:02 <gwd> #chair strigazi
14:07:02 <centbot> Current chairs: alynpost carlwgeorge gwd lsm5 strigazi
14:07:31 <gwd> alynpost Did you say you were going to do something about getting some xen tests into  ci.centos.org?  Or was that someone else?
14:08:02 <alynpost> gwd: that was me; I've been distracted onboarding staff.  Please excuse me on dropping that ball.
14:08:09 <gwd> #info gwd working on update for 4.6, srn working on update for 4.8
14:08:54 <gwd> alynpost: No problem -- just wanted to see what the status of that was.  I think getting some decent CI tests will go a long way towards making releasing updates faster.
14:09:25 <gwd> alynpost / srn: What's your opinion of 4.8?  Are we close to ready to push it into -release?
14:11:20 <alynpost> gwd: one bug related to stub domains not starting we haven't tracked down.  Otherwise ready.
14:11:39 <alynpost> The problem is transient; it goes away on retry--and of course we have a limited use case.
14:12:14 <gwd> OK, well that's a pretty important one.
14:12:43 <gwd> Stubdomains aren't the default, but I think they're a pretty important use case.  Have you reported this on xen-users (or xen-devel)?
14:12:54 <gwd> (I'm way behind on reading both)
14:13:07 <alynpost> Yes; got one reply but it stalled and we've been sitting on it.
14:13:29 <alynpost> jan b was our help; but pointed us elsewhere.
14:13:50 <gwd> OK, thanks.
14:14:04 <gwd> #info Xen 4.8 still has non-deterministic stubdomain issue
14:14:18 <gwd> Any other Xen updates?
14:14:19 <alynpost> gwd: we'll bump the report.
14:15:12 <gwd> lsm5, you want to go next?
14:17:34 <gwd> OK, let' stry this
14:17:37 <gwd> #topic onboarding
14:18:02 <gwd> carlwgeorge What's your status for getting docker-compose up?  Do you have everything you need / know what needs to happen next?
14:19:37 <lsm5> gwd: i can go once onboarding is done
14:19:44 <carlwgeorge> I believe so, still reading the docs and just been busy.
14:20:15 <carlwgeorge> One thing I have been looking for, do SIG packages go in git.centos.org?
14:20:20 <lsm5> carlwgeorge: ping me in case of any issues RE: building / koji tags etc.
14:20:24 <gwd> OK, good.
14:20:32 <lsm5> carlwgeorge: nope they don't
14:20:52 <carlwgeorge> Ok so just SRPM uploads, easy enough
14:20:54 <lsm5> carlwgeorge: no dist-git as such yet, directly build srpms in centos' koji (CBS)
14:21:02 <lsm5> yup
14:21:24 <gwd> In theory there's been a centpkg tool in development.
14:21:39 <gwd> But whenever I've asked about it, it's been "It's not really ready yet".
14:21:48 <lsm5> ack
14:21:52 <carlwgeorge> I'll get my build done today then
14:22:07 <gwd> We have a virt sig project on github here: https://github.com/CentOS-virt7
14:22:18 <lsm5> carlwgeorge: build against the virt7-container-common-el7 tag
14:22:27 <gwd> But that's just to make collaboration easier; you still have to upload srpms
14:22:35 <gwd> ...to actually build
14:23:22 <gwd> strigazi And you?  You're working on kubernetes, right?
14:23:29 <strigazi> yes
14:23:40 <carlwgeorge> I wouldn't mind keeping my specs there, how does one gain access?
14:23:45 <gwd> Have you got your account &c worked out?
14:24:17 <lsm5> carlwgeorge: one of us could add your github id there
14:24:28 <gwd> I think send me your github user name, and I'll invite you & add you to the docker 'deam'
14:24:31 <gwd> *team
14:25:37 <strigazi> So I managed to do builds for last two kubernetes builds
14:25:45 <strigazi> and I tagged one of them.
14:25:51 <gwd> Great
14:26:08 <carlwgeorge> same as my irc nic :)
14:26:41 <strigazi> I just need to understand the policy better, when we tag, does someone else need to test, when we tag -release etc
14:27:22 <gwd> carlwgeorge Invitation sent
14:27:39 <gwd> strigazi I think each project can decide what works best for them.
14:27:46 <strigazi> I'm all set with my account and doing build with cbs
14:27:50 <strigazi> gwd: ack
14:28:01 <gwd> What users are you targeting?  What do you plan on supporting, &c?
14:28:52 <strigazi> The initial motivation is to use kubenetes with centos-atomic and centos-based "system" containers.
14:29:29 <gwd> OK -- so I assume you'll coordinate with those guys to figure out how to do versions, what kind of testing you want, &c
14:30:44 <lsm5> strigazi: we can discuss offline what kind of release schedule etc you need for kube
14:31:14 <lsm5> strigazi: i might need to set other packages to that as well
14:31:21 <strigazi> gwd: for example, with fedora we use containers based on rawhide. for fedora atomic we will maintain n and n-1, we can see for centos, we aim for the latest initially
14:31:25 <strigazi> lsm5: ok
14:32:06 <gwd> OK, so sounds like we're set for onboarding.  lsm5, you want to go next?
14:32:21 <strigazi> I'd like to add on more thing, in open floor maybe?
14:32:23 <lsm5> #topic Containers update
14:32:37 <lsm5> don't have much actually, other than ...
14:32:39 <gwd> strigazi: Sorry -- yeah, sounds good
14:32:45 <lsm5> #link https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=13662
14:33:08 <lsm5> #action need to publish centos-release-container given that the buildlogs bug has been resolved
14:33:23 <lsm5> #action need to update wiki
14:33:28 <lsm5> that's about it I guess
14:33:30 <lsm5> back to you gwd
14:33:49 <gwd> #topic AOB
14:33:59 <gwd> strigazi, what did you want to bring up?
14:34:20 <strigazi> it's related to containers images. Is there a registry for centos based containers?
14:34:31 <lsm5> kbsingh: ^
14:35:04 <lsm5> strigazi: i know fedora has one, not sure about centos
14:35:15 <gwd> I know "FROM centos" (or whatever it is -- I forget the exact syntax) seems to work
14:35:26 <strigazi> for fedora we want to have the official kubernetes container, based on the rawhide packages.
14:35:45 <strigazi> FROM centos means FROM docker.io/centos
14:36:07 <gwd> Right, but is that maintained by docker?
14:36:20 <strigazi> no, hosted by docker
14:36:29 <kbsingh> lsm5: strigazi: registry.centos.org
14:36:42 <lsm5> kbsingh: cooool!!!
14:36:45 <lsm5> thanks
14:36:54 <kbsingh> you can get stuff into it by sending a PR here: github.com/centos/container-index
14:37:09 <strigazi> kbsingh: cool
14:37:10 <lsm5> kbsingh: i think this registry should be added into the default docker rpm configs
14:37:21 <kbsingh> lsm5: thats the plan :)
14:37:31 <kbsingh> we are about 3 weeks away from starting that process.
14:37:47 <lsm5> kbsingh: ah ok, let me know when ready :)
14:38:19 <kbsingh> willdo
14:38:33 <strigazi> what would also be interesting is how we tag images.
14:38:52 <strigazi> eg kubernetes:v1.7.4.el7 ?
14:39:06 <kbsingh> strigazi: all that info is in the github repo, take a look
14:39:14 <kbsingh> recommendations for improvements welcome :)
14:39:24 <strigazi> kbsingh: cool, thanks
14:39:29 <kbsingh> btw, jbrooks owns a lot of k8s container space, so loop him in
14:40:28 <strigazi> kbsingh: sure, we are communication frequently in #atomic
14:40:35 <strigazi> kbsingh: sure, we are communicating frequently in #atomic
14:40:36 <kbsingh> ace
14:41:16 <gwd> Cool -- anything else?
14:41:22 <strigazi> to all in Europe and elsewhere: https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2017-August/016094.html
14:42:19 <strigazi> It is the CentOS Dojo CERN event
14:42:37 <gwd> Yes -- I should be there.
14:43:05 <strigazi> cool!
14:45:03 <gwd> OK, sounds like we're about done -- thanks everyone!
14:45:05 <gwd> #endmeeting