17:01:28 <tdawson> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:01:36 <tdawson> #topic roll call
17:01:43 <kbsingh> o/
17:01:53 <tdawson> _ari_ already told me he wouldn't be here and gave me his report
17:01:57 <tdawson> hi kbsingh
17:02:36 * jdetiber waves
17:04:09 * sdodson here
17:04:17 <tdawson> Hi jdetiber
17:04:20 <tdawson> Hi sdodson
17:05:30 <tdawson> #chair tdawson jdetiber sdodson kbsingh
17:05:30 <centbot> Current chairs: jdetiber kbsingh sdodson tdawson
17:05:39 <tdawson> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:05:49 <tdawson> Starting with rpms
17:06:07 <tdawson> origin 3.7.0-alpha-0 is now succesfully building automatically
17:06:22 <tdawson> Many thanks to jdetiber is getting the patch through upstream origin
17:06:47 * tdawson claps loudly and cheers.  "Ya jdetiber!!!"
17:07:15 <jdetiber> heh, still working on repercussions from the PR getting merged :)
17:07:28 <jdetiber> But the PaaS SIG builds are working again!
17:07:38 <tdawson> We have successfully built a non-scratch build of 3.7 origin and openshift-ansible
17:08:08 <tdawson> They have been tagged into -testing, but we still need to get -origin37-testing into a repo
17:09:03 <tdawson> bstinson: Do we have to open a new ticket to get paas7-openshift-origin37-testing into a repo, or does that automatically get done with the original ticket for the build areas?
17:09:50 <kbsingh> might need a new ticket, or a comment in the old one if its not closed already
17:10:16 <tdawson> OK, we'll get that done, hopefully by next week.
17:10:45 <tdawson> On other rpm news, the -origin36 repo didn't have all the runtime dependencies tagged into it.
17:11:17 <tdawson> This has been fixed, and kbsingh is currently getting those missing packages pushed out to the repo.
17:11:41 <kbsingh> done, as of about 2 min back
17:11:42 <tdawson> kbsingh: Thanks for doing that out of the normal pushing window.
17:11:48 <kbsingh> no worries
17:11:50 <tdawson> Ya!!
17:12:03 <tdawson> I've also updated the documentation so we won't miss them again.
17:12:22 <tdawson> Using docker images instead of virtual machine.
17:12:53 <tdawson> I think that's it for normal rpm stuff
17:13:05 <tdawson> Moving onto automation.
17:13:07 <kbsingh> instead of virtual machine... (?)
17:13:40 <tdawson> kbsingh: I used to test dependencies on a virtual machine, and the documentation showed it (virtual or a hard metal machine)
17:14:07 <tdawson> kbsingh: Documentation was updated to specifically use a docker image.
17:14:19 <kbsingh> ah i see, thanks for the clarification
17:14:47 <tdawson> kbsingh: The problem was I wasn't completely cleaning up between tests, so those extra python packages were already installed.
17:15:28 <tdawson> So, this is ari's report
17:15:44 <tdawson> --- with jason's patch into origin upstream future builds are now working
17:15:53 <tdawson> --- spent a lot of my time breaking down our pipeline into libraries
17:16:02 <tdawson> --- so now I can use that work in the CentOS-PaaS pipeline
17:16:09 <tdawson> ---  this is that work https://github.com/CentOS-PaaS-SIG/ci-pipeline/pull/290
17:16:19 <tdawson> --- also got this in shape for work outside of Phoebe https://github.com/arilivigni/cico-pipeline-library
17:16:45 <tdawson> Next week _ari_ will be at a conference
17:17:01 <tdawson> Since he isn't here, if you have questions, you'll have to ping him or email him.
17:17:17 <kbsingh> that sounds like good progress
17:17:31 <tdawson> But he's doing alot of work in getting out automation to help not only us, both all of the CentOS community.
17:17:39 <tdawson> /out/our/
17:17:51 <kbsingh> absolutely
17:18:02 <kbsingh> there are a lot of people looking at the pipeline stuff as an example
17:18:09 <tdawson> Yep
17:18:18 <tdawson> If he were here, I'd give him a cheer.
17:18:28 <kbsingh> +1
17:18:46 * tdawson gives _ari_ a cheer "Ya!! ArI!!"
17:18:54 <tdawson> maybe he'll read the backsroll.
17:19:13 <tdawson> Anything else for automation before we move on to multi-arch ?
17:19:53 <tdawson> Moving on to multi-arch
17:19:58 <tdawson> jdetiber: How is that coming along?
17:20:42 <jdetiber> I've been reworking my build tooling PR into smaller more consumable PRs, and have been dealing with the fallout of the origin.spec file changes, so haven't made much additional multi-arch progress this week
17:21:23 <jdetiber> I was hoping to leverage the work _ari_ and bstinson have done to get my internal pipeline running on centos CI, but I suspect it'll be next week before I can get to it
17:22:18 <tdawson> jdetiber: I've heard a little bit of chatter about s390, any progress there you'd like to give?
17:22:52 <tdawson> I know that's more than just the Paas SIG, but it would still be interesting.
17:23:03 <jdetiber> tdawson: no new progress, still in the early discussion phases and waiting for people to have bandwidth to start the process
17:23:20 <tdawson> jdetiber: OK, we'll be patient then.
17:23:29 <tdawson> jdetiber: Anything else before we move on to Documentation?
17:23:40 <jdetiber> not today :)
17:23:51 <tdawson> Very well then, moving on to Documentation
17:23:57 <tdawson> This week we actually have news
17:24:08 <tdawson> All documentation has been checked for 3.6 release
17:24:23 <tdawson> Marked quick installer as depricated in quickstart page https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/PaaS/OpenShift-Quickstart
17:24:46 <tdawson> sdodson: If that doesn't sound right on that page, feel free to fix it, or let me know.
17:25:11 <sdodson> tdawson: no, that's correct
17:25:25 <tdawson> On our External Docs page we added documentation on _ari_'s Jenkins Pipeline Shared Libraries https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/PaaS/OpenShift-External-Docs
17:25:47 <kbsingh> openshift-ansible is deprecated ??
17:26:00 <tdawson> And, as I mentioned above, I've updated out release checklist -  https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/PaaS/OpenShift-Origin-Release-Checklist
17:26:11 <jdetiber> kbsingh: no, just the python wrapper for installing
17:26:18 <sdodson> kbsingh: no, atomic-openshift-utils which wraps openshift-ansible.
17:26:39 <tdawson> Sounds like I should put that in as an explanation.
17:26:45 <kbsingh> ah ok... <and deep breath.... relax... >
17:30:01 <tdawson> I've updated the doc, does that sounds a bit better?
17:32:03 <kbsingh> yup
17:32:35 <tdawson> OK, I think that's all I had for documentation.
17:33:39 <tdawson> Moving on to images and image building
17:33:55 <tdawson> kbsingh: Do you, or anyone else, have anything for images and image building ?
17:34:21 <kbsingh> i dont
17:35:12 <tdawson> OK, moving on to minishift and/or kompose
17:35:42 <tdawson> Hmm ... not seeing any of those people online right now.
17:35:52 <tdawson> Then, moving on to open floor
17:35:59 <tdawson> #topic Open Floor
17:36:12 <tdawson> I'm not going to be available next week, I'll be at Flock
17:36:24 <tdawson> _ari_ has already said he won't be here either.
17:36:36 <tdawson> Do we still want to have the meeting or skip next week?
17:36:59 <kbsingh> i am ok to skip
17:37:19 <tdawson> sdodson: jdetiber: Are ya'll ok skipping next week?
17:37:26 <sdodson> That's fine with me.
17:37:28 <jdetiber> tdawson: good with me
17:37:38 <tdawson> OK, then we're skipping next week.
17:37:47 <tdawson> Anything else for the OpenFloor?
17:40:33 <tdawson> I'll take that for a no
17:40:48 <tdawson> Then we'll talk with ya'll in two weeks.
17:40:55 <tdawson> Bye
17:41:07 <kbsingh> thanks
17:41:10 <tdawson> #endmeeting