14:01:14 <hhorak> #startmeeting SCLo SIG sync-up (2017-02-07)
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14:01:24 <hhorak> #meetingname sclo-sig-syncup
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14:01:54 <jstanek> Hi
14:02:29 <hhorak> Let me invite and welcome all sclo friends!
14:03:45 <pvalena> Hi folks:)
14:06:49 <hhorak> jstanek: so, how the rebuilding of new packages goes? any success with the node?
14:08:38 <jstanek> hhorak: Not yet, have not heard from zsvetlik yet; However, I was successful with ruby193-rubygem-actionpack-1:3.2.8-20.el7
14:09:31 <hhorak> jstanek: ok, what else needs new builds?
14:10:28 <hhorak> jstanek: I also see just scratch builds, do you plan real builds for actionpack?
14:11:45 <jstanek> hhorak: damn, forgot that the tool defaults to scratch builds… thanks for notice, I will rebuild it properly
14:13:41 <jstanek> as for other rebuilds, I'm seeing devtoolset-3 and 4, maven-30, rh-nodejs4, rh-ror41 and thermostat1 have packages in need of rebuild
14:14:19 <hhorak> jstanek: we also tend to follow fedora-like strategy for the builds pushing to -testing and -release.. I mean if the test in cbs-candidate build passes, then tag as -testing and if no problem occurs, then tag as -release after ~2 weeks. this is not automated anyhow at this point though.
14:15:11 <hhorak> jstanek: I'd simply let devtoolset-3 for any volunteer to pick it up, because it is already too old and not worth fixing.. same for maven30 and thermostat1
14:15:26 <hhorak> that reminds me we still don't have info about EOL on the wiki
14:15:54 <hhorak> #action hhorak to create a table with SCLs and EOL state (+ link to http://softwarecollections.org/ for more info)
14:20:48 <hhorak> jstanek: we should maybe add option for the script that checks rebuilds, to ignore some collections (EOL ones)
14:23:22 <jstanek> hhorak: agreed, just have to find a way to figure which collections are EOL :)
14:23:33 <hhorak> jstanek: I can help you with this
14:23:46 <hhorak> ok, anybody else something related to scl?
14:26:46 <hhorak> it seems we'll have a short one today, have a nice day!
14:26:51 <hhorak> #endmeeting