14:58:17 <sbonazzo> #startmeeting Virtualization SIG
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14:58:50 <sbonazzo> #chair rafaelmartins gwd lars_kurth lsm5
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14:59:14 <sbonazzo> #chair kbsingh
14:59:14 <centbot> Current chairs: gwd kbsingh lars_kurth lsm5 rafaelmartins sbonazzo
14:59:19 <sbonazzo> anyone else?
14:59:47 <kbsingh> hello
15:00:06 <sbonazzo> kbsingh: hi :-) lsm5: would you like to start?
15:00:46 <sbonazzo> ok, let's start with ovirt
15:00:54 <sbonazzo> #topic oVirt updates
15:01:06 <sbonazzo> #info oVirt 4.1.0 has been released upstream
15:01:32 <sbonazzo> #info last packages need to be rebuilt in CBS for 4.1 to be ready to be published within centos mirrors
15:01:54 <sbonazzo> #info some help will be needed to establish the publisher chain ( kbsingh )
15:02:27 <sbonazzo> #info also need to check ppc64le status since we detected missing update of libvirt package for such arch last week
15:02:49 <jirkade> sbonazzo: hi, I'm here too
15:02:57 <sbonazzo> #chair jirkade
15:02:57 <centbot> Current chairs: gwd jirkade kbsingh lars_kurth lsm5 rafaelmartins sbonazzo
15:03:05 <sbonazzo> rafaelmartins: anything else for ovirt?
15:03:12 <kbsingh> publisher chain?
15:03:31 <sbonazzo> kbsingh: yes, cbs -> buildlogs.c.o -> mirror.c.o
15:03:39 <rafaelmartins> sbonazzo: no
15:03:58 <rafaelmartins> just a bit sad for not being able to met anyone at fosdem :(
15:04:28 <sbonazzo> rafaelmartins: that's sad indeed
15:04:51 <sbonazzo> ok, jirkade do you want to go next?
15:04:52 <rafaelmartins> I met less than 10% of the people I wanted to
15:04:56 <rafaelmartins> :(
15:06:17 <jirkade> sbonazzo: no news about upstream libvirt builds... I didn't have time to sort out the details yet
15:06:34 <sbonazzo> #topic libvirt updates
15:06:46 <sbonazzo> #info no updates this week
15:07:03 <sbonazzo> jirkade: thanks :-)
15:07:43 <sbonazzo> lsm5: ? gwd? lars_kurth? kbsingh? anything on your side?
15:08:17 <kbsingh> sbonazzo: ok; I've been pushing that a bit.
15:08:31 <kbsingh> sbonazzo: i think I'll have the ppc bits in place for tomorrow morning's run
15:09:02 <sbonazzo> kbsingh: that's good.
15:10:23 <sbonazzo> anything else?
15:10:31 <sbonazzo> looks like it will be a short meeting today :-)
15:10:37 <TrevorH> is openstack a different SIG?
15:10:45 <sbonazzo> TrevorH: yes
15:11:16 <TrevorH> then ignore me ;)
15:11:21 <sbonazzo> ok, thanks for having joined the meeting, if anything else shows up, we'll sync offline
15:11:26 <sbonazzo> #endmeeting