16:58:19 <tdawson> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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16:58:26 <tdawson> #topic roll call
16:59:03 <sdodson> hello
16:59:13 * _ari_ here
17:00:21 * tdawson hopes that kbsingh shows up this week.
17:00:46 <tdawson> Hi _ari_ and sdodson
17:00:54 <_ari_> tdawson: hi
17:01:07 <sdodson> tdawson: good afternoon
17:01:30 <tdawson> _ari_: How was the trip?
17:01:40 * jdetiber waves
17:01:42 <_ari_> not too bad just long
17:02:20 * herlo here
17:02:46 <tdawson> Ya!! ... we've got a whole group here.
17:03:20 <tdawson> #chair tdawson sdodson _ari_ jdetiber herlo
17:03:20 <centbot> Current chairs: _ari_ herlo jdetiber sdodson tdawson
17:03:26 <tdawson> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:03:31 <tdawson> Starting with rpms
17:03:56 <tdawson> We haven't released origin-1.4.1 or openshift-ansible ... gotta look t the version yet
17:04:33 <tdawson> I wanted to to ask if anyone has any objections to releasing them this evening ... so they'll go to the mirrors tomorrow.
17:05:07 <tdawson> openshift-ansible-3.4.56-1.el7
17:05:07 <_ari_> none here
17:05:16 <sdodson> If it's the newer build of openshift-ansible I emailed you about then ansible- *must* go out at the same time.
17:05:21 <sdodson> oh, that's the previous build.
17:05:56 <tdawson> sdodson: Oh, and that reminds me ... "and release ansible-"
17:06:08 <sdodson> i'm fine with that, the normal caveats about brokenness in ansible- exist but if they're installing the version of ansible from the paas sig repo they should be fine, if they use epel which has they'll have problems.
17:06:34 <tdawson> sdodson: Ya, I just noticed that the build the newer openshift-ansible is still on my list, I thought I'd already updated it.
17:07:00 <sdodson> fine with origin-1.4.1 regardless
17:07:11 <tdawson> sdodson: Any problems with releasing openshift-ansible-3.4.56-1.el7 today, and then do the updated one next week?
17:07:31 <sdodson> tdawson: that's fine so long as ansible- is the latest in the paas sig repos too
17:07:44 <tdawson> sdodson: Yep, it will be.
17:08:23 <tdawson> sdodson: Which versin of openshift-ansible would be best for next week?
17:09:03 <sdodson> tdawson: openshift-ansible-3.4.59-1.git.0.d813eb7.el7 is what's going through QE now, so i'd say that.
17:09:40 <tdawson> sdodson: OK, I'll get it built this time, and we'll work on getting it out next week.
17:11:33 <tdawson> Well, that was quick.  The only other rpm stuff I have is that I'm working on the 1.5 build ... using the same patch to work on x86_64, aarch64, ppc64le, and now s390
17:12:20 <tdawson> But that's more mult-arch stuff, so I'll leave it till the multi-arch part of the meeting.
17:12:53 <tdawson> Any other rpm stuff anyone wants to bring up?
17:13:23 <tdawson> OK, On to Documentation
17:13:47 <tdawson> I didn't do any documentation ... been another crazy busy week.
17:14:16 <tdawson> I don't see anyone else here who does documentation, so I'll move on.
17:14:27 <tdawson> Automated rpm building and testing
17:14:38 <tdawson> _ari_: herlo: What is the status there?
17:14:54 <_ari_> So I need to sink up with skusnets on this
17:15:19 <tdawson> _ari_: Ya, I was going to ask if you and him have talked since you got back.
17:15:41 <_ari_> since he is now building everything and has developed playbooks we should use that since that is what is being used for continuous delivery
17:15:50 <_ari_> I will ping him today and sync up
17:16:15 <_ari_> I have cloned the same jobs we were using for paas-ci for them
17:16:36 <_ari_> https://github.com/openshift/aos-cd-jobs
17:16:55 <_ari_> I think we should merge efforts and just have the additional cbs pieces for paas-sig
17:16:58 <_ari_> thoughts?
17:17:10 <tdawson> _ari_: We should ask him if he wants to joing the Paas SIG too
17:17:25 <tdawson> _ari_: I think that's a good idea
17:17:25 <_ari_> tdawson: sure
17:17:42 <_ari_> I assumed you guys had talked and he was going to be here but I will bring it up to him
17:17:57 <_ari_> tdawson: it makes sense to get his input
17:18:07 <_ari_> and not duplicate efforts
17:18:14 <tdawson> _ari_: Actually I haven't talked with him about CentOS stuff ... which is why I was wondering if you had.
17:18:30 <_ari_> tdawson: no worries I will talk to him about it
17:18:45 <sdodson> _ari_: do you have a good idea of what's different between CBS and RHT internal build process?
17:19:20 <sdodson> ie: brew/koji -> yum repos -> OSBS -> images ... -> profit!
17:19:55 <sdodson> Asking because I'm not at all familiar with CBS and I know that's a question skuznets had.
17:20:25 <herlo> sdodson: CBS uses koji, so I expect it will be similar in form. But as you know, it's never exactly the same workflow. :)
17:20:36 <_ari_> Centos uses koji which is what cbs is.  I think the container creation is different than OSBS and actually aligns with what Fedora does but I am not as familiar with that
17:20:58 <herlo> yeah, it's container pipeline, used to be called cccp, iirc.
17:21:13 <sdodson> herlo, _ari_ : ok, sounds like we can make it go though
17:21:15 <_ari_> tdawson: I assume CBS was the same as Brew for RHEL is that accurate
17:21:30 <_ari_> sdodson: yes
17:21:32 <herlo> sdodson: https://wiki.centos.org/ContainerPipeline
17:21:33 <tdawson> _ari_: Yes, in the rpm sense.
17:21:51 <tdawson> _ari_: sdodson: But brew can now build images, wich cbs can't (that I know of)
17:22:09 <herlo> sdodson: https://github.com/centos/container-index
17:22:14 <_ari_> tdawson: is that just osbs under the covers
17:22:42 <tdawson> _ari_: Yes/no ... brew is just dishing out jobs to OSBS
17:22:52 <_ari_> tdawson: I see thanks
17:23:28 <tdawson> So just like brew can have lots of builders, it can now have lots of OSBS clusters.
17:25:01 <tdawson> Anything else on automation?
17:25:11 <_ari_> not atm
17:25:27 <tdawson> _ari_: I'll ping skuznets tomorrow, incase you don't see him today.
17:25:53 <tdawson> Moving on to images and image building
17:25:58 <_ari_> tdawson: ok I am off tomorrow and Friday but will try and touch base later
17:26:08 <tdawson> _ari_: Oh, ok
17:26:46 <tdawson> Unless kbsingh is here, I don't think we have any image or image building people here.
17:27:40 <tdawson> Moving on to multi-arch
17:28:03 <tdawson> I got a request this week to add s390 to my patch for origin
17:28:30 <tdawson> It's now here - https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/12869
17:29:10 <tdawson> I started my tests right before this meeting, and it looks like it's passed all of them.  Ya!!
17:29:32 <tdawson> I'm going to try to get that merged today, before the code changes yet again.
17:30:18 <tdawson> I don't think CentOS has any s390 build machines, so that might have to be a Red Hat, or whoever has one, thing.
17:30:43 <tdawson> But, with that patch in, we'll be able to build multi-arch without any changes.
17:31:10 <tdawson> And with that, we can change our futures build queue to have aarch64
17:31:39 <tdawson> And possibly ppc64le, but that will require testing out the test build of golang-.1.8, which I haven't had time to do yet.
17:31:49 <tdawson> Anyway, it's moving along.
17:32:07 <tdawson> Anything else on multi-arch?
17:33:33 <tdawson> So, that's it for the status of things, we have two other items on the agenda
17:33:49 <tdawson> #topic Discussion on having seperate repo for each release
17:34:40 <tdawson> This means instead of having just paas/x86_64/openshift-origin/ we'd have paas/x86_64/openshift-origin-1.4   and -1.5 ... and 1.6 and so on.
17:35:23 <tdawson> I know we don't have any CentOS folk here, but does anyone here see any issues with doing that?
17:35:35 <tdawson> Other than we'd have to get the tags/targets created each time
17:35:51 <tdawson> That's the one downside I see, but I see alot of upsides to it.
17:36:27 <tdawson> _ari_: Do you think seperating build tags like that would be much of a problem?
17:36:59 <tdawson> The numbering should match the versions, so I would think it wouldn't be that hard to update.
17:37:04 <sdodson> I've not had an opportunity to sync up with Clayton to get a better understanding of why he's asked for this, but I imagine part of it is ensuring docker versions required of in development Origin releases are met so I think that would include adding docker-1.12 to the 1.4 repo ahead of that version shipping in centos or rhel.
17:37:39 <tdawson> sdodson: He did mention something about docker
17:38:03 <tdawson> I know that the CentOS image building people wanted something like this, so I *think* they would like it.
17:38:28 <tdawson> It's a pain for them to build updated images for something like 1.3 when we've released 1.4
17:39:28 <tdawson> We'd also be able to get the correct golang versions for builds.
17:39:44 <sdodson> yeah, that'd be nice
17:40:01 <tdawson> So we could start using golang 1.8 for 1.5 without worrying about affecting 1.4
17:40:20 <sdodson> though probably not a huge concern except during the transition between 1.3 and 1.4 which required golang-1.6 and 1.7 respectively.
17:40:44 <tdawson> sdodson: Ya, but if they were seperated, it wouldn't be a concern at all.
17:42:32 <tdawson> I guess the question is, does anyone have any problems with me telling Clayton "yes, we'll do it if you want" ... and then if he wants, we go ahead and do it?
17:43:17 <sdodson> fine with me
17:43:58 <tdawson> OK, I'll tell him yes, but I'll hold off requesting the tags/targets until he says to go for it.
17:44:59 <tdawson> #topic Open Floor
17:45:13 <tdawson> Anything else that anyone wants to discuss?
17:47:15 <tdawson> OK, then I'm going to call it a meeting.
17:47:30 <tdawson> Thanks everyone for beeing here this week, it was very productive.
17:47:38 <jdetiber> have a good day everyone
17:48:17 <tdawson> #endmeeting