15:58:53 <jbrooks> #startmeeting CentOS Atomic SIG
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15:59:30 <jbrooks> kbsingh, you around for atomic?
15:59:38 <jbrooks> I don't see Josh or Colin in here
16:12:48 <kbsingh> jbrooks: hey
16:12:54 <kbsingh> am aronud
16:14:05 <jbrooks> kbsingh, hey
16:14:35 <jbrooks> We can keep this short, did you see my comment: https://github.com/CentOS/sig-atomic-buildscripts/issues/230#issuecomment-280161658
16:25:11 <kbsingh> reading it now
16:26:41 <kbsingh> jbrooks: when we tried doing nightly bulds last time, the ostree repo grew to a couple of gigs within a week and wasent showing sgns of slowing down
16:26:54 <kbsingh> so would this nightly thing only have, say the last 14 days or something ?
16:27:14 <jbrooks> kbsingh, so, the script keeps all the history, and we can, yes, set that to any arbitrary amount
16:27:30 <kbsingh> say, 14 days, where there were changes - we typically only get updates on some days / week
16:27:41 <jbrooks> Right
16:27:50 <jbrooks> We can definitely do that
16:28:16 <kbsingh> auto sign is a bit of a change as well, i just need to get over the emotional bits associated with it :) but can eb done
16:28:24 <kbsingh> where would this land at ? buildlogs ?
16:28:47 <kbsingh> ostree isnt very rsync friendly, and i dont think we want to hit mirror.centos.org with all this content
16:29:37 <jbrooks> That's where we rsync the trees to now, though, right?
16:30:21 <jbrooks> We'd still have one tree, but two refs in the tree
16:30:53 <kbsingh> -1 to putting in mirror.centos.org
16:31:04 <kbsingh> as it is, lots of mirrors complain about the number of files in there
16:31:26 <jbrooks> Do you want to move the existing tree from there?
16:31:53 <kbsingh> no, lets leave the released tree there, and put the 'continous' tree elsewhere ?
16:32:08 <kbsingh> Arrfab: would putting this on buildlogs mean it goes to the CDN ? that would also be a problem
16:33:04 <jbrooks> And to confirm, "continuous" meaning, an update every time a package that's in the host gets updated in extras/updates
16:33:10 <jbrooks> So... not very frequent
16:33:35 <jbrooks> More freguent than once every six weeks or so, yes
16:33:59 <jbrooks> And if overall files in the mirror is the issue, we can trim what's already there
16:34:06 <jbrooks> We don't need 2 years of history
16:36:24 <Arrfab> kbsingh: we filter which content we offload to cdn, so it can stay and be served from buildlogs
16:37:05 <Arrfab> for example .iso aren't served from backend cdn
16:43:31 <kbsingh> jbrooks: ok +1 to doing it, but we might need to workout how execution works
16:43:45 <kbsingh> jbrooks: aim to deliver after 1702 ?
16:44:19 <kbsingh> ie. lets do 1702, as we did 1701, but actually do it on the 1st of March, to include all Feb updates, and then have something in place that does something something that starts doing 170301.. 170302.. etc
16:44:21 <jbrooks> kbsingh, That's fine, we can rough things out and do more tests first
16:44:44 <jbrooks> OK
16:45:17 <jbrooks> kbsingh, anything else for this week?
16:46:59 <jbrooks> all right, I'll close
16:47:02 <jbrooks> #endmeeting