13:58:58 <bstinson> #startmeeting CBS/Infra
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13:59:06 <bstinson> #chair alphacc Arrfab kbsingh
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13:59:14 <bstinson> #topic Agenda
13:59:19 <bstinson> #info Topic: Status Updates
13:59:25 <bstinson> #info Topic: Account Requests
14:00:27 <bstinson> #info Topic: Extras for Altarch
14:00:32 <bstinson> #info Topic: Open Floor
14:01:19 <kbsingh> 'ello
14:01:30 <bstinson> #topic Status Updates
14:03:05 <bstinson> anything interesting going on this week?
14:07:23 <bstinson> there are some updates to the depchain for centpkg and /usr/bin/cbs, i'll be looking into those this week
14:07:31 <bstinson> other than that seems pretty quiet :)
14:07:37 <bstinson> #topic Account Requests
14:09:57 <bstinson> #info CI: the Fedora folks have a request out in CI for bringing in some of their tests. that should go in this week
14:10:03 <bstinson> kbsingh: anything going on in ACO?
14:11:23 <kbsingh> not a whole lot no
14:11:30 <kbsingh> we still need a way to delete/retire accounts
14:12:08 <Arrfab> kbsingh: disable the accounts ?
14:12:41 <kbsingh> folks not renewing their certs, after 120 days, we want to lock those accounts away
14:13:23 <Arrfab> time to write a policy so that we can point to it for everybody
14:16:14 <bstinson> i thought we had agreed (initially) about disabling the accounts after 180 days, but i guess it's not documented in the sigguide.
14:16:33 <bstinson> i can look through the minutes and document what we decided
14:20:11 <ndevos> morning bstinson! sorry, this is not part of the meeting, but https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=12842 is for you
14:20:32 <bstinson> #topic Extras for Altarch
14:20:35 <bstinson> ndevos: thanks!, taken
14:21:32 <bstinson> so we discussed the Extras situation last week, i want to keep it on the agenda in case we have further discussion
14:23:23 <bstinson> if there's nothing for today, there should be a couple of threads out to the mailing list soon
14:24:03 <bstinson> #topic Open Floor
14:31:24 <bstinson> if there aren't any more topics, closing in 1m
14:33:50 <bstinson> #endmeeting