15:02:45 <gwd> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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15:02:56 <gwd> #chair sbonazzo rafaelmartins
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15:02:59 <gwd> lsm5?
15:03:03 <gwd> kbsingh?
15:03:26 <gwd> jirkade: Sorry, I was AFK.  Are you around for the biweekly meeting?
15:03:41 <lsm5> here
15:03:46 <gwd> #chair lsm5
15:03:46 <centbot> Current chairs: gwd lsm5 rafaelmartins sbonazzo
15:04:30 <gwd> OK, update time; I'll go first
15:04:33 <gwd> #topic Xen update
15:04:50 <gwd> #info Finally pushed libvirt-2.2 to release, no problems so far
15:05:12 <gwd> #info XSA 209 pushed, 208 in progress
15:05:34 <gwd> #info Working on updating to Linux 4.9.11
15:05:50 <gwd> It sounds like I've been busy but that's mostly hughesjr that's been doing the work. :-)
15:06:08 <gwd> No ETA for time to work on 4.8 packges yet
15:06:08 <sbonazzo> kudos to hughesjr :-)
15:06:26 <gwd> That's it for me.  sbonazzo, you want to go next?
15:06:31 <sbonazzo> gwd ok
15:06:36 <sbonazzo> #topic oVirt updates
15:06:54 <sbonazzo> #info completed oVirt 4.1.0 related packages for Hosts
15:07:18 <sbonazzo> #info working with OpsTools and CentOS team to get it released to mirrors
15:08:00 <sbonazzo> #info released a rebuild of platform libcacard, reolving an update issue due to qemu-kvm-ev packagig changes
15:08:33 <sbonazzo> rafaelmartins: anything else?
15:08:49 <rafaelmartins> sbonazzo: nothing else from me
15:08:56 <sbonazzo> gwd ok so that's it
15:09:07 <gwd> OK, lsm5?
15:09:20 <lsm5> #topic Docker update
15:10:01 <lsm5> #info Not much CentOS specific this time, but been working on internal RHEL CI for including scratch rpm builds before every PR is merged, hope to include CentOS builds in there too
15:10:09 <lsm5> that's it from my side
15:10:34 <lsm5> this will be happening on github btw, so nothing private about it
15:10:58 <gwd> OK, sounds good.  Anyone have any issues they need to bring up?
15:11:54 <bstinson> lsm5: any chance some of those tests could make it on this side of the fence?
15:12:46 <lsm5> bstinson: doing that for fedora, centos and rhel is part of the plan yes
15:13:49 <bstinson> awesome
15:14:44 <gwd> OK, sounds like we're done here.  Thanks all.
15:14:51 <gwd> #endmeetign
15:14:53 <gwd> #endmeeting