16:20:08 <jbrooks> #startmeeting CentOS Atomic SIG
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16:20:08 <jberkus> so, here's my question though: is there really nobody other than you, me and KB working on CAH?
16:20:11 <jbrooks> :)
16:20:21 <jbrooks> #chair jberkus kbsingh
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16:20:27 <jbrooks> #topic downstream release
16:20:54 <jbrooks> We had our downstream release last week: https://seven.centos.org/2017/02/new-centos-atomic-host-with-updated-docker-kubernetes-and-etcd/
16:21:24 <jbrooks> This was the first time we regenerated our images since Oct
16:21:37 <jbrooks> The upstream 7.3 release was a big lag point for us
16:22:15 <jbrooks> jberkus, kbsingh anything to discuss on this release?
16:22:53 <jberkus> we haven't heard anything from users on containerizing kube-master, have we?
16:23:31 <jbrooks> I've heard from a few ppl re the atomic getting started guide -- they've noticed while running that w/ centos
16:24:06 <jbrooks> I've been toying w/ the idea of making a pkg like kubernetes-master-containers or something that would include the systemd service files
16:24:20 <jbrooks> If we inlcuded a pkg like that in the image... it'd be super easy
16:24:53 <jbrooks> Now, that'd be a pkg not provided by the upstream, but the content in the containers is fully centos core, and provided via the centos registry, so it might be semi-legit?
16:25:09 <jbrooks> kbsingh, what's your thought on something like this? ^
16:26:06 <jbrooks> jberkus, that person w/ the PR that got wrapped up in addtl things, he was responding to this containerized kube issue, and someone else filed an issue about it on atomic-site
16:26:22 <jberkus> ah, well, that's significant
16:26:44 <jberkus> from my perspective, there's no kube-master package in RHEL for commercial reasons, which don't apply to CentOS
16:26:54 <jberkus> I'd be in favor of providing it
16:28:46 <jbrooks> I think it'd actually be nice for fedora, too -- the rpm would just provide the systemd service files, and the actual binaries would come via the containers
16:28:53 <jberkus> yah
16:29:06 <jberkus> although fedora will soon remove all the binaries
16:29:14 <jberkus> so would that still be the same contianer?
16:29:31 <jbrooks> See, currently there's kubernetes-node and kubernetes-master rpms
16:29:40 <jbrooks> The containers I've made include those
16:30:15 <jbrooks> so the new rpm would be kubernetes-node-container (or something) and instead of providing the binaries, it would provide the service files that would pull and run the containers
16:30:29 <jbrooks> kubernetes-node-container and kubernetes-master-container
16:32:39 <jberkus> sounds good
16:35:09 <jbrooks> Maybe I'll rough something out in a copr or something for discussion
16:35:09 <jbrooks> #topic open floor
16:36:43 <jberkus> so *is* there anyone else on CAH at this point?  I know that some of the other CentOS folks have an interest in it
16:36:55 <jberkus> but I don't see anyone active other than the three of us
16:36:59 <jbrooks> I don't know, I don't really hear from ppl
16:37:27 <jberkus> kbsingh: ^^^
16:37:31 <jbrooks> I used to loop Colin in to talk about continuous, but he's typically not in this channel
16:38:33 <jbrooks> jlebon, you work on centos continuous, do you see value in joining us for atomic sig mtgs to talk about that?
16:39:55 <jlebon> jbrooks: sure -- we heavily use CAHC for testing stuff
16:40:44 <jbrooks> jlebon, we meet thursdays at 1600UTC, I can start pinging you
16:41:13 <jlebon> jbrooks: that works. is there a calendar link i can add?
16:41:19 <jbrooks> One thing we haven't talked about in a little while is taking steps to make the alpha stream more "legit" or usable/visible
16:41:27 <jbrooks> jlebon, yes, I'll find that link
16:41:54 <jbrooks> jlebon, https://git.centos.org/raw/sig-core!calendar.git/master/output!irc-meetings.ical
16:42:51 <jbrooks> OK, cool
16:43:11 <jlebon> jbrooks: yeah agreed. maybe we should revamp https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/Atomic/Download a bit
16:43:50 <jbrooks> jlebon, sounds good, any particular thoughts on that?
16:44:22 <jbrooks> Maybe we can track some ideas in an issue at https://github.com/CentOS/sig-atomic-buildscripts/issues
16:45:10 <jlebon> i'd start with differentiating between continuous and alpha a bit more. but yeah let's do this on s-a-b
16:45:30 <jbrooks> +1
16:45:37 <jbrooks> OK, awesome
16:47:04 <jbrooks> One continuous issue that I think is important is getting an up-to-date kube in there -- downstream cah is stuck w/ rhel's slightly old kubelet, so that limits the version, but coninuous/alpha doesn't have that limitation
16:47:30 <jbrooks> Fedora has up-to-date kube pkgs and containers, we could use those, or we could port them to centos in the virt sig
16:47:38 <jbrooks> Maybe I'll open an issue to talk about that, as well
16:47:45 <jbrooks> Anything else for this week?
16:48:52 <jberkus> The reason I was asking "who is on this anyway" is that I'd like the CAH group to set some goals.  As in, why are we doing CAH?
16:49:16 <jberkus> I'll follow up by email
16:50:12 <jbrooks> jberkus, sounds good -- I mean, it's the same Q as "why do centos"
16:50:43 <jbrooks> All right, I'll close
16:50:51 <jbrooks> #endmeeting