16:08:52 <jbrooks> #startmeeting CentOS Atomic SIG
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16:09:10 <jbrooks> #chair jberkus walters jlebon kbsingh
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16:09:20 <jbrooks> #topic downstream release
16:09:36 <walters> hey
16:09:44 <jbrooks> We're waiting on KB to kick the build for this -- he's PTO atm, I think back tomorrow
16:10:22 <jberkus> hmmm, not automated yet?
16:10:35 <jbrooks> I thought this was somewhat automated, but I don't know what the schedule is -- I've been checking the dir where the builds show up, and they haven't showed up
16:11:13 <jbrooks> It's possible that something went wrong w/ the build -- I had to tweak a few things since the last release
16:11:36 <jbrooks> due to an ostree change and in order to work around the signing issue we've been having
16:11:53 <jbrooks> So, it may have gotten stalled through that, I'm not sure
16:12:41 <jbrooks> After this release, it's my intention to get w/ KB to get this all the way automated
16:13:31 <jbrooks> That's all I have on the downstream right now
16:13:48 <jberkus> ok
16:14:03 <jberkus> any idea what's going on with the centos minimal contianer image?  Ben has been asking
16:14:39 <jbrooks> The last I saw w/ it is that KB put out that alpha image -- I think I replied to an email about that that you were cc'ed on
16:15:09 <jberkus> walters, jlebon ^^^ any status on centos-minimal image?
16:15:36 <walters> i don't know anything about its status
16:16:01 <walters> i think we should track it via a github issue or so?
16:16:13 <jberkus> what repo?
16:16:53 <walters> https://github.com/CentOS/sig-cloud-instance-build/ ?
16:17:46 <jbrooks> It might be this: https://github.com/kbsingh/atomic-container
16:18:09 <jbrooks> registry.centos.org/kbsingh/centos-atomic:7-alpha2
16:20:03 <jbrooks> jberkus, This calls to mind the whole topic of the atomic sig being involved w/ the centos container efforts -- or not -- when we've talked about this w/ KB, I wasn't clear if he was in favor or against that
16:20:25 <jbrooks> I don't think there's another sig working on this, so it's not clear where to go / who to talk to about it
16:20:35 <jberkus> he said he was in favor, there isn't another sig
16:21:39 <jbrooks> OK, I've talked to a couple of the guys working on centos containers in the past, I'll poke them about getting involved w/ the sig
16:22:28 <jbrooks> #action jbrooks to contact centos containers team about working w/ sig
16:22:46 <jbrooks> walters, Any items to raise regarding devel / continuous ?
16:23:50 <walters> i don't have anything atm, though i notice the stream fell over https://ci.centos.org/view/Atomic/job/atomic-rdgo-centos7/18154/artifact/build-logs/failed/rpm-ostree/build.log
16:23:51 <walters> will fix
16:24:15 <jbrooks> All right
16:24:31 <jbrooks> jberkus, Do we have anything else this week?
16:25:12 <jberkus> not from me
16:27:33 <jbrooks> All right, we'll close
16:27:52 <jbrooks> #endmeeting