18:00:19 <mrunge> #startmeeting opstools
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18:00:25 <mrunge> #chair richm
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18:00:49 <mrunge> anyone here for the bi-weekly opstools meeting?
18:02:51 <kbsingh> mrunge: i need to run for dinner, but i can tell you that a lot of packages were pushed to buildogs, and then mirror.centos.org for you guys :)
18:03:16 <mrunge> kbsingh, that's awesome to hear, *thank you*
18:03:43 <mrunge> kbsingh, enjoy your dinner
18:04:07 <kbsingh> the arch stuff is almost done as well, i have it working through a couple of stages, but its got blocked on the last ( isnt it always the last one ?) hurdle
18:04:17 <mrunge> hahaha
18:04:29 <mrunge> kbsingh, we might want to clean up the mirror a bit
18:04:30 <kbsingh> as in, the srpms are not being compared properly ( it needs the buildtime for srpm and binary to be less than 2 hrs apart )
18:04:46 <kbsingh> but for aarch64 and ppc64le it looks like stuff gets built quite a way away from the srpm in some cases
18:05:08 <mrunge> yay, that's great to hear
18:05:17 <kbsingh> mrunge: can i request you to either email me ( if so, cc fabian / johnny ) - or file a bug report with the cleanup details ?
18:05:32 <mrunge> kbsingh, I already filed a bug
18:05:42 <kbsingh> do you have number handy ?
18:05:56 <mrunge> kbsingh, that's https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=13374
18:11:09 <kbsingh> ta
18:11:16 <kbsingh> SIGDINNER &
18:11:27 <mrunge> :D
18:12:15 <mrunge> status update from opstools: we're slowly updating packages, adding them to the review & build automation on review.rdoproject.org
18:13:01 <mrunge> other than that, I don't have any updates
18:14:34 <mrunge> if nothing else comes up, I'd be closing the meeting in 5 minutes
18:19:24 <mrunge> ok, then see you in two weeks
18:19:28 <mrunge> #endmeeting