16:06:08 <jbrooks> #startmeeting CentOS Atomic SIG
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16:06:52 <jbrooks> #topic downstream release
16:07:30 <jbrooks> The release is built, it's at https://buildlogs.centos.org/centos/7/atomic/x86_64/
16:08:01 <jbrooks> the next step is copying those files over to the release location, which KB has arranged some backup ppl to handle for greater scale
16:08:34 <jbrooks> We also need to get the ec2 images in place -- I'm considering releasing the non-ec2 stuff, and then adding the ec2 images shortly to get this release out
16:08:45 <jberkus> seems like a good idea
16:09:04 <jberkus> why is the copying over not part of the automation?  TUITs?
16:09:46 <jbrooks> I think it can be automated, we need some more automated testing
16:10:20 <jbrooks> Oh, well, part of it, the repo, we're going to have living in buildlogs soon
16:10:25 <jbrooks> Because that's a https location
16:11:01 <jbrooks> So that's where we want it -- and then the images, they could be served from buildlogs, or we could copy them to the mirrors -- I don't think that's fully nailed down yet
16:11:27 <jbrooks> There's one other big step I want to add, which is the updates ref, so ppl can get the latest or the monthly
16:11:37 <jbrooks> I'm going to prepare a PR for that shortly
16:12:20 <jberkus> great
16:12:43 <jberkus> when does pushing releases to the ostree happen? that is, updates?
16:12:48 <jberkus> for stable
16:12:59 <jbrooks> My idea is that the job would run every night
16:13:15 <jbrooks> And if there were new pkgs in the image updated, the repo would be updated
16:13:36 <jbrooks> I've moved the version numbering to match the rest of centos, so, 7.1705
16:13:55 <jbrooks> And the updates stream, would increment from there 7.1705.1, etc
16:14:17 <jbrooks> When a new month comes around, the version number would go to 7.1706
16:14:26 <jberkus> so the ostree wouldn't be every 6 weeks, just the ISO/cows?
16:15:02 <jbrooks> The ostree and the images would rev monthly, and there would a second ref that would update as updates become available
16:15:10 <jbrooks> And that would be tree-only
16:15:33 <jberkus> wait, are we going to monthly?  because we've been 6 weeks, no?
16:15:58 <jbrooks> We've been sort of a mix -- the other centos media updates monthly
16:17:05 <jbrooks> We haven't been on a strict schedule, really
16:17:55 <jberkus> which isn't a good thing, as you've noted
16:18:07 <jberkus> we should pick one, probably monthly like the rest of CentOS
16:18:39 <jbrooks> Right, and this brings centos atomic onto the same schedule as the rest of centos, with the option, as is available to any regular centos user, of grabbing more recent content by updating
16:18:50 <jbrooks> in this case, it would be by rebasing to the updates ref
16:19:33 <jbrooks> That same schedule being monthly
16:20:36 <jbrooks> #topic meeting times
16:20:47 <jbrooks> So, jberkus, I think it's just you and I right now
16:21:05 <jbrooks> But I completed my action item from last week of reaching out to the container folks
16:21:10 <jberkus> in that case, do we want to propose an evening meeting to link up with the Indians?
16:21:13 <jbrooks> And they're interested in joining us
16:21:19 <jbrooks> Right
16:21:20 <jberkus> or early AM?
16:21:27 <jbrooks> Well, what do you think
16:21:36 <jbrooks> How early would you go
16:21:56 <jbrooks> Or should be go later --- later cuts out europe and east coast
16:22:00 <jberkus> I really can't do a weekly meeting before 7
16:22:12 <jbrooks> I was sort of wondering about making it less than weekly
16:22:25 <jberkus> even that means that I'd be skipping whenever I have a meetup the night before
16:22:30 <jbrooks> Yeah
16:22:44 <jberkus> jbrooks: semi-monthly?
16:22:52 <jbrooks> What if we did it twice a month, offset from the project atomic meetings
16:23:03 <jbrooks> And we could raise necessary centos atomic items there
16:23:13 <jbrooks> For east coast / europe friendliness
16:23:36 <jbrooks> I'd prefer a night meeting over an early morning meeting, too
16:24:25 <jberkus> well the PA meetings are kind of late for Indians
16:24:41 <jbrooks> Yeah, so we'd have our nighttime centos atomic meeting
16:24:59 <jbrooks> Twice a month, instead of four times
16:25:03 <jberkus> ah, on Monday night?
16:25:13 <jbrooks> That'd be fine
16:25:30 <jberkus> jbrooks: FWIW, I set up the PA meetings ever 2 weeks instead of 2/month, just because gCal doesn't do 2/month
16:25:41 <jbrooks> Right, that's cool
16:25:48 <jberkus> WFM.  Monday night is cleaning night here, so I'm pretty much never out
16:26:17 <jbrooks> OK, I'll reach out to them -- maybe 9 pacific?
16:26:25 <jbrooks> Or 9:30
16:26:35 <jbrooks> There's 12.5 hours ahead
16:26:38 <jberkus> yah
16:26:42 <jbrooks> They're
16:26:42 <jberkus> 9am for them is 8:30 for us
16:26:46 <jberkus> but they stay up late
16:26:56 <jbrooks> So they might want later
16:27:22 <jberkus> not later than 9:30 PT, though ... I often have a 7am meeting on Tuesdays
16:27:31 <jberkus> but 9 or 9:30 could work
16:27:37 <jbrooks> OK, good, I'll ping them
16:27:57 <jbrooks> Any other items for you, jberkus ?
16:28:09 <jberkus> not until we link up with the CP folks
16:28:17 <jbrooks> OK
16:28:28 <jberkus> unless kbsingh is around
16:28:44 <jberkus> the other major pending item is public cloud availability
16:28:52 <jberkus> which right now is just AWS, yes?
16:28:56 <jbrooks> Right
16:29:22 <jbrooks> How many clouds do we have fedora atomic on?
16:29:27 <jbrooks> DO and AWS, is that it?
16:29:29 <jberkus> AWS & DO
16:29:36 <jberkus> fedora has legal issues, though
16:29:41 <jberkus> which centOS mostly doesn't
16:29:56 <jberkus> however, IIRC GCE was hung on someone to build the images, that is time
16:30:09 <jbrooks> We should at least have DIY docs
16:31:09 <jbrooks> All right, till next time
16:31:11 <jbrooks> #endmeeting