16:01:22 <jbrooks> #startmeeting CentOS Atomic SIG
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16:01:43 <jbrooks> #chair kbsingh jberkus jlebon_
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16:01:49 <jbrooks> #topic downstream release
16:02:00 <kbsingh> hello
16:02:18 <jbrooks> We had a release this week: https://seven.centos.org/2017/06/new-centos-atomic-host-release-available-for-download/
16:02:28 <jberkus> heck, we had two releases
16:02:44 <jbrooks> We followed it up with a, yep, a refresh of the tree
16:03:43 <jbrooks> At jberkus' prompting, I provided a description of the versioning changes we made in this dupe post on the PA blog: http://www.projectatomic.io/blog/2017/06/centos-atomic-host-june-2017/
16:04:47 <jberkus> when is 1706 planned for?
16:04:51 <jbrooks> I think there's another upstream release coming soon, so if we put out the next release right around the start of July, the timing should work well to deliver those
16:06:48 <jbrooks> I think that's it for the downstream release -- I still need to work on the changes for the updates ref, I figured out how it should work, so it shouldn't be too tough
16:07:37 <jberkus> jbrooks: was that in answer to me?
16:08:06 <jbrooks> jberkus, Yes, I don't think there's a public date for the next upstream, but it should be soon
16:08:06 <jberkus> if 1705 was it for this month, I'm confused as to why it wasn't 1706 ...
16:08:20 <jbrooks> It's like updates through that month
16:08:29 <jbrooks> It is a bit confusing, but that's the CentOS scheme
16:09:22 <jberkus> ok
16:10:02 <jbrooks> On a somewhat related note, I'm getting the system containers for kube merged into project atomic, and I'm going to update our centos containers to be installable as system containers
16:10:53 <jbrooks> It'll make it a bit easier to consume the master components from centos, or to use a different version, like the newer, rawhide-based containers
16:11:38 <jbrooks> #topic open floor
16:11:44 <jberkus> are the openshift containers already system containers?
16:11:59 <jbrooks> I think there's been work done on that
16:12:05 <jbrooks> I need to look into it
16:12:18 <jbrooks> kbsingh, Do you know about that?
16:12:36 <jbrooks> Whether openshift is installable as system containers yet
16:12:39 <kbsingh> unsure
16:13:32 <jbrooks> On another issue, I still need to propose the meeting changes we talked about last week -- making this every two weeks and shifted into the night, pacific time
16:14:03 <jberkus> does that time work for the CP team?  I didn't see their confirmation
16:14:04 <TrevorH> someone was asking in #centos yesterday if there was a CentOS equivalent of http://rhelblog.redhat.com/2017/03/13/introducing-the-red-hat-enterprise-linux-atomic-base-image/
16:14:25 <jbrooks> jberkus, I need to talk to them, I haven't done it yet
16:14:29 <jberkus> TrevorH: CentOS Minimal, only unofficially
16:14:42 <jberkus> TrevorH: that's one of the reasons why we want to merge with the CP team
16:15:02 <TrevorH> I think we told them to post to centos-devel mailing list and ask as  there was no-one around who knew
16:16:07 <jbrooks> kbsingh, What do we need to do to get centos minimal into "official" state
16:16:29 <jbrooks> I think it's just living in a repo of yours ATM
16:17:02 <jberkus> (note that I'm going to argue against calling it Atomic Image, since that creates a lot of confusion with Atomic Host)
16:17:42 <jbrooks> jberkus, Fedora's calling theirs minimal, right?
16:18:28 <jberkus> jbrooks: yah
16:18:40 <jberkus> fedora will have 3: minimal, base, and init
16:18:57 <kbsingh> jbrooks: zeeshan is going to be doing a build, and on monday we should have it on registry.centos.org
16:19:04 <jberkus> note that, with Buildah, minimal images become much more useful
16:19:10 <jbrooks> kbsingh, Awesome
16:19:26 <kbsingh> can then plumb it into the regular monthly update cadence
16:19:42 <kbsingh> the main challenge we need to work through is finding a good way to build and push this automatically
16:19:49 <kbsingh> but we can get better at that ongoing
16:20:57 <jbrooks> OK
16:21:12 <jbrooks> Other issues for this week?
16:21:27 <jbrooks> I'm going to be on PTO next week, and may not be online
16:21:52 <jberkus> ok, enjoy!
16:22:01 <jberkus> jbrooks: let's call off the meeting for next week, then
16:22:18 <jbrooks> Sounds good
16:22:23 <jbrooks> #endmeeting