14:06:17 <gwd> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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14:06:27 <gwd> #chair lsm5 alynpost
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14:07:05 <gwd> lsm5: You could give a review of the basic state of the docker packages.
14:07:12 <gwd> #chair dupondje
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14:07:21 <sbonazzo> gwd I'm here
14:07:28 <gwd> #chair sbonazzo
14:07:28 <centbot> Current chairs: alynpost dupondje gwd lsm5 sbonazzo
14:08:14 <gwd> OK, sbonazzo, you want to start with an oVirt update?
14:08:26 <sbonazzo> gwd ok
14:08:32 <sbonazzo> #topic oVirt updates
14:09:02 <sbonazzo> #info upstream 4.1.3 has been scheduled for July 5th, package will be ready in Virt SIG as well the week after.
14:09:25 <sbonazzo> I think that's it on oVirt side
14:09:38 <gwd> Thanks
14:09:43 <gwd> #topic Xen Update
14:10:29 <gwd> #info Lots of updates due to xsa216-225: for 4.4 and 4.6
14:10:41 <alynpost> gwd: I haven't seen any blog posts on XSA-216-225.  Did I miss one somewhere?
14:11:00 <p3ck> anyone know what happened to the repo here?  http://cbs.centos.org/repos/atomic7-testing/
14:11:23 <gwd> alynpost: No, we didn't actually do a blog post this time.  And the press didn't seem to take much notice this time either.
14:11:31 * alynpost nods
14:11:42 <alynpost> Matches my observation; nothing came across my feeds.  ty.
14:12:27 <gwd> #info Xen 4.8.1-3 in buildlogs, which has livepatch support enabled.
14:12:58 <gwd> #info No plan yet to provide livepatches, but there is some discussion in the works.
14:13:22 <alynpost> My week has been dealing with that upgrade; I'm still chasing down new behavior I wasn't seeing in 4.6.  I think srn sent a couple/few emails about that, excuse me if you haven't been looped.
14:13:26 <gwd> #info dupondje has posted patches to build an updated 3.18 kernel; still not sure if / how we can continue to support htat.
14:14:01 <gwd> alynpost: You mean the 4.6 -> 4.8 update?  How is that going?
14:14:22 <gwd> My tests had some quirky failures I haven't had time to chase down yet (which is why it hasn't been pushed to mirror yet)
14:15:10 <alynpost> We've had one errata, posted here: XSA 216-225 security patches applied - https://prgmr.com/blog/2017/06/19/xsa-216.html
14:15:24 <alynpost> excuse me, apparently the errata only went out in our email.
14:15:33 <alynpost> anyhow, odd behavior from time-to-time restarting a domain.
14:15:47 <alynpost> otherwise not experiencing any problems.
14:16:44 <gwd> OK.  I think that's all the updates I had.
14:16:55 <gwd> Any other xen-related things to bring up?
14:17:19 <gwd> alynpost, were you going to look into getting the xen packages tested in the CentOS CI loop?
14:18:19 <alynpost> That generally is where I would have the most expertise; that's a large bite for me and I've been attending elsewhere this week.  I then have nothing new to report on that topic.
14:19:21 <gwd> OK, just checking.  I think that's it for me.
14:19:28 <gwd> #topic AoB
14:19:35 <gwd> Any other topics to discuss?
14:19:41 <alynpost> none here.
14:20:47 <gwd> Xen 4.9 should be released soon; at some point it would be good to try to get a xen-410 repo set up, and get Xen 4.9 stuff into it so we can address any regressions early.
14:22:13 <gwd> OK well if nobody has anything else, we can wrap it up.  Thanks, everyone1
14:22:15 <gwd> #endmeeting