16:58:10 <tdawson> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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16:58:18 <tdawson> #topic roll call
16:58:37 <sdodson> sdodson here!
17:01:59 <tdawson> Hmm ... looks like it might be another quieter meeting.
17:03:05 <tdawson> #chair tdawson sdodson
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17:03:16 <tdawson> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:03:29 <tdawson> rpms
17:03:37 <tdawson> Not too much to say this week.
17:04:05 <tdawson> openshift-ansible-3.4.59-2 has been tagged into release, should be on the mirrors tomorrow if everything goes correctly.
17:04:40 <tdawson> Still need to work with upstream so we don't have to patch it for centos builds.
17:04:58 * herlo is semi here.
17:05:00 <kbsingh> hello
17:05:10 <tdawson> It's a small sed actually, but still, would be nice for someway to automatically notice we're building for centos and apply the right things.
17:05:19 <kbsingh> i noticed origin 1.5.0 is in the mix as well
17:05:30 <tdawson> herlo: kbsingh: Welcome ... better semi-here than not here.
17:05:45 <tdawson> kbsingh: Ya, though that's just an alpha build.
17:06:00 <sdodson> tdawson: I'll take that, I know i took it last time, but I'll try to actually get that implemented this time around.
17:06:07 <tdawson> sdodson: :)  Thanks
17:06:38 <herlo> :)
17:06:44 <kbsingh> the last set of packages that worked with the installer : ansible-2.2.0, a-o-u - 3.3.39
17:06:55 <tdawson> Ya, since origin branched release-1.5 and is now working on 3.6  (They changed their numbering scheme) ... I figure we might as well put 1.5 in the regular testing so 3.6 can be for future.
17:07:09 <kbsingh> that a-o-u doesnt work with the newer ansible, and the newer a-o-u does not work :/
17:07:54 <tdawson> kbsingh: Ya, I'd totally forgotten to tag openshift-ansible-3.4.59-2 into released, until today.
17:07:58 <kbsingh> having said that, a-o-u 3.3.39 does seem to deploy origin 1.4.1 just fine ( well, in that 5 node cluster will come up and my example apps all deploy )
17:08:07 <tdawson> Actually, I'd thought I'd already done it, was surprised when I double checked today.
17:09:03 <kbsingh> ok, i can give it a shot as soon as its there
17:09:09 <kbsingh> how long back did you tag it ?
17:09:19 <tdawson> kbsingh: About an hour ago, maybe less
17:09:35 <tdawson> kbsingh: It's totally my fault that it didn't get pushed out sooner.
17:09:36 <kbsingh> oh, maybe it snuck in, maybe not - the sign process has been running for a bit
17:09:49 <kbsingh> no worries
17:09:59 <kbsingh> what is a good way to test this ?
17:10:12 <kbsingh> maybe a nightly CI job that does some basic stuff and reports on fail ?
17:10:37 <tdawson> Yep, I think that would be good.
17:11:12 <kbsingh> what would be an acceptable set of tests ?
17:11:36 <sdodson> kbsingh: The failure happens with ansible- too? That version should be patched.
17:11:38 <kbsingh> just run the atomic installer, against a set of hosts ? wait for deploy to finish, hit it with a few pre-selected apps, see what happens ?
17:12:05 <kbsingh> sdodson: i think the problem is atomic-openshift-utils, that didnt like not installing OCP
17:12:21 <sdodson> kbsingh: ok
17:12:23 <kbsingh> and rolling this back, the older ones, didnt like ansible 2.2.1
17:13:14 <tdawson> Also, people are talking about adding minishift to the Paas SIG ... I still haven't heard if the minishift people want to put it in, or if they are expecting me to pull it in without them.
17:14:08 <kbsingh> lalatenduM: ^
17:14:19 <kbsingh> unsure if he's around at the moment, but i would expect them to do the work
17:14:42 <tdawson> kbsingh: Oh, ok.  I didn't know it was him.
17:14:53 <tdawson> I'm pretty sure he has permissions, so that's good.
17:14:59 <kbsingh> yeah
17:15:20 <kbsingh> i think they are getting close to a 1.0 release, thats the point they will want to get organised around
17:16:11 <tdawson> I don't see any updates for any of our origin packages in the future, except maybe a newer 1.5 in testing.
17:16:48 <kbsingh> will these now end up in their own directory ?
17:16:52 <tdawson> The latest 1.5's should also build in aarch64 and ppc64le
17:16:59 <kbsingh> nice
17:18:05 <tdawson> kbsingh: That's a good question ... I sorta think so, but I think maybe we can do both, have it end up in the generic openshift-origin repo, but also have it's own minishift repo.
17:18:21 <kbsingh> cool
17:18:33 <kbsingh> w.r.t kompose there was a new releae recently, did we get that in the repos ?
17:18:43 <kbsingh> dustymabe: are you still looking at it or is it all charlie / tomas ?
17:19:18 <tdawson> There hasn't been a new build of kompose on cbs
17:20:26 <tdawson> So, it can't have made it into our repo's, until it's built.
17:20:29 <kbsingh> ok, asked question
17:20:36 <kbsingh> i think its 0.3.0 thats released
17:20:44 <kbsingh> i seem to have 0.2 something here via the repos
17:20:57 <kbsingh> actually, 0.1.2
17:21:05 <tdawson> yep, that one
17:21:09 <kbsingh> humm
17:22:11 <kbsingh> ok, pinged.
17:22:41 <tdawson> OK, while we wait for them to reply, anything else for documentation
17:23:20 <dustymabe> kbsingh: i've got to review suraj's updates
17:23:23 <dustymabe> and then push the rpm
17:24:14 <kbsingh> tdawson: other than we should get some ? :)
17:24:37 <tdawson> kbsingh: *laughs* well ... that was suppose do t "anything else for rpms" ... but ya ... we need more docs.
17:24:40 <kbsingh> dustymabe: can we make this be a part of the kompose release run itself ?
17:25:30 <dustymabe> kbsingh: i don't know - you kind of need to have a released artifact in order to build an rpm from it
17:26:17 <kbsingh> not really
17:26:27 <kbsingh> you just need the right artifacts
17:26:38 <kbsingh> and you can release the rpm at the same time as the tarball and the osx binary
17:28:51 <tdawson> While you two talk about that, I'm going to ping herlo ... herlo, what is the URL for your blog that you did on the automation stuff?
17:29:21 <kbsingh> tdawson: dustymabe: i guess we are just waiting for someone to do the rpm stuff at this point right ?
17:29:32 <dustymabe> for last release?
17:29:36 <kbsingh> yeah
17:29:40 <dustymabe> suraj did the work, I just need to review it
17:29:41 <herlo> tdawson: http://sexysexypenguins.com. No new blog posts since December though. I am planning to write one this week about linchpin.
17:30:03 <kbsingh> dustymabe: review it where ?
17:30:04 <dustymabe> after a few "good experiences" I'll give him access and he can do it all himself
17:30:45 <tdawson> herlo: Thanks, I'm linking it right now to the "External Blog and Docs" page
17:30:49 <kbsingh> so, what i would recommend is to get him the cbs access and let him build it
17:30:53 <herlo> sweet!
17:31:00 <kbsingh> dustymabe: and let him tag to -testing as needed
17:31:14 <kbsingh> dustymabe: that would unblock the process waiting on you, others can chime in with feedback
17:31:24 <dustymabe> kbsingh: I think he can already build in CBS
17:31:36 <kbsingh> we can agree that tdawson can tag to -release when satisfied ?
17:31:51 <kbsingh> dustymabe: ok, do you want to talk to him or should I ?
17:31:58 <dustymabe> to suraj?
17:32:00 <kbsingh> yea
17:32:09 <dustymabe> kbsingh: I just need to do the review
17:32:18 <dustymabe> just ping me and him when he is back
17:32:23 <dustymabe> and we can all chat about it
17:33:01 <kbsingh> the bit i am missing is, where exactly is this review due ? is it a github issue ?
17:33:56 <paulr> evening
17:34:12 <dustymabe> he emailed me with links
17:34:25 <dustymabe> haven't clicked on them yet
17:34:26 <tdawson> So, for documentation, I've gotten the External Blogs and Docs page up ... with herlo's blog being the first on the list - https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/PaaS/OpenShift-External-Docs
17:34:39 <kbsingh> tdawson: cool!
17:34:52 <herlo> :)
17:35:03 <tdawson> This is now linked from our CentOS OpenShift Wiki Pages page - https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/PaaS/OpenShift
17:35:14 <tdawson> For those, like me, who keep loosing track of the wiki pages.
17:35:36 <lalatenduM> tdawson: kbsingh hey
17:35:44 <kbsingh> lalatenduM: hello
17:36:02 <kbsingh> lalatenduM: were in the PaaS SIG Meeting, do you want to talk through minishift in this context?
17:36:03 <tdawson> Now that we've got a page, and our first link, hopefully we can continue the progress of blogging.
17:36:04 <lalatenduM> tdawson: kbsingh let me know if you have time for discussing Minishift (maybe in open floor)
17:36:12 <lalatenduM> kbsingh: sure
17:36:19 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Sure thing.
17:36:38 <kbsingh> tdawson: i will get a bare bones CI test up today and link in there
17:36:57 <tdawson> I don't have much else for Documentation other than that ... unless someone has other documentation ...
17:37:06 <tdawson> kbsingh: awesome, thanks
17:37:33 <tdawson> Moving on to Automted testing and rpm building
17:37:47 <tdawson> herlo: Did you have any to say about that part?
17:38:21 <herlo> tdawson: I'm not actively working on it these days. __ari__ is the main man lately.
17:38:24 <tdawson> _ari_: had already said he wasn't going to be here, and told me he didn't have much news other than talking to skuznets.
17:38:31 <herlo> _ari_, rather
17:38:32 <tdawson> herlo: OK
17:39:11 <tdawson> So, summary, there is coordination with openshift origin upstream, still holding until that coordination finishes.
17:39:26 <tdawson> Moving on to images
17:39:44 <tdawson> Sorry for being quick, but I'm noticing the time and want to get to OpenFloor
17:39:57 <tdawson> kbsingh: Is there anything with images that needs to be discussed?
17:40:19 <kbsingh> w.r.t images - there were some issues with the router images in 1.3.x; i will ask mzee1000 to write to the centos-devel list with details
17:40:26 <kbsingh> other than that, I believe they are all updated and in sync
17:40:38 <tdawson> kbsingh: OK, good to hear.
17:41:27 <tdawson> Moving on to work on seperate repo's for each release
17:41:44 <tdawson> The issue/ticket has been created
17:42:21 <tdawson> https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=12903
17:42:40 <tdawson> I was a little slow on getting that ticket created
17:42:56 <tdawson> It's been looked at by alphacc ... but I'm not positive on the progress.
17:43:18 <tdawson> Since it's only been a day, I'm not going to press him too hard.
17:43:44 <tdawson> Hopefully we will have a better progress report on it next week.
17:44:43 <tdawson> OK, I think we're to Open Floor.
17:44:50 <tdawson> #topic Open Floor
17:44:56 <lalatenduM> Minishift: At this point we are buliding teh CentOS ISO using livecd tools and teh Minishift binary using go build tools . We have automated the release process and we just do "make release" to release respective atrifacts in github . I am not sure how we can take advantage of CBS. The ISO is built using CentOS official repos (core)
17:45:59 <lalatenduM> We are not creating RPMs for these stuff
17:46:13 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Oh, I thought you were
17:46:23 <lalatenduM> as we are targeting non Linux users as well as Linux users
17:46:27 <lalatenduM> tdawson: :)
17:46:30 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Is that on the release plan, or not how you expect it to be used?
17:47:07 <lalatenduM> tdawson: users are expected to use the binaries (can be downloaded from github releases)
17:47:31 <lalatenduM> If we package in RPMs then it would be only for CentOS users
17:47:47 <lalatenduM> or Fedora users if we maintain a COPR
17:48:20 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Well, I guess that is the question, do you want us to make rpms?
17:48:50 <tdawson> I've had a few people asking when the rpms were going to make it into the repo, so I think people are sorta expecting it.
17:49:05 <kbsingh> +1 to having the rpms in the paas sig repos
17:49:12 <lalatenduM> tdawson: ah in that case we should do RPMs
17:49:29 <kbsingh> and this would be to complement the backing image as well right ?
17:49:55 <lalatenduM> kbsingh: right we can rebuild the ISO
17:50:26 <lalatenduM> kbsingh: thats there would be some technical challenges
17:50:58 <kbsingh> are you not just using the livecd tools at this point ?
17:51:12 <lalatenduM> kbsingh: tdawson The ISO part is tricky as we are trying to replace Boot2DOcker ISO with CentOS one
17:51:19 <kbsingh> if so, i think koji / cbs.centos.org can handle that already
17:51:43 <lalatenduM> kbsingh: right, but we have couple of scripts which creates the KS file for us dynamically
17:52:01 <kbsingh> i think thats ok, the koji call actually sends the kickstart up
17:52:25 <lalatenduM> I have to try CBS and then see how it can be done
17:52:30 <lalatenduM> But I will try
17:52:32 <kbsingh> cool
17:52:51 <kbsingh> so from the SIG side, what do you need ?
17:53:07 <lalatenduM> kbsingh: we will build teh RPM and teh ISO
17:55:05 <tdawson> lalatenduM: We as in the minishift project?  Or we as in me and kb?
17:55:08 <lalatenduM> tdawson: kbsingh there are some others stuff which we might want to discuss over a mail.
17:55:28 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Ya, we're running short of time, an email would be good.
17:55:37 <kbsingh> works for me
17:55:44 <lalatenduM> tdawson: I am representing the Minishift here
17:56:00 <lalatenduM> tdawson: so I am part of it :)
17:56:14 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Great.  I love it when the projects take responsibility for putting stuff in.
17:56:25 <kbsingh> we just need to onboard lalatenduM to the SIG
17:56:28 <kbsingh> lalatenduM: do you feel onboarded ?
17:56:58 <lalatenduM> kbsingh: tdawson I think I am part of teh Pass SIG (atleast I was) when it started
17:57:11 <lalatenduM> the wiki page might have my name , not sure :)
17:57:12 <kbsingh> cool, welcome back in tht case :)
17:57:49 <lalatenduM> yes, it has my name https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/PaaS :)
17:57:58 <tdawson> kbsingh: lalatenduM: Yep, lalatenduM was one of the early members
17:58:09 <tdawson> Hate to cut things short, but there is another meeting after this.
17:58:16 <richm> hello
17:58:19 <tdawson> I'll talk to ya'll next week, or via email.
17:58:27 <tdawson> #endmeeting