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17:59:26 <richm> #chair mrunge
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18:00:00 <richm> I have a big pile of new fluentd rubygem packages for various build and run time dependencies
18:01:46 <kbsingh> hello
18:01:49 <richm> I'm working with mrunge to figure out how to get them built into the opstools7-logging-el7-build and opstools7-logging-candidate tags
18:02:52 <kbsingh> is this for a new release?
18:02:53 <richm> there are only a few brand new packages that have never been reviewed in Fedora or Centos
18:03:19 <richm> kbsingh: This is in order to update fluentd and dependencies to the latest 0.12.x version, and to add some additional fluentd plugins
18:04:38 <richm> to wit: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/Rc3HGTfW2qUzPIqKGrzwr15M1UNdIGYhyRLivL9gydE=
18:04:53 <richm> these are only for the buildroot - need to update the buildroot before we can build all of the runtime packages
18:05:33 <richm> I've either enabled tests in %check for these, or gave up after realizing that they needed 20 additional rubygems just to run a single test :P
18:05:57 <richm> or, too many circular dependencies
18:06:34 <kbsingh> humm
18:06:36 <kbsingh> ok
18:07:25 <richm> I guess the plan is to get all of these into Fedora, and have all of them go through the official fedora review process - there are a couple of reviews in progress
18:07:59 <richm> but that will take several months, to get 50 or so additional new packages into Fedora through the official process
18:08:00 <kbsingh> i wonder if we can reach out to the RDO crew for help on the reviews etc
18:08:14 <richm> kbsingh: and the oVirt crew
18:08:25 <kbsingh> in the mean time, maybe a testing repo on buildlogs?
18:08:29 <kbsingh> yeah. ovirt too
18:08:33 <richm> oVirt wants to use fluentd from the CentOS OpsTools asap
18:08:39 <rbowen> I'd be glad to help convey that message to RDO.
18:09:07 <richm> spredzy is (was?) working on rubygems packaging
18:09:09 <rbowen> Although, I haven't been following the conversation. Just got pinged on 'RDO'
18:09:36 <richm> rbowen: mrunge and paramite are the people I've been primarily working with on the RDO side
18:10:57 <richm> kbsingh: not sure what you mean by "testing repo on buildlogs"?
18:11:15 <kbsingh> rbowen: rdo consumes opstools content, and we need some people to help with review etc. i think lots of folks on the rdo aide have packaging chops to burn through these
18:11:52 <kbsingh> richm: if you just tag rpms to -testing, they dont get signed. so its not a release. they do however get to a buildlogs
18:11:58 <kbsingh> centos.org repo.
18:12:03 <richm> the plan is to get the specs, patches, etc. into https://github.com/centos-opstools/, then use that to build the packages
18:12:18 <kbsingh> sounds good
18:12:48 <richm> kbsingh: ok - so use cbs to build into opstools7-logging-testing
18:12:53 <kbsingh> yea
18:13:01 <richm> kbsingh: ok - thanks
18:13:22 <richm> anyway, that's what's going on with logging sig right now
18:14:04 <richm> #topic open discussion
18:14:20 <kbsingh> i noticed a few releases these last few days
18:14:29 <kbsingh> including some content this morning
18:14:40 <kbsingh> do we have enough to make an announcement ?
18:15:20 <richm> kbsingh: not sure - mrunge was trying to figure out how to update to fluentd 0.12.32 - not sure what is progress is
18:15:33 <kbsingh> http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7/opstools/x86_64/
18:15:53 <kbsingh> thats the present state of released content
18:16:06 <richm> kbsingh: maybe you saw some prerequisites being built/pushed?
18:16:14 <kbsingh> could be
18:16:24 <kbsingh> was just wondering. never mind
18:17:00 <richm> mrunge would know
18:17:53 <bstinson> apologies for not looking myself, but we have a centos-release-opstools built and ready (if not yet released), correct?
18:18:20 <richm> not sure
18:20:53 <kbsingh> i need to jump. will catchup with backlog.
18:20:58 <kbsingh> richm: thanks
18:21:39 <bstinson> ah looks like we do have one: http://cbs.centos.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=15853
18:22:05 <richm> ok
18:23:04 <bstinson> we're trying to route the ovirt-4.1 release behind getting opstools released. the content is out there on mirror.c.o at the moment but neither centos-release file has made it into extras yet
18:25:01 <richm> ok
18:27:04 <richm> anything else?
18:27:45 <richm> Thanks!
18:27:47 <richm> #endmeeting