15:09:37 <gwd> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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15:09:43 <gwd> #chair sbonazzo
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15:09:58 <sbonazzo> #chair eedri
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15:10:02 <gwd> rafaelmartins lsm5 kbsingh jirkade Virt SIG meeting?
15:10:08 <gwd> #chair anthonyper
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15:10:21 <gwd> #topic Introductions
15:10:23 * rafaelmartins around
15:10:33 <gwd> sbonazzo, you want to introduce eedri?
15:10:38 <gwd> #chair rafaelmartins
15:10:38 <centbot> Current chairs: anthonyper eedri gwd rafaelmartins sbonazzo
15:10:42 * lsm5 here
15:10:45 <eedri> hey guys!
15:10:47 * eedri here
15:11:02 <sbonazzo> gwd we already introduce eedri a few months ago :-) he's from oVirt infrastructure team
15:11:03 <jirkade> gwd: here
15:11:17 <gwd> #chair jirkade
15:11:17 <centbot> Current chairs: anthonyper eedri gwd jirkade rafaelmartins sbonazzo
15:11:28 <sbonazzo> gwd he's taking care of oVirt CI systems
15:11:28 <eedri> sbonazzo, it might be good to invite bkorren to one meeting as well
15:11:53 <gwd> Cool.  anthonyper works for Citrix, and will be helping me maintain the Xen packages going forward.
15:11:55 <sbonazzo> eedri: sure
15:12:06 <anthonyper> hi
15:12:06 <sbonazzo> welcome aboard anthonyper
15:12:37 <gwd> OK for those new here, we normally first go around the various projects and give quick updates; then bring up any other issues that need to be discussed.
15:12:46 <gwd> sbonazzo, you want to start?
15:13:12 <sbonazzo> gwd: ok
15:13:18 <sbonazzo> #topic oVirt updates
15:13:37 <sbonazzo> #info ovirt 4.1 repos landed on mirrors
15:14:05 <sbonazzo> #info still some issues on ovirt-hosted-engine-setup dependencies we're working on with OpsTools SIG
15:14:29 <gwd> #chair lsm5
15:14:29 <centbot> Current chairs: anthonyper eedri gwd jirkade lsm5 rafaelmartins sbonazzo
15:14:34 <sbonazzo> #info new qemu-kvm-ev in kvm-common testing, sent an email about it to centos-virt mailing list
15:15:15 <sbonazzo> #info upstream 4.1.1 scheduled on March 15th, Virt SIG update will follow
15:15:51 <sbonazzo> #info rafaelmartins leaving the oVirt project upstream, but willing to stay in the SIG for helping
15:16:11 <sbonazzo> I think that's it on my side. eedri, rafaelmartins ?
15:16:23 <eedri> hi
15:16:46 <rafaelmartins> sbonazzo: no, that's all
15:16:47 <eedri> I would like to talk a bit of coop on CI between Centos & oVirt
15:17:09 <gwd> eedri: Can we talk about that after the status update?
15:17:16 <eedri> gwd, sure
15:17:16 <gwd> *updates
15:17:25 <gwd> OK, quick xen update:
15:17:30 <gwd> #topic Xen update
15:18:09 <gwd> #info We updated to Linux 4.9.13, which is a much more recent LTS branch.  That should be good until 2019, I think.
15:18:39 <gwd> #info Updates for XSAs; still no time to work a 4.8 release yet.
15:18:53 <gwd> I think that's it for me.  lsm5?
15:19:39 <lsm5> no update for Docker this time, continuing work on our internal CI for now
15:20:40 <gwd> OK -- jirkade, is libvirt ready for an "update" yet, and/or do you have anything relating to getting set up that we need to talk about?
15:21:35 <jirkade> gwd: yeah, upstream released 3.1.0 on Friday, I have the rebase ready and buildable locally
15:22:00 <jirkade> virt7-libvirt-latest-{candidate,testing,release} have been created for all achitectures
15:22:19 <gwd> jirkade: You probably want #topic libvirt update
15:23:02 <jirkade> gwd: heh, I'm not really fluent in irc meeting stuff :)
15:23:17 <gwd> Yup, just making a suggestion. :-)
15:23:41 <jirkade> gwd: should I start the topic and repeat what I said?
15:23:55 <gwd> jirkade: Nah, we'll do that next time.
15:24:02 <jirkade> ok
15:24:41 <jirkade> so the last thing so to create a git repo and actually build the packages in cbs
15:25:05 <gwd> OK -- do you plan on using centpkg, or just submitting a srpm?
15:25:23 <gwd> (The latter is what I do BTW, but it's possible centpkg has matured since the last time I tried to use it)
15:26:36 <jirkade> I'm not sure yet, I'll see what's going to better fit my workflow
15:26:49 <gwd> OK, cool.
15:27:02 <gwd> Anything else?
15:27:09 <jirkade> that's it from me
15:27:45 <gwd> OK -- eedri, did you want to talk about the CI loop?
15:28:08 <eedri> gwd, yes, thanks, I will just mention it briefly and we can maybe continue on a thread or offline
15:28:31 <gwd> eedri: Want to give it a #topic? :-)
15:28:33 <eedri> recently sbonazzo sent an email to some of you about how we do CI/CD in oVirt and how we test oVirt on CentOS
15:28:45 <sbonazzo> bstinson: Arrfab: alphacc: and kbsingh may be insterested in this topic
15:28:52 <kbsingh> hello
15:28:58 <eedri> #topic how should we test early bits of centos with oVirt
15:29:14 <eedri> another topic can be collaboration of CI systems, but we can talk about it later
15:29:32 <kbsingh> this is good conversation material for centos-devel list
15:29:34 <eedri> so, anyone here knows what i'm talking about?
15:29:42 <eedri> or was part of the email thread
15:30:05 <eedri> I included some presentation and video I did on how we do CI/CD
15:30:35 <gwd> What email thread?  (/me takes a quick look at centos-devel)
15:30:49 <eedri> sbonazzo, do you remember who was on the email and what was the subject?
15:31:38 <eedri> anyway, let me give some background nevertheless
15:31:39 <sbonazzo> eedri: oVirt CI/CD; The Secret Recepie [ Presentation & Recording ]
15:32:24 <eedri> we're running end-to-end system tests on oVirt CI which gives us ability to gate bad rpms from reaching the oVirt 'tested' repos, and by that achieving 'Continous Delivery'
15:32:35 <sbonazzo> eedri: Arrfab, kbsingh, bstinson, apevec, ndevos, mrunge
15:32:38 <eedri> in a sense that we always have a 'tested' and verified repo per oVirt version, also for master
15:33:06 <eedri> so anyone consuming that repo can be sure basic sanity works ( including adding hosts,storage, vm migration, etc...)
15:33:12 <mrunge> hmm?
15:33:16 <eedri> I won't get into details on how we do it, its all in the video/presentations
15:33:40 <sbonazzo> eedri: you may want to share links to presentation / video to a wider audience
15:33:42 <eedri> We will also have ability soon to gate on new pkg coming from external repos, like centos
15:33:46 <eedri> sbonazzo, one sec
15:33:47 <bstinson> a link to the presentation would be helpful
15:34:05 <eedri> #link http://redhat.slides.com/eedri/deck-16?token=D49y9Bkt
15:35:05 <eedri> #link https://bluejeans.com/s/fs0g0/
15:35:27 <eedri> so the next goal will be to test early bits of Centos with it
15:35:44 <eedri> one of the challenges we have in oVirt is new features that requires new pkg from non releases Centos/RHEL
15:35:57 <eedri> and we can't merge new features because it will fail in CI due to missing pkg
15:36:12 <kbsingh> we did a plan with the RDO guys, about a two way CI test setup
15:36:25 <eedri> So the question is will it be possible for us to consume a rawhide/pre release repo so we can run our system tests on it?
15:36:35 <kbsingh> where once people get rdo from centos-release they can only get centos updates, once the updates pass rdo validation for both new install and for update from prev versions
15:36:47 <kbsingh> would be interesting to mash this in and see what comes up and what the opportunity there might be
15:37:26 <eedri> another possibility is if you guys are interested in some of the CI Projects we have to run in ci.centos.org
15:37:36 <eedri> some of them are described in the presentation
15:38:58 <eedri> so basically this is the main thing I wanted to raise, not sure how we can follow up on it, maybe on the next meeting after people will review the presentation?
15:40:39 <bstinson> eedri: it may be good to get a view of your requierements on a mailing list thread
15:41:10 <gwd> eedri: Be advised if you're not a member of centos-devel, it will silently drop your mail.
15:41:40 <eedri> gwd, i think i am but if not i'll make sure to subscribe, can you shre the registration link?
15:42:26 <gwd> eedri: I would only be asking Google, so it's probably more efficient if you ask Google yourself. :-)
15:42:40 <eedri> gwd, sure , i'll find it :)
15:42:45 <bstinson> https://lists.centos.org/mailman/listinfo/centos-devel
15:43:24 <gwd> OK, great -- eedri, is that topic done for now?
15:43:32 <eedri> gwd, yes, thankjs
15:43:40 <eedri> bstinson, thanks, found it and registered
15:44:09 <gwd> #topic AoB
15:44:14 <gwd> Anything else anyone needs to bring up?
15:45:47 <gwd> OK, great.  Thanks everyone!
15:45:50 <gwd> #endmeeting