16:59:13 <tdawson> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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16:59:13 <tdawson> #topic roll call
16:59:13 <tdawson> Am I on the right channel?  And can anyone hear me?
16:59:46 <tdawson> Let's try that again
16:59:51 <sdodson> tdawson: i hear you!
17:00:03 <tdawson> Did it start the meeting?
17:00:08 <sdodson> tdawson: yes
17:00:20 <tdawson> Ohh ... ok.  My IRC was acting really weird
17:01:00 <tdawson> Both _ari_ and herlo will not be here today, _ari_ has a meeting, herlo is on PTO
17:02:37 <tdawson> #chair tdawson sdodson
17:02:37 <centbot> Current chairs: sdodson tdawson
17:02:49 <tdawson> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:03:12 <tdawson> rpms
17:03:50 <tdawson> I have an updated origin-1.5 built, it was to test out the new build targets and tags
17:04:22 <tdawson> Since 1.5 is still in alpha stage, this isn't going anywhere beyond testing.
17:05:06 <tdawson> the updated openshift-ansible-3.4.59-2 is on the mirrors released, though that's sorta old news cuz it happened right after our last meeting.
17:05:36 <tdawson> I don't have any other rpm news this week.
17:16:18 <tdawson> I also didn't see any emails about minishift,
17:16:43 <tdawson> Sorry about all that, we had a mini power surge then outage and it messed my internet and other things up.
17:16:59 <tdawson> Did I miss anything while I was gone?
17:17:26 <sdodson> tdawson: no, nothing happened whiel you were gone
17:18:28 <tdawson> Documentation, as far as I know, nothing new
17:19:00 <tdawson> Automated testing and rpm building
17:19:29 <tdawson> _ari_ has not had any time this week to make any progress.
17:19:52 <tdawson> images and image building
17:19:59 <tdawson> kbsingh: Anything new on images and image building?
17:20:09 <tdawson> kbsingh: And do you think this still needs to stay on our agenda?
17:21:03 <tdawson> sdodson: I forgot to ask, was there any progress on the openshift-ansible / origin/centos work?  So we don't have to patch it?
17:23:31 <tdawson> I believe I've taken multi-arch off the agenda, for now I'm having it marked as "working"  although we need to decide if we're going to have any of our builds build multi-arch
17:24:30 <tdawson> Moving on to "seperate repo work"
17:24:43 <tdawson> All the build tags and targets were created this week.
17:25:00 <tdawson> Many thanks to alphacc for his work on that.
17:26:02 <tdawson> I'm not seeing packages marked in -testing show up in their own repo yet, so there might be some more work that needs to be done
17:26:59 <tdawson> This is the ticket for those that want to follow along -  https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=12903
17:27:17 <tdawson> I think we're doing to minishift
17:27:46 <tdawson> lalatenduM: ping - I didn't see any email discussion about minishift last week.  Was I just not cc'ed, or did that not happen?
17:28:06 <tdawson> lalatenduM: And is there anything you wanted to discuss about it this week?
17:29:31 <lalatenduM> tdawson: hi
17:29:53 <lalatenduM> tdawson: sorry, I did not start the email thread , will do this week
17:30:00 <tdawson> lalatenduM: OK, sounds good.
17:30:15 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Not too many people in the meeting this week, so email would be better
17:30:32 <lalatenduM> tdawson: ack
17:31:19 <tdawson> I'm going to move the topic to Open Floor ... and possibly close the meeting early this week.
17:31:27 <tdawson> #topic Open Floor
17:31:32 <lalatenduM> tdawson: sure
17:32:02 <tdawson> My power keeps fluctuating today, so I don't know how much longer I'll be on.
17:32:34 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Since you're here, how is the minishift doing?
17:32:53 <tdawson> lalatenduM: Do you think you'll have a 1.0 soon?
17:32:58 <lalatenduM> tdawson: we are doing good, going for rc1 release next week
17:33:04 <tdawson> Cool
17:33:07 <lalatenduM> or end of this week
17:33:39 <lalatenduM> the release post rc1 will be GA release
17:33:51 <tdawson> Exciting
17:33:52 <lalatenduM> thats it from minishift side
17:34:06 <tdawson> I think that's filling a whole that's been around for a bit.
17:34:25 <lalatenduM> yeah
17:34:43 <tdawson> OK, I'm going to close the meeting while I can, if I can.
17:34:50 <lalatenduM> the github starts are slowly increasing and we are starting to get feedback from community
17:34:57 <tdawson> I'll talk to ya'll next week, hopefully with more news than we had this week.
17:35:15 <lalatenduM> tdawson: yup, ttyl
17:35:20 <tdawson> lalatenduM: that's always a very good sign.
17:35:34 <tdawson> #endmeeting