17:57:22 <richm> #startmeeting
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17:57:28 <richm> #chair mrunge
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17:58:24 <richm> I have tagged all of the runtime packages into opstools7-fluentd-012-candidate
17:58:40 <richm> I tagged them from cloud7-openstack-optools-candidate and opstools7-elastic-common-testing
17:59:34 <richm> I have two new package requests for fluentd plugins required by ovirt - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1429002 and https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1429003
18:00:29 * kbsingh here
18:00:58 <richm> once those packages go in, ovirt should be able to use the opstools fluentd
18:02:36 <richm> #link  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1429002
18:02:43 <richm> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1429003
18:04:24 <richm> that's about it for me today
18:04:32 <richm> #topic open floor
18:09:55 <richm> anyone?
18:10:19 <kbsingh> richm: one from me
18:10:25 <richm> ok
18:10:29 <kbsingh> are we going to mash any of this into the openshift repos as well ?
18:10:47 <kbsingh> i guess the logging bits need elastic and that has its own challenges
18:10:58 <kbsingh> but the metrics stuff we could do ?
18:11:10 <richm> kbsingh: you mean, build the origin-aggregated-logging fluentd container using the opstools fluentd?  we could do that, yes
18:11:24 <kbsingh> that would be quite nice to hav
18:11:35 <richm> yes, and a good source of testing too
18:12:08 <richm> I had that working at one point, but it is bitrotted - will have to revisit that
18:13:22 <richm> metrics - not sure - openshift metrics uses hawkular and cassandra
18:13:51 <richm> I don't know if anyone is planning to get those packages and dependencies into the opstools sig
18:16:14 <richm> anything else?  anyone else?
18:18:22 <richm> ending meeting in one minute, going, going, ...
18:18:26 <mrunge> hey o/
18:18:37 <mrunge> sorry to drop that late here in
18:19:03 <mrunge> did we agree on not doing a weekly meeting at some point?
18:19:19 <mrunge> I *thought* we did, but I may be wrong
18:19:54 <richm> yes, sorry, I forgot
18:20:07 * richm was so excited to have some status that I forgot . . .
18:20:42 <mrunge> richm, *yay* for status updates or progress
18:20:43 <kbsingh> i forgot too
18:20:51 <richm> oh well, I forgot to label the meeting, so maybe that counts as not having the meeting :P
18:20:52 <kbsingh> btw, hawkular would be nice to have too :)
18:21:03 <mrunge> uhm, if there's value in a meeting, I'm happy to attend
18:21:22 <kbsingh> we need to find a way to help promote the content you guys are producing here
18:21:34 <richm> I've spoken to mwringe in the past (openshift metrics guy)
18:21:37 <kbsingh> and i thikn there is good value in having a chat, maybe reduce to every alternate week ?
18:21:45 <richm> yes - every other week
18:21:58 <mrunge> sure
18:22:04 * mwringe wakes up
18:22:11 <mwringe> what about hawkular?
18:22:19 <kbsingh> mwringe: can we get packages ?
18:22:31 <richm> packages for the opstools sig repos
18:22:34 <mrunge> doesn't it require jboss?
18:22:40 <richm> it's complicated
18:23:07 <mrunge> I mean, opstools without server packages is quite small
18:23:09 <mwringe> yeah, its java based an required JBoss to run
18:23:50 <mrunge> but if you include server components like elasticsearch, kibana, grafana and friends, opstools blows up to 1000 packages
18:23:54 <richm> can't it use wildfly?
18:24:19 <mrunge> does it use maven builds?
18:25:01 <mwringe> if you are asking about Hawkular, yes it can run on either Wildfly or EAP, and yes its built using maven
18:25:42 <mrunge> mwringe, any other way to build it?
18:25:46 <mrunge> like from source?
18:25:56 <mrunge> it == hawkular
18:27:46 <mwringe> mrunge: you mean is there a way to build hawkular from source which doesn't require maven?
18:27:59 <mrunge> mwringe, exactly
18:28:11 <mrunge> since maven builds are not enabled in cbs
18:28:35 <mrunge> and last time we brought this to the mailing list, folks were more negative on that feature
18:29:37 <richm> afaik, we just don't have the manpower to implement mead support in cbs for maven builds, and there is the question of just packaging random jar files from maven.org into an rpm distributed by centos
18:30:03 <mwringe> mrunge: it can only be built right now with maven
18:31:24 <mrunge> ok, thank you
18:31:57 <mrunge> hmm, so no hawkular in foreseeable future in opstools, I guess
18:32:42 <mwringe> maven is quite popular for java projects
18:33:03 <mrunge> yes. I get that
18:33:14 <mrunge> but the build system does not support it
18:34:39 <mrunge> there is a thread on the mailing list about maven builds: https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2016-June/014886.html
18:37:11 <richm> I guess that's that, for now
18:37:20 <mrunge> yes
18:37:51 <mrunge> thank you richm for holding the meeting!
18:38:13 <kbsingh> thanks richm mrunge mwringe
18:38:50 <mrunge> yes, thank you mwringe. that was really helpful for me
18:39:06 <mrunge> #endmeeting