16:01:24 <jbrooks> #startmeeting CentOS Atomic SIG
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16:02:35 <jbrooks> #chair kbsingh jlebon walters
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16:02:40 <jbrooks> #topic downstream release
16:03:18 <jbrooks> We have the new content in https://buildlogs.centos.org/c7-extras/ and https://buildlogs.centos.org/cah-0.0.1/
16:03:51 <jbrooks> I built a test tree yesterday evening, rebased to it, and set up a kube cluster w/ ansible
16:03:57 <jbrooks> Everything's working
16:04:48 <jbrooks> Ah, and it looks like the pkgs are in the regular extras location now, as well
16:05:08 <walters> cool
16:05:15 <jbrooks> One cool thing I tried/noticed last night was that rpm-ostrree install kubernetes-master now works
16:05:39 <jbrooks> Where it hadn't before due to the apiserver fcaps issue, so that's awesome
16:05:40 <walters> yeah, going to circle back soon to the fedora/kubernetes discussion
16:05:45 <jlebon> jbrooks: yup! that was: https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/pull/561
16:06:26 <jbrooks> Because cah, like rhelah ships w/o kube-master built-in, and the new containers including that pkg weren't built yet
16:06:41 <jbrooks> jlebon, Does fedora have that fix now, too?
16:07:13 <jlebon> probably yeah
16:07:47 <jbrooks> I'll check it -- I had an action item from last week to write up the kube status, and send it as an update to the kubernetes page on the PA site.
16:08:00 <jbrooks> I'm mostly done w/ that, I'll send a PR today
16:08:15 <jbrooks> It covers the state on fah, cah and cah-c
16:08:25 <jlebon> yeah it should be -- it's in v2017.1, and 2017.2 is the current stable in f24/5
16:08:29 <jlebon> nice!
16:08:47 <jbrooks> The rpm-install bit is awesome, because that's a really nice option for adding kube in when it isn't built-in
16:09:10 <jbrooks> And I'm stoked to see that cah's kube is now at v 1.5
16:09:17 <jbrooks> So that's pretty bad-ass
16:10:01 <jbrooks> #topic continuous release
16:10:12 <jbrooks> And items to discuss on continuous this week?
16:10:45 <jbrooks> I never followed up w/ KB on the moving items to buildlogs issue, I'll do that
16:14:05 <jbrooks> #topic open floor
16:14:16 <jbrooks> Any other things to discuss?
16:15:15 <walters> i don't have anything righ tnow
16:15:17 <walters> *right now
16:15:37 <walters> currently doing things in fedora
16:15:49 <jbrooks> Cool
16:16:08 <jbrooks> All right, a short one -- hopefully we'll have a release by next week
16:16:13 <jbrooks> #endmeeting