16:00:57 <jbrooks> #startmeeting CentOS Atomic SIG
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16:01:16 <jbrooks> #chair kbsingh jberkus walters jlebon
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16:01:32 <jbrooks> #topic downstream release
16:02:00 <jbrooks> kbsingh, did you get a bulid off?
16:02:04 <jbrooks> build
16:02:55 <jberkus> morning
16:03:03 <jberkus> sorry, laptop decided to crash instead of waking up
16:03:05 <jbrooks> morning, jberkus
16:04:28 <jbrooks> All right, the downstream release is waiting on KB to run it / push it -- I just pinged him, he may have an update for us in a bit
16:04:52 <jbrooks> Here's a link to the test build in the ci: https://ci.centos.org/artifacts/sig-atomic/downstream/
16:04:54 <jberkus> kbsingh: morning/afternoon
16:06:45 <jbrooks> I had taken an action to write up the status of kube on centos atomic host, and I submitted this PR https://github.com/projectatomic/atomic-site/pull/416
16:06:53 <jbrooks> Did you see that one, jberkus
16:07:33 <jberkus> yeah, sorry, haven't had a chance to do a site build just to check the formatting
16:07:40 <jlebon> jbrooks: that was a nice write up
16:07:45 <jberkus> it's been a busy week
16:07:51 <jbrooks> jlebon, thanks
16:08:40 <jbrooks> #topic continuous/alpha
16:08:50 <jbrooks> jlebon, anything to discuss on this front?
16:10:10 <jlebon> jbrooks: not right now, no
16:10:14 <jbrooks> OK, cool
16:10:24 <jbrooks> #topic open floor
16:10:44 <jberkus> so, we've started a structured documentation effort for Atomic Host:
16:11:07 <jberkus> https://github.com/projectatomic/atomic-host-docs
16:11:30 <jberkus> this will cover both CentOS and Fedora.  We're doing it in ASCIIBinder, which has the concept of "distributions"
16:11:46 <jberkus> which allow us to have specific content which is just CentOS or just Fedora
16:11:59 <jberkus> since 90% of it will be the same for both
16:12:15 <jlebon> jberkus: where will it be hosted?
16:12:19 <jbrooks> Ah, good, so the content in there, does it currently apply to both?
16:12:38 <jberkus> the output will go do docs.projectatomic.io/atomic-host
16:12:48 <jberkus> hmmm
16:13:04 <jberkus> probably need  docs.projectatomic.io/fedora-atomic-host and centos-atomic-host
16:13:26 <jberkus> but output from ASCIIBinder is HTML, so we could re-home it anywhere
16:13:57 <jlebon> hmm, shouldn't it be hosted in: https://github.com/projectatomic/docs.projectatomic.io ?
16:13:58 <jbrooks> The list of wanted docs from the etherpad I saw, is that all here: https://github.com/projectatomic/atomic-host-docs/blob/master/outline.txt
16:14:06 <jlebon> or how do those two repos relate?
16:15:25 <jberkus> those are the wanted docs
16:15:31 <jbrooks> cool
16:15:32 <jberkus> most of them haven't been written
16:15:52 <jberkus> one thing we do have is a copy of the downstream docs
16:15:58 <jberkus> to use as source material
16:16:04 <jlebon> re. developer mode, it should still be an option on cloud imgs
16:16:10 <jlebon> let me know if you see otherwise!
16:18:22 <jbrooks> Another thing, but we need KB for this
16:18:36 <jbrooks> I've been wondering what part of centos makes container policy
16:18:36 <jberkus> oh, kbsingh !
16:18:52 <jberkus> jbrooks: ah, looking at Fedora's container guidelines?
16:19:02 <jbrooks> My kube containers, when they build, they complain about the version label
16:19:10 <jberkus> oh?
16:19:14 <jbrooks> And of course we talked a great deal about that
16:19:27 <jbrooks> Yeah, there's a linter that sends you an email about errors
16:19:43 <jbrooks> And it doesn't error out now, but it will soon, if there's no version label
16:20:39 <jbrooks> I'm supposed to talk w/ KB next week about some release issues, I'll ask him about that then -- ideally we can share some policy between fedora and centos
16:21:00 <jberkus> would be good, since it would give folks some standards for comparison
16:21:47 <jbrooks> OK, anything else for this week?
16:24:28 <jberkus> not from me
16:25:39 <jbrooks> OK, we'll close -- thanks guys
16:25:43 <jbrooks> #endmeeting