18:08:25 <richm> #startmeeting OpsTools SIG
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18:08:30 <richm> #chair mrunge
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18:09:04 <richm> #topic oschecks to RDO
18:09:16 <richm> apevec: the floor is yours
18:09:28 <apevec> we discussed last week in RDO meeting: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/rdo_meeting___2017_03_15/2017/rdo_meeting___2017_03_15.2017-03-15-15.01.html
18:09:57 <apevec> tl;dr there's collectd plugin for gnocchi proposed for rdo
18:10:09 <apevec> which depends on collectd
18:10:30 <apevec> so we would need to add dep on opstools sig which already depends on rdo / cloudsig repo
18:10:57 <apevec> to break circular dep, I propose that we move oschecks to RDO
18:11:09 <apevec> and remove opstools dep on cloud sig
18:11:11 <richm> apevec: I'm not familiar with oschecks
18:11:17 <apevec> would that work for opstools SIG ?
18:11:19 <richm> apevec: where does that currently live?
18:11:36 <apevec> it is built in opstools cbs target afaik
18:11:38 <apevec> mrunge, ^
18:12:46 <apevec> #link https://github.com/centos-opstools/osops-tools-monitoring-oschecks
18:13:21 <apevec> upstream is in Openstack "bigtent" #link https://github.com/openstack/osops-tools-monitoring
18:13:32 <apevec> so it would fit in RDO
18:14:04 <richm> that seems right - but I don't know so I will defer to mrunge or paramite
18:14:42 <apevec> ok, then I'll followup w/ them
18:14:53 <richm> apevec: thanks - anything else?
18:15:06 <apevec> #action apevec to followup about oschecks migration to RDO w/ paramite and mrunge
18:15:12 <apevec> richm, that's all from me
18:15:27 <richm> ok - I don't have anything
18:15:43 <richm> #topic open floor
18:16:15 <richm> I will close the meeting in 5 minutes unless there is something to discuss
18:22:09 <richm> adios folks
18:22:12 <richm> #endmeeting