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16:01:55 <jbrooks> #topic downstream release
16:02:54 <jbrooks> We're waiting on kbsingh to do the build on this, any update on that, KB?
16:03:19 <jbrooks> There's an issue w/ upgrading that surfaced https://github.com/ostreedev/ostree/issues/748
16:03:28 <jbrooks> https://github.com/CentOS/sig-atomic-buildscripts/issues/259
16:03:58 <kbsingh> jbrooks: i didnt check, th email from colin, was that merged in to the downstream branch ?
16:04:05 <jbrooks> Yep
16:04:20 <jbrooks> I sent the PR, he +1'd it, and I merged it
16:04:29 <jbrooks> And confirmed that it didn't break in the ci
16:04:53 <jbrooks> But we need the legit build to know for sure since it's an issue of signing
16:11:03 <jbrooks> OK, I don't think there's anything else on the downstream front
16:11:17 <jbrooks> #topic alpha/continuous release
16:11:31 <jbrooks> anything to discuss this week from this side of things?
16:13:47 <kbsingh> jbrooks: ok, added to task list for today, you should have tree's in the morning UTC
16:14:00 <jbrooks> kbsingh, All right, thanks
16:14:06 <jbrooks> #topic open floor
16:14:14 <jbrooks> any open items before we close?
16:14:36 <kbsingh> is anyone working on the amazon ECS stuff in rpms ?
16:14:47 <kbsingh> there were a couple of people asking for that, so they can use CAH in ec2-ecs
16:16:02 <jbrooks> Not that I know of, here's the ticket on that https://github.com/CentOS/sig-atomic-buildscripts/issues/165
16:16:35 <jbrooks> I wonder if it could be packaged as a container, would that be sufficient
16:17:00 <jbrooks> ah, https://github.com/aws/amazon-ecs-agent references that
16:17:38 <jbrooks> We could just drop in a systemd unit file via cloud-init
16:17:43 <jbrooks> And that ought to work
16:19:24 <jbrooks> kbsingh, I added a comment to this effect on the issue
16:23:48 <jbrooks> All right, closing for the week
16:23:51 <jbrooks> #endmeeting