14:04:14 <gwd> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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14:04:18 <gwd> b
14:04:56 * jirkade in (after a longish time caused by vacations and time conflicts) :)
14:05:00 <gwd> lsm5 carlwgeorge rafaelmartins jirkade alynpost strigazi Virt SIG meeting?
14:05:06 <gwd> #chair sbonazzo jirkade
14:05:06 <centbot> Current chairs: gwd jirkade sbonazzo
14:05:10 <alynpost> gwd: I'm attending.
14:05:10 <gwd> jirkade: Welcome back. :-)
14:05:25 <gwd> anthonyper
14:05:29 * carlwgeorge waves
14:05:35 <sten> progress on the qemu-kvm-ev-2.9.0 packages?
14:05:38 * lsm5 here, though not much to add this time
14:05:48 <gwd> #chair alynpost carlwgeorge lsm5
14:05:48 <centbot> Current chairs: alynpost carlwgeorge gwd jirkade lsm5 sbonazzo
14:05:48 <anthonyper> gwd: o/
14:05:51 <sbonazzo> sten: we'll get there :-)
14:05:55 <gwd> #chair anthonyper
14:05:55 <centbot> Current chairs: alynpost anthonyper carlwgeorge gwd jirkade lsm5 sbonazzo
14:06:07 <sten> ack :)
14:06:13 <gwd> OK, well sbonazzo, you want to start?
14:06:22 <gwd> (updates that is)
14:06:32 <sbonazzo> gwd ok
14:06:39 <sbonazzo> #topic ovirt updates
14:07:13 <sbonazzo> #info 4.1.6 RC3 going to be released this week, GA is set to September 19th. Virt SIG will be updated right after
14:07:40 <sbonazzo> #info testing oVirt 4.1.6 with CentOS CR repo, but we are missing qemu-kvm-ev 2.9.0
14:08:08 <sbonazzo> #info we can't build qemu-kvm-ev 2.9.0 because we are missing dependencies from 7.4.0 in CBS
14:08:31 <gwd> Presumably that's just a matter of time...?
14:08:35 <sbonazzo> #info we'll build and release qemu-kvm-ev as soon as the missing deps will be in CBS
14:08:58 <sbonazzo> gwd well, I got the impression that packages will be in CBS only when 7.4 will go GA
14:09:12 <sbonazzo> gwd, meaning some systems may break until qemu-kvm-ev is built and released
14:09:43 <gwd> Right, I think that's how things are set up at the moment.
14:10:14 <sbonazzo> other than that, upstream is also working ona project named kubevirt https://github.com/kubevirt/
14:10:24 <kbsingh> kubevirt++
14:10:53 <sbonazzo> which rely on kubernetes / openshift so we'll be interested in what's the future of kubevirt in virt sig here :-)
14:10:56 <kbsingh> sbonazzo: gwd: if we can get a 24 hrs gap between cbs/ci getting the new content, and the 1708 being default for everyone, would that help reduce impact of the qemu-kvm-ev issue ?
14:11:15 <sbonazzo> kbsingh: yes I think so
14:12:02 <sbonazzo> ok, I think that's it for ovirt
14:12:16 <sbonazzo> just a thing
14:12:35 <sbonazzo> kbsingh: any plan to close the gap on ppc64le and aarch64 with 7.4 release?
14:13:05 <kbsingh> ppc64le should be more or less in sync with x86_64 at this point
14:13:07 <sbonazzo> kbsingh: cbs content is still stuck on buildlogs not landing on mirrors, can this be solved in the new release?
14:13:35 <kbsingh> sbonazzo: for the cbs content? you should be able to push to mirror.centos.org now
14:13:55 <kbsingh> the rdo guys are looking at doing this in the next few weeks, maybe use that as a guide ?
14:13:57 <sbonazzo> kbsingh: ok, let's get back on this once 7.4 is out and see what's missing there
14:13:59 <gwd> sbonazzo: As I understand it cbs -> buildlogs and cbs -> mirror are completely different paths
14:14:26 <gwd> (As the second involves the super-secret signing key)
14:14:46 <sbonazzo> ok
14:14:50 <sbonazzo> that's it for ovirt side
14:15:04 <gwd> OK -- lsm5, you want to lead the docker update section?
14:15:28 <lsm5> don't have much this time, been stuck in RHEL and ubuntu land for the past 2 weeks :(
14:15:41 <lsm5> on to the next person
14:15:47 <carlwgeorge> i've got some questions on the docker front
14:15:52 <gwd> #topic docker
14:16:10 <lsm5> carlwgeorge: whatsup?
14:16:17 <gwd> Yeah, I meant to include docker-compose & kubernetes under the 'docker' section. :-)
14:16:39 <sbonazzo> I'minterested in kubernetes plans from the SIG as well
14:16:57 <lsm5> sbonazzo: that's for strigazi ^
14:17:04 <carlwgeorge> i joined the sig to package docker-compose.  that needs the latest python-docker.  i noticed that is already packaged in cbs, previously by lsm5, most recently by apevec.
14:17:05 <sbonazzo> lsm5: ok
14:17:40 <carlwgeorge> i'm hesitant to update it without coordinating first.  i sent apevec an email but never heard back.
14:17:42 <apevec> carlwgeorge, ah, I'm accidental, we needed python-docker v2
14:17:49 <apevec> as OpenStack dep
14:18:17 <carlwgeorge> it's at 2.4.2 right now, you ok with me bumping it to 2.5.1?
14:18:27 <apevec> we tried to use initial build by cbs but had some issues
14:18:53 <apevec> carlwgeorge, I'm ok for you building it in virt sig
14:19:21 <apevec> we can then cross-tagg it in cloudsig tags
14:19:33 <carlwgeorge> can different sigs have different versions?
14:19:42 <apevec> NVR must be unique
14:20:01 <apevec> but we can stay on different build
14:20:05 <carlwgeorge> gotcha
14:20:45 <carlwgeorge> i've also got a similar situation with python-backports-ssl_match_hostname, i need to bump it from 3.4 to 3.5.  is hguemar around?
14:20:57 <apevec> carlwgeorge, in which virt repo are you going to publish those packages?
14:21:11 <apevec> currently we are using kvm-ev from virtsig
14:21:32 <lsm5> apevec: carlwgeorge virt7-container-common-*
14:21:36 <carlwgeorge> i'm not really sure, i forgot the tag i was told to build against.
14:21:39 <apevec> carlwgeorge, Haikel has connectivity issues this week, but I can reach him
14:21:45 <Evolution> alphacc: hey, I've got nearly everything I need for a CR repo built now. Going to work through signing and package testing and will then push
14:21:46 <carlwgeorge> that one ^
14:21:54 <apevec> I think we also needed backports-ssl* bump
14:22:02 <apevec> lemme check which ver
14:22:24 <lsm5> apevec: carlwgeorge actually let's move this after virt sig meeting
14:22:26 <apevec> I think one concern was that it overrides base rhel7
14:22:31 <gwd> I was just going to suggest that. :-)
14:22:42 <carlwgeorge> sounds good
14:22:56 <apevec> ack
14:23:14 <lsm5> gwd: checking with strigazi for kube updates..
14:23:26 <lsm5> strigazi: you around?
14:23:32 <strigazi> hello
14:24:01 <lsm5> strigazi: any updates RE: kube and virt sig?
14:24:31 <strigazi> I pinged jchaloup yo update kube to 1.7.5, in centos we are at 1.7.4
14:24:54 <strigazi> No sgnificant changes then
14:25:05 <lsm5> strigazi: guess we should get you as co-maintainer on fedora kube as well
14:25:11 <strigazi> yes
14:25:16 <lsm5> strigazi: jchaloup is slammed with other things ..
14:25:21 <lsm5> i'll check on that in a bit
14:25:29 <lsm5> gwd: back to you i guess ..
14:25:37 <gwd> OK
14:25:42 <gwd> #topic Xen update
14:26:11 <gwd> #info Updated xen-46 series to Xen 4.6.6-2, which includes all outstanding XSAs
14:26:47 <gwd> #info Updated libvirt to 3.2.1, because of upcoming CentOS 7.4 release including Libvirt 3.x
14:27:07 <gwd> #info Discovered that we don't have a rule to push xen-48 from CBS to buildlogs, so filed a ticket for that.
14:27:41 <gwd> I think that's it from me personally... anthonyper, do you have anything to add?
14:28:02 <anthonyper> No, nothing from me.
14:28:42 <gwd> I don't really have any way to test virt-manager or the associated packages, so I have no idea if they still work or not.
14:29:24 <gwd> alynpost: Any questions / comments for the Xen section?
14:30:09 <alynpost> IIUC, we haven't set xen-4.8 packages upstream.
14:30:15 <alynpost> Is that correct?
14:30:39 <alynpost> with livepatching enable, I mean.
14:31:04 <gwd> I think I accepted a pull request from Sarah enabling livepatching in the hypervisor.
14:31:15 <gwd> But ATM nothing within the SIG is making livepatches.
14:31:16 <alynpost> oh good, ok.  I misremember.
14:31:24 * alynpost nods
14:31:36 <gwd> Also -- we don't have anything in xen-48 tagged for release
14:31:58 <gwd> And we have some packages tagged for testing, but as there isn't (yet) a rule, they aren't being pushed out to buildlogs.
14:32:23 <alynpost> And you did just say as much.  Thank you for pulling me through that.
14:32:24 <gwd> Hopefully we can get xen-48 released out here in the not too distant future; it's been far too long in coming.
14:33:05 <alynpost> That's what I've got.
14:33:22 <gwd> Cool.  I think we've been round once, so
14:33:24 <gwd> #topic AoB
14:33:28 <gwd> Anything else?
14:33:39 <strigazi> I just want to add something for kubernetes
14:33:40 <jirkade> gwd: libvirt I guess :)
14:34:12 <strigazi> gwd: me first?
14:34:55 <gwd> jirkade: OH, right -- sorry.
14:35:06 <strigazi> I can wait
14:35:15 <jirkade> ok
14:35:19 <gwd> jirkade: Go ahead. :-)
14:35:25 <jirkade> #topic libvirt updates
14:35:38 <jirkade> #info libvirt packages all the way up to the current 3.7.0 were built for centos7
14:35:40 <gwd> strigazi: (Sorry, I thought we'd covered you earlier; we can put you up after jirkade.)
14:36:00 <jirkade> #info waiting for rules to be created for pushing them to buildlogs and mirrors
14:36:20 <jirkade> I'm not sure what to do with libvirt-python, though... it would require the latest libvirt packages to be available in build root
14:36:30 <jirkade> is this automatic if I build it for the same virt7-libvirt-latest-el7 target?
14:36:43 <sbonazzo> jirkade: yep,, should be automatic
14:36:46 <gwd> jirkade: I don't think so -- don't you just put a BuildRequires in your package?
14:37:08 <sbonazzo> gwd he's talking about getting it tagged in the build target
14:38:00 <jirkade> I guess I'll just try and see if it works or not :)
14:38:08 <gwd> Right -- in any case builds for a target end up getting all the other builds for that target.  Xen has to build libvirt-python as well.
14:38:17 <sbonazzo> jirkade: how is the compatibility matrix between libvirt 3.7.0 and qemu-kvm-ev 2.9.0?
14:39:33 <jirkade> sbonazzo: all libvirt packages I build for centos have centos specific patches forward ported so libvirt should be compatible with existing qemu-kvm(-ev) from centos
14:39:58 <sbonazzo> jirkade: great, thannks for confirming
14:41:24 <jirkade> gwd: that's it for libvirt then
14:42:46 <gwd> OK, strigazi, did you have anything else?
14:42:54 <strigazi> I only wanted to mention that
14:43:04 <strigazi> People interested in kubernetes for centos/fedora and atomic/non-atomic hosts can follow the effort here too: https://pagure.io/atomic/kubernetes-sig/issues
14:43:16 <strigazi> I read sbonazzo's comment that is why
14:43:33 <sbonazzo> strigazi: thanks!
14:43:42 <strigazi> We track there builds for packages and container images
14:43:57 <gwd> Cool, thanks.  I was confused, sorry for making you wait. :-)
14:43:58 <strigazi> And related discussion for both centos and fedora
14:44:11 <strigazi> that's it
14:44:25 <gwd> OK, anything else?
14:45:56 <strigazi> i'm good
14:46:11 <gwd> Well, let's call that a meeting then.  Thanks everyone!
14:46:14 <gwd> #endmeeting