14:01:44 <sbonazzo> #startmeeting Virt SIG meeting
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14:01:50 <sbonazzo> #chair gwd
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14:01:54 <carlwgeorge> i'm here
14:02:04 <sbonazzo> #chair carlwgeorge
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14:02:25 <sbonazzo> #chair jirkade
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14:02:38 <sbonazzo> #chair lsm5
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14:02:57 <sbonazzo> #chair strigazi
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14:03:10 <sbonazzo> #chair rafaelmartins
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14:03:15 <jirkade> sbonazzo: I'm here too
14:03:29 <sbonazzo> jirkade: already added you :-)
14:03:52 <sbonazzo> carlwgeorge: wants to start?
14:04:08 <carlwgeorge> sure
14:04:20 <gwd> BTW guys, sorry I'll be lurking for this meeting but I'll mostly be paying attention to a different meeting
14:04:45 <carlwgeorge> docker-compose update is that everything is built in cbs, and i think i have it all tagged appropriately to be synced.
14:04:58 <sbonazzo> #topic docker-compose
14:05:13 <gwd> anthonyper Virt SIG meeting?
14:05:22 <sbonazzo> #info everything is built in cbs, and should be all tagged appropriately to be synced
14:05:26 <carlwgeorge> iirc lsm5 said last week that due to the 7.4. release we would hold off on syncing
14:05:31 <sbonazzo> #chair anthonyper
14:05:31 <centbot> Current chairs: anthonyper carlwgeorge gwd jirkade lsm5 rafaelmartins sbonazzo strigazi
14:05:46 <sbonazzo> carlwgeorge: yep, syncing should be re-enabled now
14:05:47 <anthonyper> hi
14:05:57 <sbonazzo> carlwgeorge: just a bit late on the signing / publishing process
14:06:05 <sbonazzo> #chair kbsingh
14:06:05 <centbot> Current chairs: anthonyper carlwgeorge gwd jirkade kbsingh lsm5 rafaelmartins sbonazzo strigazi
14:06:19 <sbonazzo> maybe kbsingh can update on that when he's available
14:06:30 <sbonazzo> carlwgeorge: anything else?
14:06:42 <carlwgeorge> nope, that's it from me
14:06:50 <sbonazzo> thanks, jirkade next?
14:06:58 <jirkade> #topic libvirt update
14:07:49 <jirkade> #info directories for libvirt-latest packages were made on buildlogs and mirrors
14:08:28 <jirkade> #info the latest upstream libvirt packages built for CentOS can be found at https://buildlogs.centos.org/centos/7/virt/$arch/libvirt-latest/
14:09:12 <jirkade> mirrors seem not to be properly updated and they are only x86-64 so I guess buildlogs is the best place to get the packages
14:09:37 <jirkade> #action jirkade to announce the builds on VirtSIG wiki and centos-virt list
14:09:48 <sbonazzo> jirkade: yes, there are issues in the release to mirrors, kbsingh is workingo n it for x86_64
14:09:56 <sbonazzo> jirkade: altarchneeds a different talk
14:10:18 <jirkade> sbonazzo: I see; that's all I have for now
14:10:26 <sbonazzo> jirkade: thanks
14:10:36 <sbonazzo> gwd anthonyper  next?
14:10:46 <anthonyper> Yes
14:10:58 <anthonyper> #topic Xen update
14:11:11 <anthonyper> I've got access to the CBS recently, so
14:11:52 <anthonyper> #info Xen 4.8 package updated to 4.8.2, but only build, not tagged
14:12:14 * lsm5 here
14:12:35 <anthonyper> I don't know the status of the currently supported Xen 4.6, I think it's updated.
14:12:58 <anthonyper> That's all I have
14:13:24 <sbonazzo> anthonyper: thanks
14:13:29 <sbonazzo> lsm5 next?
14:13:47 <lsm5> yup
14:13:54 <lsm5> #topic Container Update
14:14:05 <lsm5> #info mostly just rawhide rebuilds for docker and cri-o
14:14:23 <lsm5> #info centos-release-container almost ready for testing/publish
14:14:23 <strigazi> #info kubernetes updated to 1.7.6
14:14:51 <lsm5> #info waiting on https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=13780
14:15:05 <lsm5> (that's it for me) strigazi go ahead
14:15:32 <sbonazzo> #info 0013780: Virt SIG - publish packages for container tools on mirror.centos.org
14:16:07 <sbonazzo> alphacc any update on ^^
14:16:42 <sbonazzo> strigazi: anything else?
14:16:45 <strigazi> I have only the update to 1.7.6, I'm looking into putting a CI in place to the packages (with system containers).
14:17:16 <strigazi> s/to/to test/
14:17:28 <strigazi> that's it
14:17:35 <sbonazzo> thanks
14:17:42 <sbonazzo> #info QEMU updates
14:18:13 <sbonazzo> #info qemu-kvm-ev is tagged for release, still stuck in the signing / publishing queue. Hopefully will hit mirrors.centos.org today
14:18:40 <sbonazzo> #topic oVirt updates
14:18:51 <sbonazzo> #info oVirt 4.1.6 released upstream yesterday
14:19:05 <sbonazzo> #info packages built and in testing now in Virt SIG
14:19:42 <sbonazzo> #info QE is finalizing oVirt 4.2.0 alpha testing before publishing it hopefully this week upstream
14:20:22 <sbonazzo> #info started preparing the stuff needed for publishing builds from tags to buildlogs.centos.org
14:20:39 <sbonazzo> #topic AltArch support
14:20:59 <sbonazzo> #info still discussing on centos-devel how to get packages landing on altarch from Virt SIG
14:21:12 <sbonazzo> #info you're welcome to join the thread on the mailing list
14:21:26 <sbonazzo> #topic AoB
14:21:29 <sbonazzo> anything else?
14:23:36 <sbonazzo> going once
14:24:00 <sbonazzo> going twice
14:24:16 <sbonazzo> thanks for attending, have a good day
14:24:19 <sbonazzo> #endmeeting