17:01:09 <tdawson_> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:01:17 <tdawson_> #topic roll call
17:01:18 * sdodson reports in
17:01:39 <tdawson_> hi sdodson
17:02:02 * _ari_ here
17:02:21 * kbsingh is here too
17:02:32 <hughesjr> dmsimard: centos 7.4, yes
17:02:47 <tdawson_> hi _ari_
17:02:51 <tdawson_> hi kbsingh
17:03:10 <dmsimard> hughesjr: no issues on f26 here (and previous version of fedora)
17:05:00 <tdawson_> Does anyone know if jdetiber is going to make it today?
17:05:10 * jdetiber waves
17:05:21 <tdawson_> hi jdetiber
17:05:31 <tdawson_> #chair tdawson jdetiber sdodson _ari_ kbsingh
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17:05:37 <tdawson_> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:05:45 <tdawson_> Starting with rpms
17:06:02 <tdawson_> Umm ... I don't have a single thing for rpms this week
17:06:17 <tdawson_> Anyone have anything dealing with rpms before we move on?
17:06:50 <tdawson_> OK, moving on to Automated rpms building and testing
17:06:58 <tdawson_> _ari_: How are things going on that front?
17:06:58 <sdodson> no, we'll ship new installer errata next week but nothing critical
17:07:22 <tdawson_> sdodson: Cool
17:07:22 <_ari_> tdawson_: actually updating to Jenkins Pipeline now
17:07:29 <kbsingh> \o/
17:07:39 <tdawson_> sdodson: which version will that be for?
17:07:46 <_ari_> tdawson_: a short list of things to do http://pastebin.centos.org/295891/
17:07:47 <tdawson_> _ari_: awesome ...
17:08:10 <_ari_> tdawson_: I guess I would like to raise a question but may be best for the open floor
17:08:11 <sdodson> tdawson_: 3.6 - 1.4, there are some minor fixes to improve compatibility with Ansible 2.4
17:08:53 <tdawson_> _ari_: I'll leave that up to you, if you want to wait till open floor, I'll make sure we have enough time.
17:09:19 <_ari_> tdawson_: cool it can wait and that is all I have
17:09:27 <tdawson_> sdodson: Hmm ... I guess we'll have to do some of those manually
17:09:43 <tdawson_> sdodson: When the older ones get ready, let me know and I'll get them built.
17:09:52 <sdodson> tdawson_: ok
17:10:25 <tdawson_> _ari_: How long do you think it will take to update to the Jenkins Pipeline?
17:10:35 <tdawson_> hours / minutes / days ?
17:10:40 <_ari_> tdawson_: one other thing in the pipeline I think we can consolidate and default run master for future and when we need a release just provide params to run that as well from one pipeline
17:11:02 <_ari_> tdawson_: with the other things on my plate should have it settled by next meeting
17:11:18 <tdawson_> _ari_: That would be great, I always like fewer queues
17:11:43 <tdawson_> _ari_: Great, we'll see how things worked out next week.
17:12:04 <tdawson_> I guess that brings us to multi-arch
17:12:08 <_ari_> tdawson_: triggers happen on master by default and a release happens manually but we can look at making that automatic in some way if we have a trigger point
17:12:35 <tdawson_> _ari_: Ya ... it's finding a good trigger point that's going to be tricky.
17:12:48 <tdawson_> jdetiber: How are things going in multi-arch land?
17:12:52 <jdetiber> I've been iterating on a multi-arch aware pipeline here: https://ci.centos.org/view/PaaS-SIG/job/paas-multiarch-test/
17:13:39 <jdetiber> Once I have the make check tests running for x86_64, then I can start testing ppc64le and expand to other tests as well
17:13:47 <tdawson_> jdetiber: very cool
17:14:02 <tdawson_> jdetiber: So, that's already a pipeline?  So it doesn't need to be converted?
17:14:25 <jdetiber> I also had an interesting conversation with someone from Sine Nomine around s390x and OpenShift
17:14:49 <jdetiber> tdawson_: at some point, I'll want to integrate with Ari's tooling, but for now it's a separate pipeline
17:15:23 <tdawson_> ok
17:15:45 <jdetiber> for s390x, I may start iterating using clefos until we have s390x bootstrapped in CentOS
17:15:59 <tdawson_> jdetiber: Did they want OpenShift on s390x?  Or were they wondering why they would want it?
17:16:27 <jdetiber> tdawson_: they've already built Origin on s390x (through some brute force)
17:16:40 <jdetiber> they had some additional questions about the build and test process that I'm working with them on
17:16:50 <tdawson_> jdetiber: Oh, nice
17:17:00 <jdetiber> I've also started work on documenting the manual bootstrapping process for alt arches here: https://gist.github.com/detiber/db978de7a3d833adb36c0abb56ae9a52
17:17:30 <tdawson_> jdetiber: At Flock I had a conversation with Adam miller about building origin on different arches (including 32 bit ones)
17:18:04 <tdawson_> jdetiber: Oohh .... very nice ... is that something you'd like me to link to?
17:18:11 <jdetiber> tdawson_: additional arches would be nice, I'm just not sure of the value for 32bit arm, mips, and other resource limited arches
17:18:37 <tdawson_> jdetiber: The conversation was much shorter than I expected, it was basically, ya, we've been doing that for a while. :)
17:18:42 <jdetiber> tdawson_: It's a very rough draft for now, will be publishing a series of blog posts and a more official doc when it's further along
17:18:45 <tdawson_> But ... they also are putting in hacks to get it done.
17:19:00 <tdawson_> jdetiber: OK, I'll wait for it to look more polished.
17:19:12 <jdetiber> yeah, I'm hoping that the alt arch work I'm doing will help eliminate those hacks
17:19:24 <tdawson_> It would be nice.
17:19:57 <tdawson_> jdetiber: Anything else on multi-arch ?
17:20:07 <jdetiber> tdawson_: not today :)
17:20:20 <tdawson_> OK, moving on to images and image building
17:20:45 <tdawson_> sdodson: Did you want to talk more about building AMI's?
17:22:02 <sdodson> tdawson_: We've not started on it, but our intention is just to go ahead and push an AMI to a few regions and use that by default in the installer then revisit automating regular builds through this sig or the cloud instance sig
17:22:33 <sdodson> Our key intent is just to make it work out of the box in openshift-ansible to gather more exposure and testing.
17:23:15 <tdawson_> sdodson: OK ... so, for now ... we'll just wait?
17:23:28 <tdawson_> We, as in the Paas SIG
17:23:32 <sdodson> Yeah, we're a bit behind on that effort as we're trying to wrap up some other stuff.
17:23:52 <sdodson> Maybe by next week we'll have an image published and we can ask for others to start taking a look.
17:24:02 <tdawson_> Sounds good.
17:24:29 <tdawson_> Oh, I just realized that I skipped Documentation ... and on the week I actually have stuff.
17:25:04 <tdawson_> I created an "OpenShift Origin Release Workflow" page - https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/PaaS/OpenShift-Origin-Release-Workflow
17:25:29 <tdawson_> It's nothing fancy, but gives the basic workflow of how we are currently doing and releasing builds.
17:26:02 <tdawson_> I think one of the more important lines is the "To find the latest scratch build" ... that we were talking about last week.
17:26:46 <tdawson_> We did talk about more complicated ways to find different builds, but I figured I'd keep it clean for right now, and if we want, add more complicated searches at the bottom, in it's own section.
17:26:52 <_ari_> tdawson_: that is on my list and would be on the build for both official and scratch builds
17:27:25 <tdawson_> _ari_: Cool
17:27:43 <tdawson_> As it says on the top, the page is expected to change
17:28:06 <tdawson_> Things get more automated, better searches, things like that, but for now, there is someplace to start.
17:28:27 <tdawson_> I don't have any other documentation things.
17:28:49 <tdawson_> moving on to minishift and kompose
17:29:10 <tdawson_> lalatenduM: Do you have any updates on minishft?
17:29:35 <tdawson_> I don't see anyone for kompose
17:29:59 <tdawson_> Let's give them a minute, before moving on to Open Floor and _ari_'s question.
17:31:01 <tdawson_> #topic Open Floor
17:31:14 <_ari_> tdawson_: thanks
17:31:20 <tdawson_> _ari_: What was your question that you were saving?
17:31:45 <_ari_> so my question is sdodson shouldn't your team and skuznets be driving the CI for openshift origin and the releases in the SIG
17:32:20 <_ari_> I think tdawson_ and myself are on other projects and not as connected to origin releases and you guys are already doing this downstream
17:32:43 <sdodson> _ari_: that sounds reasonable to me but I can't speak authoritatively on the matter.
17:33:55 <_ari_> sdodson: I guess who can?  It seems logical for the openshift team to drive the SIG and the CI/CD not that the rest of us don't mind helping but I would expect openshift to take the lead
17:35:26 <sdodson> I think we need to address this with whichever red hat manager owns the charter for the SIG
17:35:56 <tdawson_> I believe that's brenton ... or maybe kbsingh knows
17:35:57 <_ari_> cool I have no idea who that is
17:36:08 <sdodson> Yeah, I'm not certain either.
17:36:29 <sdodson> tdawson_: I think he'd be a good person to start the conversation with.
17:36:38 <_ari_> sdodson: can you talk to Brenton and get back to us
17:36:44 <sdodson> _ari_: ok, I will
17:36:44 <tdawson_> Looking at the original Paas page, it might be clayton
17:36:54 <tdawson_> https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/PaaS
17:37:39 <_ari_> tdawson_: that is all I had
17:37:45 <_ari_> nothing else from me
17:37:49 <tdawson_> _ari_: Sounds good
17:37:58 <tdawson_> An I swear, I did not put _ari_ up to that. :)
17:38:24 <tdawson_> anything else that people want to bring up?
17:38:56 <_ari_> tdawson_: it was all me but I think since the rest of us are on other rpojects it makes sense for openshift to provide resources to the SIG
17:41:47 <tdawson_> _ari_ Yep, I agree.  Though I like to keep this SIG ball rolling, so I don't want to hop off until someone is there to replace me.
17:42:28 <tdawson_> If there isn't anything else, I'm going to close the meeting for this week.
17:43:49 <tdawson_> OK, talk to ya'll next week.
17:43:57 <tdawson_> #endmeeting