17:00:21 <rmartinelli> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:00:28 <rmartinelli> hello brig-man
17:00:32 <rmartinelli> hello DanyC
17:00:39 <rmartinelli> hello sdodson
17:00:52 <rmartinelli> hello fkluknav
17:01:01 <DanyC> hi rmartinelli
17:01:19 <sdodson> hello
17:02:05 <rmartinelli> #chair rmartinelli DanyC sdodson brig-man
17:02:05 <centbot> Current chairs: DanyC brig-man rmartinelli sdodson
17:02:22 <rmartinelli> #topic Openshift on CentOS current status
17:04:13 <rmartinelli> So, to start the meeting you all know that Origin 3.10 is going to be released so we need to start working on prepare packaging origin beginning with rc0
17:05:52 <rmartinelli> I talked to DanyC to work on the builds and automation for origin and openshift-ansible.
17:06:09 <rmartinelli> Anyone is welcome to help with the tasks.
17:06:25 <rmartinelli> Anyone has something to bring to this topic?
17:06:45 <DanyC> yes is known and that is what i spent time yesterday / today on getting the origin built and sadly doesn't work just with the same origin.spec file we have always used. I reached out to sdodson who gave me some insights and even to bstinson who looked at the output log and he agreed with me that is s'thing v odd going on
17:07:46 <DanyC> what kills me is that i don't get if a) OCP is using the same origin.spec file from openshift/origin git repo or not and b) if not then how are they injecting the KUBE_GIT_MAJOR/MINOR
17:08:37 <sdodson> I know that some process is used to set os_git_vars in the specfile prior to build. That's all about all input I can provide, I've not been able to find someone who knows more.
17:08:38 <DanyC> note that when i build the origin 3.10rc0 manually by running "OS_BUILD_SRPM='y' hack/build-rpms.sh" it just works
17:09:04 <sdodson> DanyC: can you use the SRPM that's generated from that command to produce the CBS build?
17:09:15 <DanyC> Justin Pierce i think knew very well but he is not online
17:09:33 <DanyC> i'll try sdodson
17:10:13 <sdodson> DanyC: ok
17:10:18 <rmartinelli> But doing that means we need to build manually. We need to work on how to automate the build.
17:10:40 <rmartinelli> anyway, for the sake of this special release we can do a manual build.
17:10:41 <DanyC> the flow which i miss ad this step (as said was planning to go myself down the root of running Mock manually) is once cbs build is run, how does then Mock cmds are being invoked and what are the steps (i can't figure out from the build.log or  root.log)
17:12:11 <DanyC> sdodson: cause my fear is that somehow maybe the origin.spec file has not been updated and then i'd prefer to not have a bespoke .spec file moving forward. Cause funny enough i get the same on the master branch, same situation but not on 3.9 (where constant.sh has not been changed)
17:12:28 <DanyC> anyway, for now WIP rmartinelli
17:13:44 <rmartinelli> #action With origin 3.10 going to release, the builds for origin and openshift-ansible must be running fine.
17:14:21 <rmartinelli> #info It might need to do the first build manually while working to fix automation issues.
17:15:07 <rmartinelli> DanyC: all you did since yesterday was for origin package? what about openshift-ansible?
17:15:27 <DanyC> for v3.10 rmartinelli ?
17:15:32 <rmartinelli> correct
17:16:08 <DanyC> that is already been fixed and is already in paas7-openshift-origin310-testing
17:16:17 <DanyC> openshift-ansible-3.10.27-1.git.0.d5723a3.el7 is the rpm fyi
17:17:24 <rmartinelli> did you do manually or the automated build is working?
17:17:24 <DanyC> openshift-ansible 3.10 doesn't bother me tbh, is only origin which upsets me
17:17:31 <rmartinelli> Ah, ok.
17:17:48 <DanyC> not doing manually anything unless i hit a dead end ;)
17:17:57 <rmartinelli> cool
17:18:05 <rmartinelli> Alright, anything else?
17:18:38 <DanyC> not from my side
17:19:38 <rmartinelli> #topic Open Floor
17:20:53 <rmartinelli> I'd like to welcome our newest member of the PaaS SIG Committee: Frantisek Kluknavsky. his nickname is fkluknav and I will help him onboard the team.
17:21:15 <DanyC> welcome fkluknav
17:21:25 <fkluknav> hello and thank you
17:22:05 <rmartinelli> Also, I will send some important information about the systems access requests and the training tdawson did to all of us.
17:24:39 <rmartinelli> Just a reminder: On Aug 16 we will host a CentOS Dojo at Devconf.us and I will be here to present the PaaS SIG. If you have the chance to attend the conference let's talk.
17:24:42 <rmartinelli> :)
17:26:06 <rmartinelli> Anyone would like to bring something?
17:26:36 <DanyC> not from me
17:28:24 <rmartinelli> #info fkluknav is introduced as the new Commitee member. His onboard will be made by rmartinelli
17:28:56 <rmartinelli> Alright, as only one answered I'll take this as a 'no'. :)
17:28:59 <rmartinelli> #endmeeting