14:00:25 <gwd> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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14:00:29 <gwd> #chair alynpost
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14:00:37 <anthonyper> gwd: o/
14:00:43 <gwd> #chair anthonyper
14:00:43 <centbot> Current chairs: alynpost anthonyper gwd
14:02:59 <gwd> OK, well let's start: anthony, you want to give a Xen update?
14:03:10 <anthonyper> Sure
14:03:17 <anthonyper> #topic Xen updates
14:03:47 <anthonyper> #info Will switch the default Xen version to 4.8 later this week.
14:04:03 <anthonyper> #info Xen 4.10 packages is available in testing
14:04:18 <anthonyper> and in release when the repo is created.
14:04:41 <anthonyper> gwd: is there something else?
14:05:13 <gwd> #info We don't have XSA-274 backports yet -- srn_prgmr apparently has a patch
14:05:24 <gwd> alynpost, do you happen to have any more info on ^?
14:05:56 <alynpost> That was on my list to speak about.  We couldn't get the patch to apply cleanly and could use a set of trained eyes on it.  https://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2018-08/msg00402.html
14:07:50 <gwd> alynpost: Oh, right, I hadn't seen that one.  I'll take a look at it later this afternoon.
14:07:53 <alynpost> That patch going out to the list was a miscommunication--we were doing kernel testing yesterday and crossed wires.  I should have waited to bring it up here.  So now I do.
14:08:01 <alynpost> That is kind, thank you.
14:08:52 <gwd> alynpost: I think posting backports to xen-devel is probably a good idea -- more eyeballs is good, and the Linux side of things is definitely not my area of expertise.
14:10:09 <gwd> OK, anything else to talk about?
14:10:31 <alynpost> Otherwise we're head down testing a new Xen 4.8 along with a new kernel.  No clear news yet, it has to settle out.
14:10:45 <gwd> Great, let us know how it works out.
14:11:03 <gwd> #topic AOB
14:12:00 <gwd> I'm going to be travelling for a month, so won't be here for the next two Virt SIG meetings.  We'll need to either cancel the meetings, or get someone else to chair them.
14:13:30 <gwd> I'll email the list and see if there are any volunteers. :-)
14:13:32 <gwd> Anything else?
14:14:10 <alynpost> ^.^  Nothing here.
14:15:07 <gwd> Great, thanks everyone
14:15:09 <gwd> #endmeeting