17:00:32 <rmartinelli> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:00:41 <rmartinelli> #topic roll call
17:00:46 <rmartinelli> hello brig-man
17:00:49 <rmartinelli> hello DanyC
17:00:58 <DanyC> hi rmartinelli
17:02:10 <rmartinelli> It seems we have 3 atendees.
17:02:32 <rmartinelli> #chair rmartinelli DanyC  brig-man
17:02:32 <centbot> Current chairs: DanyC brig-man rmartinelli
17:02:46 <fkluknav> hi rmartinelli
17:02:46 <rmartinelli> #topic OpenShift on CentOS current status
17:02:55 <rmartinelli> #chair fkluknav
17:02:55 <centbot> Current chairs: DanyC brig-man fkluknav rmartinelli
17:03:10 <rmartinelli> fkluknav: Sorry, I saw your nick and wasn't sure about you.
17:03:37 <rmartinelli> Ok, any news about OpenShift on CentOS?
17:04:37 <rmartinelli> I started testing CRI-O support in Origin/OKD. For now, nothing to report but I'll keep everyone updated if I have any problems.
17:04:43 <DanyC> i haven't got any news, i was hopping Scott will be present to find out if internally is possible to have 2 jobs pointing to -candidate/ -testing PaaS repo so we can test cluster deployment
17:05:07 <DanyC> rather than doing manual testing.
17:05:24 <rmartinelli> DanyC: yeah, good point.
17:05:49 <rmartinelli> DanyC: Any news about shipping Ansible 2.6 in the comfig mgmt SIG repos?
17:05:57 <DanyC> that was the AI from last week.
17:06:15 <DanyC> regarding ansible 2.6 i haven't got any new info / news from bstinson
17:06:49 <bstinson> still targeting the end of the week to have builds that folks can use
17:06:57 <DanyC> guess neither bstinson nor Arrfab have the bandwidth to get that going
17:07:16 <DanyC> oh bstinson, nice ! you full of surprises, thank you v much !
17:07:22 <rmartinelli> bstinson: will you notify centos-devel@ list when it's done?
17:07:33 <bstinson> yep, that's the plan
17:07:41 <rmartinelli> Good. Thanks
17:08:32 <rmartinelli> #info Still working on get an environment to run automated cluster tests to avoid manual testing for every new release.
17:09:11 <rmartinelli> #info Ansible 2.6 package: Will be released soon in the config mgmt SIG repo
17:10:43 <rmartinelli> Do you see any other component that would be good to test? As I'm doing tests with cri-o I can also test other new features.
17:12:16 <DanyC> i guess if you are doing 3.10 testing, just confirm if you have any rpm dependency issues around atomic rpm.  Apart from that there are few other issues but not related to PaAS rpms, more around 3.10 CSR in general
17:12:36 <DanyC> so not much from our perspective
17:13:04 <rmartinelli> gotcha. And I will update the wiki pages to describe better the installation guide.
17:14:27 <rmartinelli> Any other topics for rpms or automation?
17:14:36 <DanyC> not from my side
17:14:55 <rmartinelli> Alright. let's go to the next topic...
17:15:04 <rmartinelli> #topic Open Floor
17:15:29 <rmartinelli> Any other topics you want to discuss?
17:16:16 <rmartinelli> fkluknav: Did you check my e-mail with the SIG onboarding? Any questions?
17:17:18 <fkluknav> rmartinelli, i did. thanks for useful links
17:18:45 <rmartinelli> fkluknav: Ok, you can start understanding how we do manual builds and in parallel you can request access to the systems (cbs, jenkins, etc.)
17:19:09 <rmartinelli> fkluknav: Also, please shoot me an e-mail with your GitHub username so I can add you to the PaaS SIG org
17:19:24 <fkluknav> rmartinelli, changes in golang tooling happen in rhel, i will probably have questions how to handle it in centos, but not right now.
17:19:48 <fkluknav> rmartinelli, my github name is the same, fkluknav
17:20:01 <rmartinelli> No worries. Also, DanyC is a good contact to ask questions about builds too.
17:20:51 <DanyC> fkluknav: shoot any q if you have, happy to help. Am pretty much every day on this channel
17:21:11 <fkluknav> thanks
17:22:12 <rmartinelli> Ok, I think we don't have any other topics. If no one have any objections I will close the meeting in one minute.
17:23:57 <DanyC> i'm good
17:24:05 <rmartinelli> #endmeeting