17:00:13 <rmartinelli> #startmeeting
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17:00:46 <rmartinelli> well, there is no way to undo.
17:00:51 <rmartinelli> hello DanyC
17:00:56 <rmartinelli> hello brig-man
17:01:11 <DanyC> hi rmartinelli
17:01:14 <rmartinelli> tdawson and sdodson are on PTO today because of July 4th.
17:01:28 <rmartinelli> #chair rmartinelli DanyC brig-man
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17:01:54 <rmartinelli> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:01:57 <rmartinelli> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:02:09 <rmartinelli> DanyC: did you get my message yesterday?
17:02:30 <rmartinelli> about the errata?
17:02:51 <DanyC> yes rmartinelli and here is my answer: the errata you provided is for OCP
17:03:27 <rmartinelli> gotcha, is there a way to apply this errata to origin?
17:03:31 <DanyC> now everything it goes there as errata is not always backported into origin git repo
17:03:50 <rmartinelli> ah, right...
17:04:20 <DanyC> my understanding from chatting with Clayton on dev mailer around the policy is that he is cutting a new origin minor release if there is a security bug or a major bug
17:05:19 <DanyC> but apart from that nothing else... he said that if someone from community is up to backport stuff and it pass the review process then he will consider
17:05:57 <DanyC> but also he said that if the CI job fails because of the backport PR then is up to the author to fix it
17:06:25 <DanyC> so that is my take on that ...in short the OP shouldn't assume that OCP errata lands on Origin
17:08:16 <rmartinelli> that's sad.
17:08:18 <rmartinelli> but anyway.
17:09:23 <rmartinelli> is there anything else would you like to discuss?
17:10:14 <DanyC> nothing major, in short the openshift ansible rpm automation will need to be modified due to a change in the spec file
17:10:38 <rmartinelli> what change?
17:11:34 <DanyC> where when a new release tag is being cut by RH folks the spec file is no longer updated like before and so we'll need to do what we are doing today on origin spec file . See https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ansible/issues/8886
17:12:13 <DanyC> i'm not sure what / when the change was made, hopefully i'll get an answer but for now if i take Clayton's comment https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ansible/issues/8886#issuecomment-400893670 that is how is going to be
17:13:09 <rmartinelli> ok, I see.
17:13:51 <rmartinelli> DanyC: back to the errata: I found a PR for origin merged on apr 25. https://github.com/openshift/ose/pull/1218
17:14:10 <DanyC> rmartinelli: that is not origin, is ocp
17:14:29 <DanyC> non RH folks like me have no access to it ;)
17:14:32 <rmartinelli> DanyC: sorry, got the wrong link
17:14:57 <rmartinelli> This one https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/19279
17:15:10 <rmartinelli> This is for origin
17:15:36 <rmartinelli> The commit was merged on Apr 12
17:15:50 <DanyC> yup but that is been merged to master branch. To backport it to 3.9/3.7 a PR will be required
17:15:59 <rmartinelli> the latest packages were built on apr 18
17:16:20 <rmartinelli> hmm, gotcha.
17:16:44 <DanyC> once the PR pass all the tests and is accepted/ approved by core contributors then a new minor origin tag release needs to be cut. Again that is done only by core contributors
17:17:09 <rmartinelli> Alright. Thanks for all the explanation.
17:17:09 <DanyC> once the new origin tag is available we can build it
17:17:18 <DanyC> sure, np
17:17:32 <rmartinelli> May we move to open floor?
17:17:42 <DanyC> i'm good with that
17:17:50 <rmartinelli> #topic Open Floor
17:18:59 <rmartinelli> One quick update: Maybe next week I'll be in FISL18, an internacional conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I hope to present more about CentOS and will talk about the PaaS SIG.
17:19:18 <rmartinelli> If that happen, then I maybe won't be available for the next meeting.
17:19:37 <rmartinelli> But I'll keep you posted if anything changes until next week.
17:19:56 <rmartinelli> Is there something would you like to say?
17:20:07 <DanyC> i'm good, thank you for letting me know
17:20:44 <rmartinelli> Alright, meeting is over.
17:20:46 <rmartinelli> #endmeeting