15:03:08 <number80> #startmeeting Cloud SIG meeting (2018-07-05)
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15:03:15 <number80> #topic roll call
15:03:18 <number80> o/
15:03:22 <number80> #chair leanderthal rbowen
15:03:22 <centbot> Current chairs: leanderthal number80 rbowen
15:03:25 <jbieren> fixed. thanks bstinson!
15:05:48 <leanderthal> o/
15:06:07 <number80> Is there anyone else?
15:06:20 * number80 is giving 5 minutes before closing the meeting
15:06:41 <leanderthal> yeah, fair.
15:07:21 <leanderthal> number80, i have a thing
15:07:31 <number80> oh, go ahead!
15:07:33 <leanderthal> but, of course, if it's only you, me, and rbowen then ....
15:07:51 <number80> well, we'll send minutes so people can read later :)
15:07:54 <leanderthal> what are the pros / cons of adding this meeting to the rdo newsletter? i can only think of good things
15:08:18 <number80> I think it will give us more coverage so +!
15:08:22 <number80> +1
15:08:41 <leanderthal> awesomeness
15:11:21 <number80> #info leanderthal suggested to add the cloud SIG meeting to the RDO newsletter
15:11:36 <number80> #agreed to add cloud SIG meeting to the RDO newsletter :)
15:11:38 <leanderthal> cool cool
15:11:47 <leanderthal> then it'll happen!
15:12:00 <number80> Unless there are any other topics I guess we can close this meeting
15:12:21 <number80> It's still useful to recreate the habit of holding the meeting, and let's try to get people coming around
15:13:22 <leanderthal> cool cool
15:13:37 <leanderthal> yeah, exactly. i'll be here to help it open every week unless i'm on pto
15:14:00 <leanderthal> rbowen, and i both have a bjn meeting at the same time as this one, so we're not as verbose
15:14:09 <leanderthal> but i'd like to regularly open this meeting and see if people are keen
15:14:40 <number80> No worries
15:14:53 <leanderthal> (if we build it, they will come...?)
15:15:15 <number80> Yep
15:15:25 <number80> let's end the meeting
15:15:31 <number80> #endmeetin
15:15:35 <leanderthal> cool cool
15:15:37 <number80> #endmeeting