17:22:44 <rmartinelli> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:22:54 <rmartinelli> hello SlaterX
17:22:57 <rmartinelli> hello brig-man
17:23:02 <rmartinelli> hello tdawson
17:23:05 <rmartinelli> hello sdodson
17:23:13 <sdodson> hello
17:23:19 <tdawson> rmartinelli: Hi
17:23:56 <rmartinelli> #chair rmartinelli sdodson tdawson SlaterX brig-man
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17:24:56 <rmartinelli> I don't know what happened to DanyC_. Hope he's fine.
17:25:07 <rmartinelli> #topic OpenShift on CentOS current status
17:26:22 <rmartinelli> Usually DanyC_ is the go-to guy for the current status, so if everyone have other things to add to this topic I can share what we discussed in the past meeting.
17:27:03 <tdawson> Nope.  I do have something for OpenFloor when that comes up though.
17:29:58 <rmartinelli> right, so let me quick share what we discussed in the last meeting.
17:30:38 <brig-man> hi rmartinelli
17:30:44 <rmartinelli> I was sking DanyC_ for a specific errata to be added in Origin, and then we discovered the errata is not applied to origin yet.
17:31:24 <rmartinelli> After some time describing the process to apply erratas to origin, DanyC_ told me that it is not easy to get it backported to origin.
17:32:05 <rmartinelli> So, if anyone would like to try do the backport, feel free to ping me on private and I'll describe the details.
17:32:39 <rmartinelli> I was trying to do that, but I had some other parallel tasks to finish first.
17:32:58 <rmartinelli> But if anyone is interested, ping me.
17:33:04 <rmartinelli> #topic Open Floor
17:33:52 <rmartinelli> tdawson: you said you have sometihng for open floor, right?
17:33:59 <tdawson> Oh ya
17:34:37 <tdawson> lsm5 requested some centos pass repos for cri
17:34:58 <tdawson> The don't have any other openshift packages in them, just cri-o and cri-tools
17:35:07 <tdawson> https://cbs.centos.org/repos/paas7-crio-39-candidate
17:35:49 <tdawson> I don't think this will affect any other openshift packages, I just wanted you all to know, incase it comes up sometime.
17:36:35 <tdawson> That's all I had.
17:37:44 <tdawson> Actually, he requested on for each of the newer releases, not just 39 - https://cbs.centos.org/repos/paas7-crio-310-candidate/  https://cbs.centos.org/repos/paas7-crio-311-candidate/
17:38:06 <tdawson> LIke I said.  Not a big deal, just wanted you to know.
17:38:20 <rmartinelli> but iirc origin repo also has cri-o packages.
17:38:40 <rmartinelli> will this conflict with the ones we already have?
17:39:04 <lsm5> rmartinelli: tdawson if it helps, i'll untag cri-o from the prior koji tags
17:39:20 <lsm5> the new tags were for openshift CI ..and they wanted only cri-o and cri-tools in there
17:39:31 <lsm5> so as not to conflict with other packages that they build in CI
17:39:50 <rmartinelli> lsm5: Let me discuss with Dany first. Maybe it won't conflict, but we must be sure about that.
17:39:56 <lsm5> ok
17:40:05 <rmartinelli> And I'll run some tests either.
17:41:03 <rmartinelli> #info rmartinelli to look for possible conflicts between cri-o (https://cbs.centos.org/repos/paas7-crio-39-candidate/) and origin packages, which already contains cri-o packages.
17:41:19 <rmartinelli> tdawson: Thanks for sharing.
17:41:32 <tdawson> Your welcome
17:41:41 <rmartinelli> Anyone has something to add in the open floor?
17:41:52 <brig-man> I had an issue come up this last week.  openshift-ansible broke because Ansible was updated to 2.6.0.  The old versions were not available.
17:42:22 <rmartinelli> brig-man: Ah, thanks to bring this up.
17:43:30 <rmartinelli> I saw the announcement about ansible 2.6 and I remember I had some issues with ansible 2.5 too. But the openshift-ansible use 2.4 to run and haven't been tested in newer versions yet.
17:44:16 <brig-man> rmartinelli: openshift-ansible needs at least 2.4.3 which isn't available.
17:44:28 <brig-man> As a package
17:45:51 <brig-man> I believe the movement of Ansible into the primary channels then back out has caused some gaps in the overlap of packaged versions being available.
17:47:10 <rmartinelli> brig-man: i just checked here that ansible 2.4.3 is still available
17:47:57 <rmartinelli> I can help you after the meeting how to do that. What do you think?
17:48:16 <brig-man> rmartinelli: ok.
17:48:43 <rmartinelli> Anything else?
17:49:12 <rmartinelli> Going once...
17:49:14 <brig-man> expected release schedule?
17:49:18 <brig-man> 3.10?
17:49:36 <rmartinelli> sdodson: ^ Do you have this info?
17:49:49 <sdodson> sorry, reading back a bit
17:50:04 <rmartinelli> expected dates for 3.10 release
17:50:42 <sdodson> 'Soon' is the best I can say, Clayton decides when origin is released and I can't disclose specific OCP release dates.
17:50:59 <rmartinelli> alright, thanks for sharing.
17:51:24 <rmartinelli> brig-man: any other questions?
17:51:31 <sdodson> brig-man: If you can point me at any github issues running openshift-ansible on Ansible 2.6 I can make sure the team works on those. We're currently working to make sure that 3.9, 3.10 are compatible with ansible 2.6.
17:51:38 <sdodson> Origin 3.11 will require ansible 2.6.
17:52:03 <brig-man> sdodson: The one that hit me has been closed.
17:52:34 <sdodson> brig-man: ok cool, we'll be having out QE teams run regression tests in 3.9 and 3.10 w/ Ansible 2.6 soon but that won't happen until they've finished 3.10 testing.
17:53:01 <brig-man> sdodson: I don't believe that that has been tagged yet so we don't have a package for the fix.
17:53:21 <sdodson> brig-man: https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ansible/pull/9125 ?
17:54:28 <sdodson> If that's the fix it should be tagged in the next day or two
17:54:39 <brig-man> nope.  one about fatal hostvars dict
17:54:57 <brig-man> Can't find it right now.
17:55:47 <rmartinelli> Can we consider the meeting is over then? We can discuss these details after meeting anyway.
17:56:44 <rmartinelli> Going once...
17:56:58 <rmartinelli> Going twice...
17:57:11 <rmartinelli> #endmeeting