15:12:10 <leanderthal> #startmeeting CentOS Cloud SIG meeting (2016-07-19)
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15:12:17 <leanderthal> #chair number80
15:12:17 <centbot> Current chairs: leanderthal number80
15:12:21 <leanderthal> rollcall
15:12:22 <leanderthal> o/
15:12:34 <leanderthal> anyone here want to talk cloud?
15:13:16 <number80> o/
15:13:30 <number80> (sorry got a phone just now from repair service)
15:14:11 <leanderthal> we're both slackers today ;-)
15:15:12 <leanderthal> i added the ccs mtg to the rdo agenda, but it won't be published until 07 august. which i just realized is when i'll be on pto, so i'll need to pre-arrange all that.... noted
15:15:54 <leanderthal> kbsingh, do you know anyone running clouds on centos who is NOT rdo?
15:16:45 <mrunge_> I'd assume there are...
15:17:01 <leanderthal> no, totally, yes, but... who are they specifically?
15:17:44 <mrunge> I don't know names
15:18:08 <leanderthal> mrunge, sounds like a new exciting puzzle
15:18:11 <mrunge> leanderthal, trick question: what do you mean by rdo vs centos ?
15:18:15 <leanderthal> or a plot for a james bond movie
15:18:17 <leanderthal> not VS
15:18:26 <leanderthal> #chair mrunge
15:18:26 <centbot> Current chairs: leanderthal mrunge number80
15:18:42 <leanderthal> #topic know anyone running clouds on centos who is NOT rdo?
15:18:57 <leanderthal> it's more that we'd like collaborators who are running cloud technology on centos
15:19:10 <number80> we tried contacting folks but they never stick around, mostly due to other priorities
15:19:18 <leanderthal> we know plenty of people with rdo
15:19:18 <mrunge> leanderthal, I'd repeat *vs*
15:19:27 <leanderthal> it's not a versus
15:19:35 <mrunge> yes it is.
15:19:47 <leanderthal> it's why have this meeting if it's just another rdo mtg?
15:20:00 <mrunge> in some environments, it is forbidden by policy to install from third party repos
15:20:03 <leanderthal> which isn't so much collaborative as masterbatory
15:20:44 <leanderthal> we're not looking to recruit other cloud tech to use rdo
15:21:01 <mrunge> ok, if the question is, if this meeting is a duplicate of the other one: maybe
15:21:21 <leanderthal> oh, no, it's DEFINITELY a duplication of the other one. right now.
15:21:38 <mrunge> leanderthal, isn't centos running on centos cloud packages, but not using rdo?
15:21:50 <mrunge> I mean: tripleo
15:22:03 <leanderthal> well, no, actually, it's not even that cause this is more like a shout into abyss
15:22:15 <leanderthal> yes, tripleo and rdo both *can* run on centos
15:22:39 <leanderthal> but this meeting is about rdo and any and all other cloud tech that runs on centos
15:22:52 <leanderthal> but... we don't have the other cloud tech reprepsented
15:22:55 <leanderthal> represented
15:23:08 <mrunge> right
15:23:30 <leanderthal> do you know people who might be keen?
15:24:05 <mrunge> nope. and I haven't been at any openstack meetups lately
15:24:22 <mrunge> if there is knowledge, that is ancient
15:24:24 <leanderthal> yeah, me, neither....
15:24:30 <leanderthal> i hear you.
15:24:41 <leanderthal> mrunge, can i encourage you to go?
15:25:08 <leanderthal> maybe write a blog post about this meeting to encourage new (any) blood?
15:25:14 <mrunge> cough
15:25:35 * leanderthal hands mrunge a coughdrop
15:25:52 <leanderthal> you, too, number80
15:25:58 <leanderthal> and me, too, of course.
15:26:43 * number80 takes note
15:27:09 <leanderthal> #help how do we encourage participation in this meeting?
15:27:50 <leanderthal> #action leanderthal to write a blog post and attend a few meetups to encourage participation
15:28:35 <leanderthal> #action number80 takes note
15:28:55 <leanderthal> no worries mrunge - but i might nudge you again in the future
15:29:06 <leanderthal> #topic next week's chair
15:29:09 <leanderthal> anyone wanna?
15:29:11 <mrunge> sure, leanderthal
15:29:26 <mrunge> please note, I'm currently not doing much cloud
15:29:45 <leanderthal> fair
15:30:32 <leanderthal> mrunge, you're doing a bit - i just blog rolled you https://blogs.rdoproject.org/2018/07/community-blog-round-up-04-july/
15:30:47 <leanderthal> wait, did you just volunteer to chair next week, mrunge ?
15:30:55 <mrunge> nope
15:31:00 <leanderthal> that makes more sense
15:31:06 <leanderthal> number80, want to do next week?
15:31:12 <mrunge> usually, I'm away from keyboard at this time of the day
15:31:18 <leanderthal> aha
15:31:24 <leanderthal> lucky day for us
15:31:30 <mrunge> :DD
15:31:50 <number80> yup
15:32:12 <leanderthal> #action number80 to chair next week's ccs mtg
15:32:20 <leanderthal> #topic open floor
15:32:24 <leanderthal> i'm just messin'
15:32:35 <leanderthal> #endmeeting