13:01:48 <jstanek> #startmeeting SCLo SIG sync-up (2018-07-24)
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13:01:56 <jstanek> #meetingname sclo-sig-syncup
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13:02:23 <jstanek> Hello everyone, welcome to the SCLo sync-up meeting!
13:03:07 <jstanek> I was on PTO last week and have not yet been into office, so I might be out of the loop
13:03:49 <jstanek> But from my PoV it seems that everything works, so feel free to ask your own questions.
13:17:11 <kbsingh> jstanek: hello
13:17:12 <Evolution> gwd: gotcha. just wanted to make sure you knew it wasn't personal or anything. entirely from a security perspective.
13:18:01 <kbsingh> jstanek: there were some calls for a git update, and a nodejs update - so want to pass that RFE along :)
13:19:02 <jstanek> kbsingh: thanks. I will look into it tomorrow in the office
13:33:11 <gwd> Evolution: Definitely appreciate it. :-)
13:40:21 <gwd> Evolution: I've got 2fa enabled now.  Do you want to add me back, or wait until I actually need access to something?  Lazy / eager optimization path, your choice. :-)
13:50:41 <lsm5> gwd: ping, FYI, fkluknav will be taking over virt sig stuff that I was working on, I'll act as backup
13:50:56 <gwd> lsm5: OK
13:52:10 <jstanek> the end of the SCLo meeting is approaching, any last-minute issues?
13:57:41 <jstanek> does not seem so, so I see you all in 14 days!
13:57:59 <jstanek> *I will
13:58:09 <jstanek> #endmeeting