14:05:52 <gwd> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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14:05:56 <gwd> #chair sbonazzo
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14:07:36 <anthonyper> gwd: o/
14:07:41 <gwd> #chair anthonyper
14:07:41 <centbot> Current chairs: anthonyper gwd sbonazzo
14:07:46 <gwd> #topic Xen updates
14:08:06 <gwd> #info Xen 4.8.4 released
14:08:22 <gwd> #info Updated to Linux 4.9.112
14:09:23 <gwd> One idea we're kicking around is doing an automated build from the stable branch maybe once a week, rather than waiting for the stable realease, but it's still under discussion
14:09:36 <jirkade> gwd: I'm in
14:09:41 <gwd> I'd be interested in alynpost or srn_prgmr's opinion on ^ if they're around
14:09:46 <gwd> #chair jirkade
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14:09:54 <gwd> anthonyper, anything else to add?
14:10:10 * lsm5 here
14:10:13 <anthonyper> gwd: No, I don't think so.
14:10:22 <gwd> OK, sbonazzo?
14:10:30 <gwd> #chair lsm5
14:10:30 <centbot> Current chairs: anthonyper gwd jirkade lsm5 sbonazzo
14:10:36 <sbonazzo> gwd sure
14:10:42 <sbonazzo> #topic oVirt updates
14:11:05 <sbonazzo> #info preparing 4.2.5 RC3 upstream today, expected GA by end of the month
14:11:19 <sbonazzo> #info packages for Virt SIG will follow right after
14:11:35 * fkluknav here
14:11:42 <gwd> #chair fkluknav
14:11:42 <centbot> Current chairs: anthonyper fkluknav gwd jirkade lsm5 sbonazzo
14:12:05 <sbonazzo> #info initial testing of oVirt on Fedora 28, starting to prepare to what will come after CentOS 7
14:12:45 <sbonazzo> that's it on my side
14:13:07 <gwd> OK, lsm5?  You want to give an update an/or introduce fkluknav?
14:13:11 <lsm5> sure
14:13:42 <lsm5> #info introducing Frantisek Kluknavsky, he'll be taking over docker and related Virt SIG packages that I was building, I'll be acting as backup for him
14:13:53 <lsm5> #info currently he's working on bumping the buildah package on Virt SIG
14:14:09 <lsm5> #info Frantisek's nick is fkluknav
14:14:15 <lsm5> gwd: back to you
14:14:40 <gwd> fkluknav: Welcome!  Do you mind if I ask where you're based (country) and who you work for (if anyone)?
14:14:56 <gwd> I guess time zone is more important than the country. :-)
14:15:22 <fkluknav> Hi, I am currently based in Brno, Czech republic, working for Red Hat
14:15:38 <lsm5> gwd: fkluknav and I are partners in crime :D
14:15:40 <fkluknav> my timezone is UTC+2
14:16:23 <gwd> Great!  I take it lsm5 will guide you through getting the cbs account set up (if you haven't got that already)
14:16:41 <lsm5> gwd: yup, he should be setup already, and I'll work with him on any possible issues
14:16:41 <gwd> And I take it you'll need access to the github repos as well -- maybe we can sort that out after the meeting.
14:17:39 <gwd> OK, jirkade?
14:18:33 <jirkade> #info not much happened lately on libvirt side (vacation time), but I plan to build 4.5.0 based packages soon
14:19:21 <jirkade> oops, forgot to change the topic :(
14:19:34 <gwd> So did lsm5.  No worries. :-)
14:19:56 <lsm5> :D
14:20:14 <gwd> #topic AOB
14:20:53 <gwd> One thing I wanted to ask -- github makes it possible for organizations to require 2-factor authentication to be members.  Is that something we want to enable for CentOS-virt7?
14:22:15 <lsm5> speaking for container packages, I haven't actually been using repos on that org, just been rebuilding fedora sources (now switched to rhel sources btw)
14:22:44 <sbonazzo> gwd I'm fine with enabling 2fa
14:25:27 <gwd> OK -- no objections it seems.  Maybe I'll send an email to the current members saying that I'll enable it in a week if nobody objects.
14:25:39 <gwd> Anything else anyone wants to bring up?
14:29:49 <gwd> OK, thanks everyone!
14:29:51 <gwd> #endmeeting