17:01:24 <rmartinelli> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:01:32 <rmartinelli> hello brig-man
17:01:45 <rmartinelli> hello sdodson
17:01:56 <brig-man> Hello rmartinelli
17:02:00 <sdodson> hello
17:02:05 <kincl> Hi
17:02:19 <rmartinelli> hello kincl, will you join us in the meeting?
17:02:24 <kincl> yeah
17:02:30 <rmartinelli> cool
17:02:42 <rmartinelli> #chair sdodson brig-man rmartinelli kincl
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17:02:52 <rmartinelli> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:04:05 <rmartinelli> Alright, so for the first topic I'd like to share that since DanyC_ is out to solve some personal issues we stopped doing automation stuff.
17:04:50 <rmartinelli> As he was the only one doing that and there are other tasks, I'd like to as if anyone would like to volunteer to look what he did so far and continue the tasks.
17:05:14 <rmartinelli> I'll be helping with the tasks too, but I'd like to know if anyone else is interested
17:05:59 <rmartinelli> You don't need to answer now, you can ping me in pvt if you want.
17:06:29 <rmartinelli> So, if no one would like to discuss about RPMs and automation we can move to Open Floor.
17:07:18 <rmartinelli> Ok, I'll take this as a "no". =D
17:07:28 <rmartinelli> #topic Open Floor
17:08:11 <rmartinelli> brig-man: I remember last meeting you had some issues with the openshift-ansible package and the ansible version. Did you manage to solve the issue?
17:09:01 <brig-man> The upstream merged a fix for Ansible 2.6.0.  I was not able to find a packaged version of 2.5.X Ansible
17:09:36 <brig-man> I'm in the park of having to use the git commit for openshift-ansible
17:10:02 <brig-man> So, no not really solved but just a work-around
17:10:23 <rmartinelli> Well, for now just to solve your issue I recommend you to git clone the upstream version and run with the ansible version tested in upstream.
17:10:45 <brig-man> That is what I'm doing for now.
17:10:55 <sdodson> brig-man: you're still finding problems with ansible 2.6 and current 3.9 code?
17:11:10 <rmartinelli> As I said, DanyC_ may not be able to build the openshift-ansible package so I'll do that as soon as possible.
17:11:23 <brig-man> Not with the git commit that fixed the issue.
17:11:27 <sdodson> We're not through QE validation but every problem with 2.6 and 3.9 that we were aware of has been resolved.
17:14:14 <rmartinelli> sdodson: if I understand brig-man he solved the issue with ansible and openshift-ansible for 3.9  by cloning the upstream repo, so no issues so far.
17:14:45 <rmartinelli> What we need is update openshift-ansivle to add the fix, but also make sure ansible 2.6 is also available in CentOS.
17:15:01 <sdodson> ok, yea that makes sense
17:15:48 <rmartinelli> alright, let me just add as an action item.
17:16:09 <rmartinelli> #info rmartinelli to update openshift-ansible package containing the fix for ansible 2.6
17:16:13 <brig-man> rmartinelli: sdodson:  rmartinelli is correct on how I solved my issue.  It wouldn't have been too hard to solve if we had an older version of Ansible available.  Something in the 2.5 range.
17:17:43 <rmartinelli> brig-man: agreed, I'll add this as an action item too.
17:18:01 <rmartinelli> #info Look for options to provide old versions for ansible
17:18:18 <rmartinelli> Ok, anything else would you like to discuss?
17:19:29 <rmartinelli> Please remember that since DanyC_ is out we'll need an extra effort to update the packages as he was the only one doing that
17:19:56 <rmartinelli> I really appreciate if I have other volunteers working on building the packages with me.
17:20:46 <brig-man> rmartinelli:  I'm willing to help out but I don't think everything on my account is set up correctly or I have access to all the needed systems.
17:21:27 <rmartinelli> brig-man: let's talk about this tomorrow and I'll help you with systems access (if needed)
17:21:40 <brig-man> rmartinelli: ok.
17:22:01 <rmartinelli> Thank you brig-man for the help
17:23:24 <rmartinelli> I'll give another minute for additional topics before end this meeting
17:24:25 <rmartinelli> #endmeeting