17:01:15 <rmartinelli> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:01:23 <rmartinelli> hello SlaterX
17:01:29 <rmartinelli> hello DanyC
17:01:33 <rmartinelli> hello brig-man
17:01:40 <DanyC> hi rmartinelli
17:01:42 <rmartinelli> hello tdawson
17:01:46 <rmartinelli> hello sdodson
17:01:55 <tdawson> hi rmartinelli
17:02:55 <rmartinelli> #chair tdawson rmartinelli SlaterX DanyC brig-man sdodson
17:02:55 <centbot> Current chairs: DanyC SlaterX brig-man rmartinelli sdodson tdawson
17:03:07 <sdodson> hello
17:03:12 <rmartinelli> #topic Openshift on CentOS current status
17:03:45 <SlaterX> hi
17:03:47 <rmartinelli> ok, so let's start. DanyC do you want to share the news?
17:03:55 <rmartinelli> SlaterX: Good to see you
17:05:00 <DanyC> so i went and spent the time today understanding why the BE (ie - master) CI job fails and doing so i found:
17:06:01 <DanyC> 1) i've pushed a PR to update the default so we can get the rpms from origin/ ansible master branch - result was https://cbs.centos.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=449606 from this CI job https://ci.centos.org/view/PaaS-SIG/job/paas-ci-cd/1707/
17:06:14 <DanyC> the output is all in the 310-candidate target
17:06:32 <DanyC> i guess we can try and see if it deploys correctly
17:06:54 <DanyC> 2) are we ready to promote to -release the ansible rpms for 3.7/ 3.9 ?
17:07:05 <DanyC> 3) what about the cri-o rpms ?
17:07:40 <rmartinelli> About 1), good job!
17:08:55 <rmartinelli> About 2) and 3), I'm provisioning a CentOS VM to run the tests for 3.9 with cri-o support. I might have an update until the end of the day.
17:09:02 <DanyC> rmartinelli: have you had a chance to test anything on 2/3 bullet points ? i know on 3.7 it works since i'm using it in prod
17:09:07 <DanyC> okay cool
17:09:12 <sdodson> I've had someone ask me about getting newer openshift-ansible-3.9 packages into the released repos.
17:09:27 <sdodson> It looks like 3.9.0-0.53.0 is the latest version tagged and that's quite old.
17:09:39 <sdodson> So +1 to getting newer openshift-ansible-3.9 into the repos
17:09:46 <rmartinelli> sdodson: It's going to be updated soon, after I run the test.
17:09:52 <sdodson> rmartinelli: ok cool
17:10:14 <DanyC> excellent, i'm planning to keep build this packages more often now that i've sort out my cbs
17:10:36 <DanyC> now 2 questions for tdawson sdodson as that involves a bit of history
17:11:02 <DanyC> 1) do we need today/ are there any req to support multi-arch for origin rpms ?
17:11:18 <DanyC> if so is that currently supported in OCP too ?
17:13:23 <DanyC> hope you still there ;)
17:13:26 <sdodson> DanyC: I can find out
17:14:05 <DanyC> sdodson: cool, cause if there is no need then we can tidy up the future target and have only x86_64 (aligned with the rest of the targets)
17:14:07 <SlaterX> @DanyC I can see that we had a successful 3.7/3.9 build run
17:14:19 <SlaterX> can we test that too?
17:15:20 <DanyC> SlaterX: for ansible rpms yes, that is what we've been waiting for people to chime in and help. as said i'm pretty sure there won't be any issues but happy to wait for you/ rmartinelli to confirm
17:15:46 <DanyC> and now the last / big q for sdodson tdawson ;)
17:16:08 <rmartinelli> SlaterX: yeah, the idea is someone else run a test and see if it's working. If you can test with cri-o support, better.
17:16:30 <DanyC> how do you feel if we move away from tito and just align/ run hack/build_rpms.sh  ?
17:16:54 <sdodson> DanyC: Jeff Young (jeyoung@ redhat.com) says they're still trying to do multi-arch for origin.
17:17:00 <tdawson> DanyC: If you can do it, I think it's fine to move away from tito.
17:17:35 <tdawson> That would allow now only us (Paas Sig) but others, to not have to depend on an outside package to build origin
17:18:23 <DanyC> tdawson: okay i'll start rolling a PoC in my fork paas-ci-cd and see hoe we get on.
17:19:02 <DanyC> sdodson: ack, then will see how i can revive the work. Is Jeff still working on, do you know ?
17:19:33 <rmartinelli> Ok, so let me add some info to the meeting as requested by karanbir...
17:19:41 <DanyC> tdawson: +1
17:21:22 <rmartinelli> #info origin 3.10 Pr is pushed by DanyC. result was https://cbs.centos.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=449606 form this job: https://ci.centos.org/view/PaaS-SIG/job/paas-ci-cd/1707/
17:22:04 <rmartinelli> #info rmartinelli must test openshift-ansible rpms for 3.9 to promote to -release. this test will also need to check cri-o support.
17:23:16 <rmartinelli> #info multi-arch support: the origin team is still working for multi-arch support, so better prepare to build in other archs too.
17:24:02 <rmartinelli> #info move away from tito and align to hack/build_rpms.sh: DanyC  will work on it.
17:24:19 <rmartinelli> Alright folks, is there anything else about origin rpms?
17:24:55 <DanyC> not from my side, only ping me as soon as we are good to tag the builds so we can make people happy again ;)
17:25:10 <rmartinelli> +1
17:25:19 <rmartinelli> Any updates about automation?
17:25:34 <DanyC> nothing new
17:26:10 <rmartinelli> #topic Open Floor
17:27:07 <rmartinelli> Alright moving to open floor, tdawson I'd like to ask you to add the SIG members into github org. May I send you the list of github names to your email?
17:28:28 <tdawson> rmartinelli: If you have their regular names -> github names handy, yes, that would be great.
17:28:58 <rmartinelli> tdawson: I'll send you after the meeting.
17:29:27 <tdawson> Sounds good
17:30:03 <rmartinelli> One other thing: Now that I have write access to the wiki, I'll prepare a kind of checklist for new members to join so everyone can look at what access need to request.
17:30:47 <rmartinelli> I plan to start the work this week and I'll let you know about the page link, maybe point in the main page to make more visible.
17:31:04 <DanyC> +1
17:31:29 <rmartinelli> SlaterX: brig-man: DanyC: can you send me your github usernames in private?
17:31:53 <DanyC> rmartinelli: will do
17:32:08 <SlaterX> done
17:32:14 <rmartinelli> #info need to add new members to https://github.com/orgs/CentOS-PaaS-SIG org. rmartinelli will send an email to tdawson  with the usernames to add.
17:32:41 <tdawson> rmartinelli: I already have DanyC's, he's already added.
17:32:53 <rmartinelli> #info A checklist for new PaaS SIG members will be created containing all instructions to start onboard the team.
17:33:12 <rmartinelli> tdawson: alright.
17:33:40 <rmartinelli> Anything else would you like to discuss?
17:33:57 <DanyC> i'm good, thx
17:34:49 <SlaterX> nothing from my side
17:36:19 <rmartinelli> #endmeeting