14:01:26 <bstinson> #startmeeting CBS/Infra
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14:01:39 <bstinson> #chair alphacc Arrfab kbsingh
14:01:39 <centbot> Current chairs: Arrfab alphacc bstinson kbsingh
14:01:45 <bstinson> #topic Agenda
14:01:50 <bstinson> #info Topic: Status Updates
14:01:56 <bstinson> #info Topic: Account Requests
14:02:05 <bstinson> #info Topic: Bug Triage
14:02:09 <bstinson> #info Topic: CI
14:02:14 <bstinson> #info Topic: Open Floor
14:02:23 <bstinson> #topic Status Updates
14:03:31 <bstinson> anyone have something to report for this week?
14:05:51 <bstinson> if not let's do...
14:05:54 <bstinson> #topic Account Requests
14:06:11 <bstinson> #info CI: No new accounts requested this week
14:06:17 <bstinson> kbsingh: anything new in ACO?
14:10:40 <bstinson> we can grab a report on that later on
14:10:43 <bstinson> #topic Bug Triage
14:12:11 <bstinson> #info CBS Tags Added (bugs closed) this week
14:12:25 <bstinson> @mantis 14563
14:12:26 <centbot> Bug 14563 - kkeithle - fixed - resolved
14:12:27 <centbot> Storage SIG: create addtional CBS tags for GlusterFS-4.0 - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14563
14:13:11 <bstinson> #info CBS tags pushed to Content Control (buildlogs or mirror)
14:13:22 <bstinson> @mantis 14522
14:13:23 <centbot> Bug 14522 - amoralej - fixed - resolved
14:13:24 <centbot> Create Cloud SIG release repo for RDO Queens - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14522
14:13:40 <bstinson> @mantis 14543
14:13:41 <centbot> Bug 14543 - kkeithle - fixed - resolved
14:13:42 <centbot> need gluster-4.0 subdir on Storage SIG mirrors - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14543
14:14:10 <bstinson> #info New bugs pending this week
14:14:25 <bstinson> @mantis 14561
14:14:26 <centbot> Bug 14561 - dfarrell07 - open - new
14:14:27 <centbot> Add NFV SIG ODL Fluorine Build Targets+Destination Tags - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14561
14:14:32 <bstinson> @mantis 14567
14:14:33 <centbot> Bug 14567 - mblaha - open - new
14:14:34 <centbot> YUM4 - request the space on mirror network - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14567
14:14:40 <bstinson> i'll take both of those
14:14:59 <Arrfab> bstinson: it seems that for altarch content, some $arches are mixed up
14:15:19 <Arrfab> http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/7/cloud/aarch64/openstack-queens/ has both .aarch64 and .ppc64le pkgs
14:15:23 <Arrfab> kbsingh: ^
14:15:50 <kbsingh> Arrfab: can drp the wrong arch
14:16:04 <Arrfab> in fact for all altarch repo generated from SIGs it seems
14:16:09 <Arrfab> http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/7/virt/aarch64/kvm-common/ (etc)
14:16:09 <kbsingh> I've got a few calls, can do this after, unless someone else gets to it first
14:16:15 <bstinson> do we have an open bug for that?
14:16:33 <kbsingh> this is fallout from fix from what bstinson had emailed last friday, just pending cleanup
14:16:44 <kbsingh> bug report would be good
14:16:56 <Arrfab> bstinson: in theory we should have a new one, that is then linked to all bug reports asking initially for the pkgs to land there
14:17:31 <kbsingh> the repomd is clear bytheway
14:18:03 <bstinson> sure, i'll do one up quickly
14:18:12 <kbsingh> ta
14:18:16 <bstinson> and then we can finish bug triage
14:21:20 <bstinson> @mantis 14573
14:21:21 <centbot> Bug 14573 - bstinson - open - new
14:21:23 <centbot> Mismatched arch content in SIG repos on mirror.centos.org - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14573
14:21:26 <bstinson> ^that's our tracker bug
14:22:07 <bstinson> #info Old Bugs brought forward for review
14:22:13 <bstinson> @mantis 12169
14:22:14 <centbot> Bug 12169 - arrfab - fixed - feedback
14:22:15 <centbot> CBS builders fail to build images if kickstart is using new syntax - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=12169
14:23:27 <bstinson> looks like this is the last chance to comment on that bug before it gets closed this week
14:23:36 <Arrfab> for that one , waiting on lpancescu but he doesn't seem online those days
14:27:16 <bstinson> for this section of the meeting, any update to the ticket during the past week will show up in my filter, i'm going to see about putting some tags around all of this for automation
14:27:33 <bstinson> other bugs we should cover this week?
14:27:50 <bstinson> i'll go back though the ones we've stalled for arch content, and tag them with the tracker bug
14:32:31 <bstinson> if we don't have any other bugs to surface this week
14:32:33 <bstinson> #topic CI
14:32:54 <bstinson> anyone here for CI?
14:35:22 <bstinson> #topic Open Floor
14:35:49 <bstinson> any final topics for today?
14:35:57 <hamzy> bstinson, so about your arch email
14:37:11 <hamzy> I'm wondering how close we are...
14:37:50 <kbsingh> hamzy: what is missing, what scope ?
14:37:58 <bstinson> we haven't heard any objections on the thread
14:38:57 <hamzy> kbsingh, I'm currently building kolla container images for ppc64le and am looking for a number of repositories
14:39:20 <hamzy> ex: https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=12854
14:39:49 <bstinson> hamzy: that's an entirely different set of challenges to go through
14:40:26 <bstinson> alternate arches aren't enabled on the opstools tags in CBS yet, so we need to go through a bootstrap process with a few tags
14:41:06 <hamzy> ok... would that process be the same for ceph-luminious?
14:41:19 <hamzy> I sent a note out to the SIG with no response: https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2018-February/016478.html
14:41:24 <bstinson> let's check
14:42:50 <bstinson> ceph is altarch-enabled so whenever they request a release to the mirrors for that we'll get that done
14:43:44 <hamzy> hrm... so what happens if the SIG is dead?
14:45:33 <hamzy> can a non-member request an arch release?
14:45:41 <bstinson> hamzy: looks like kkeithley and gfidente were actively building things in the past month or two. you may be able to reach out to them directly
14:45:57 <hamzy> sure, will do
14:46:17 <bstinson> hamzy: you can definitely file a bug for an altarch release, but we'll wait for someone from the SIG to +1
14:51:04 <bstinson> last call for open floor topics!
14:53:10 <bstinson> we'll close out the meeting in 1 minute
14:56:28 <bstinson> thanks all!
14:56:32 <bstinson> #endmeeting