15:05:42 <number80> #startmeeting CentOS Cloud SIG (2018-03-15)
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15:05:47 <number80> #topic roll call
15:05:50 <number80> #chair rbowen
15:05:50 <centbot> Current chairs: number80 rbowen
15:05:53 <number80> who's here?
15:05:57 <rbowen> Mostly here.
15:06:04 <dahn> h, @here
15:06:09 <number80> agenda is: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/centos-cloud-sig
15:06:14 <number80> #chair dahn
15:06:14 <centbot> Current chairs: dahn number80 rbowen
15:06:18 <number80> hi dahn
15:07:32 <dahn> Hello, people, I am not sure if Rohit is joining. I am still recovering from pneumonia but will fill you with our status as far as i can
15:08:12 <dahn> @number80 I see no agenda for today in that link, is that correct?
15:08:36 <number80> well, people can add item
15:09:03 <number80> dahn: take care if you're recovering
15:09:12 <number80> I guess we can cancel this meeting
15:09:16 <dahn> ok, to be blunt , I can give a brief and we have a very short meeting than
15:10:38 <dahn> we have resolved most non-redist issues in our distro and are working (slowly) on creating a package without just the one that is still an issue
15:10:59 <dahn> that's all from us
15:13:07 <number80> ok, that's good :)
15:13:32 <number80> Let's close the meeting then
15:13:41 <dahn> :+1:
15:13:50 <number80> I'll be around next week but unsure the weeks after (PTO are coming)
15:13:54 <number80> #endmeeting