14:00:13 <bstinson> #startmeeting CBS/Infra
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14:00:25 <bstinson> #topic Agenda
14:00:32 <bstinson> #info Topic: Status Updates
14:00:43 <bstinson> #info Topic: Account Requests
14:00:50 <bstinson> #info Topic: Bug Triage
14:00:57 <bstinson> #info Topic: CI
14:01:05 <bstinson> #info Topic: Open Floor
14:01:17 <bstinson> #topic Status Updates
14:01:21 <bstinson> hi folks
14:01:36 <bstinson> #chair alphacc Arrfab kbsingh
14:01:36 <centbot> Current chairs: Arrfab alphacc bstinson kbsingh
14:03:05 <bstinson> anything new to report for this week?
14:05:46 <alphacc> I'll rebuild koji 1.15 soon in cbs and I'd like we push to -extras quickly to fix extras vs epel problem.
14:06:19 <alphacc> 1.15.client against our server is fine, using it for few days
14:06:44 <alphacc> I have time to work on the upgrade this week
14:07:00 <bstinson> great!
14:07:11 <Arrfab> alphacc: you mean pushing 1.15 client in extras, but not server part ? (to avoid the issue at the cbs side for automatic updates)
14:07:37 <alphacc> do we use extras ? I though we use infras with higher priority ?
14:07:59 <Arrfab> alphacc: no priority (so far) set up
14:08:35 <alphacc> I would be in favor of decoupling it, but as we shipped all server/client in extras we would need some cleanup
14:10:33 <Arrfab> so if we ship to extras, it will autoupdate on all cbs nodes, and not sure that it's what you want :-)
14:10:33 <alphacc> rpm -qi says @centos-admin
14:11:21 <alphacc> (yum list koji)
14:11:32 <alphacc> anyway to be sorted out before pushing
14:11:38 <alphacc> el6 vs el7
14:12:48 <alphacc> I am pretty sure we had everything in centos-admin to avoid these issues
14:13:37 <alphacc> we can set priority if it is not delaying client to -extras
14:16:31 <alphacc> I have 2 tickets a week, for people complaining about koji extras vs epel. It would be nice to fix it.
14:16:32 <bstinson> alphacc: do you need anything to assist with the upgrade?
14:17:09 <alphacc> I'll send the upgrade plan to -devel for the server side, I think we have all the machine I'll ping Arrfab in case we do not.
14:17:19 <Arrfab> alphacc: other thing we can do (tmp) is disable those autoupdates on cbs, then you can release to extras
14:17:51 <alphacc> I think the priority solution (or versionlock ?) is safer no ?
14:17:58 <Arrfab> well, ask hughesjr to do that, as (for a reason I still don't get), he rebuilds all those instead of using the ones built through cbs/koji
14:17:58 <alphacc> future proof
14:20:21 <alphacc> Another point on my side if we done with koji update, any though on debuginfo.centos.org issue with experimental kernel package ? it very user unfriendly.
14:21:20 <alphacc> yum install kernel-debuginfo (or debuginfo-install kernel) will try to install a 4.X kernel-debuginfo for unreleased kernels
14:22:28 <Arrfab> hughesjr: ^ ?
14:22:31 <bstinson> alphacc: we may need kbsingh and/or hughesjr for that discussion
14:22:48 <alphacc> ok happy to follow-up on the mailing list
14:24:41 <bstinson> anything else we should cover for status updates?
14:27:42 <bstinson> #topic Account Requests
14:28:14 <Arrfab> bstinson: some requests from gfidente about removing pkgs built and released, but maybe we can do that in the bug triage section ?
14:28:14 <bstinson> #info CI: 2 accounts added this week 1 for Devtools, 1 for nfs-ganesha
14:28:29 <bstinson> Arrfab: yep, that bug is on the triage list
14:28:51 <bstinson> kbsingh: are you around to give an update on ACO?
14:30:19 <alphacc> bstinson: thanks for pushing virt/kubernetes19
14:30:36 <alphacc> it's nice to have 1.9 available easily
14:30:54 <alphacc> we should write a blog post
14:31:17 <alphacc> I'll ping strigazi
14:31:23 <bstinson> blog posts are neat
14:33:13 <bstinson> ok, let's look at some bugs
14:33:18 <bstinson> #topic Bug Triage
14:33:49 <bstinson> #info Bugs pending action this week
14:33:59 <bstinson> @mantis 14561
14:34:00 <centbot> Bug 14561 - dfarrell07 - open - new
14:34:01 <centbot> Add NFV SIG ODL Fluorine Build Targets+Destination Tags - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14561
14:34:28 <alphacc> I'll take care of this one right now
14:34:37 <bstinson> awesome
14:35:18 <bstinson> i think that might have been me that missed that one last week
14:35:54 <bstinson> #info Bugs completed last week, but not closed yet
14:35:54 <alphacc> me too
14:36:05 <bstinson> @mantis 14577
14:36:06 <centbot> Bug 14577 - jmelis - open - new
14:36:07 <centbot> ci.centos.org ssh access - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14577
14:36:21 <bstinson> @mantis 14521
14:36:22 <centbot> Bug 14521 - strigazi - open - feedback
14:36:23 <centbot> Add buildlogs and mirror destinations for kubernetes-19 - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14521
14:36:34 <bstinson> @mantis 14573
14:36:35 <centbot> Bug 14573 - bstinson - open - new
14:36:36 <centbot> Mismatched arch content in SIG repos on mirror.centos.org - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14573
14:36:51 <bstinson> @mantis 14583
14:36:52 <centbot> Bug 14583 - kkeithle - open - new
14:36:53 <centbot> please add me to the nfs-ganesha account for ci.centos.org - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14583
14:37:11 <bstinson> @mantis 14584
14:37:12 <centbot> Bug 14584 - jbieren - open - new
14:37:13 <centbot> console.apps.ci.centos.org containers stuck in creating - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14584
14:37:23 <bstinson> i'm going to resolve these now
14:39:06 <bstinson> #topic Open Bug discussion
14:39:26 <bstinson> Arrfab: let's handle the easy one first
14:39:33 <bstinson> @mantis 12169
14:39:34 <centbot> Bug 12169 - arrfab - fixed - feedback
14:39:35 <centbot> CBS builders fail to build images if kickstart is using new syntax - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=12169
14:40:04 <bstinson> i say we close this one and reopen if there's any complaints later on
14:42:12 <alphacc> +1
14:42:33 <Arrfab> yes, and was waiting on lpancescu but not available, so let's close it for now
14:43:05 <bstinson> which brings us to the last bug of the day
14:43:13 <bstinson> @mantis 14593
14:43:15 <centbot> Bug 14593 - gfidente - open - new
14:43:16 <centbot> Incorrect naming scheme for a build of ceph-ansible prevents subsequent updates to be installed - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=14593
14:43:39 <bstinson> gfidente: are you still around?
14:43:50 <gfidente> yes not sure if needs more details
14:43:58 <gfidente> of what is in the bug already?
14:44:21 <gfidente> basically there was a particular build of a package which was inconsistent yet we promoted it into -testing and -release
14:44:36 <gfidente> and now updates can't be installed as these are considered "older" by the naming scheme
14:45:22 <Arrfab> the fact that it entered "testing" was one thing, but then tagged to "release" with bad disttag is "surprizing"
14:45:23 <gfidente> given it was a beta build, I am asking for its deletin
14:45:23 <bstinson> did this make it out to mirror.centos.org?
14:45:39 <gfidente> yes it did
14:46:09 <gfidente> I added in the bug links to newer beta builds which use the correct syntax for the build name
14:46:55 <bstinson> so in these situations it's -very- hard to remove stuff once it's made it out to the mirrors
14:48:01 <gfidente> so I guess the only alternative is to tag a build to override it?
14:48:06 <Arrfab> yes, and so my question : if that was even "beta build", why has it been tagged for -release ?
14:48:42 <Arrfab> I know this will not solve your current issue, but trying to understand how to prevent it for other cbs users
14:49:05 <gfidente> I think I understand your point
14:49:12 <gfidente> any beta build is overriding the stable builds at this point
14:49:22 <gfidente> and that's probably not the right approach
14:51:41 <gfidente> I think if we can agree on a direction to take and update the bug accordingly
14:52:19 <gfidente> I could try to work this with ceph-ansible guys and see how to resolve the current issue and avoid it in the future?
14:53:01 <bstinson> that works. i think our position is: try to bump the NVR in a way that overrides the existing package
14:53:25 <gfidente> even though that will initially mean having a beta in -release (as it was before)
14:53:34 <gfidente> sounds good?
14:54:08 <bstinson> +1
14:54:12 <gfidente> ok thanks
14:54:23 <gfidente> if you could paste an update in the bug that'd help
14:54:41 <bstinson> yep, i'll update there
14:57:19 <bstinson> ok, we have 3 minutes left
14:57:28 <hamzy> curious if any progress on 12854?
14:57:28 <bstinson> #topic Open Floor
14:57:48 <bstinson> @mantis 12854
14:57:49 <centbot> Bug 12854 - mrunge - open - acknowledged
14:57:50 <centbot> please add aarch64 and ppc64le to opstools - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=12854
14:58:09 <bstinson> hamzy: i'm working 1:1 with mrunge soon to get some of this done
14:58:23 <hamzy> cool, thanks
14:59:18 <bstinson> the last topic i have, is a short update on the altarch vs. centos split on the mirrors
14:59:51 <bstinson> i wanted to see if hughesjr would weigh in on that thread, but since we've had no complaints i think we should move forward
15:00:28 <bstinson> anything else before we close out for the week?
15:02:33 <bstinson> thanks all!
15:02:40 <bstinson> @endmeeting
15:02:46 <bstinson> ermm
15:02:49 <bstinson> #endmeeting