17:01:25 <tdawson> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:01:31 <tdawson> #topic roll call
17:03:30 <tdawson> This is what I get for not sending the email out earlier. :(
17:06:11 <tdawson> Well, I guess I won't have to worry about people interupting the list of events this week.
17:06:21 <tdawson> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:06:26 <tdawson> Starting with rpms.
17:06:58 <tdawson> Last week we decided to rerelease 3.7.1-1, even though nobody had finished testing it.
17:07:03 <tdawson> That was a mistake.
17:07:33 <tdawson> Turns out it was built from the master branch instead of the release-3.7 branch.
17:07:46 <tdawson> It also had the wrong build tags in the spec file.
17:08:20 <tdawson> As soon as this hit the repos on Monday morning, all sorts of happiness happened.
17:08:56 <tdawson> I created a 3.7.1-2 package, by hand, and got it tested and pushed out.
17:10:13 <tdawson> origin-3.7.1-2 has been pused out to all the repos and people have verified that it works, and fixes the problem.
17:10:44 <tdawson> I need to get origin-3.7.1-1 out of the repo's if I can.  I will be creating a ticket for that in just a bit.
17:11:54 <tdawson> In other news, origin-3.7.2 has been branched, and looks like it's ready to go, but I haven't see an announcement about it being released, so I don't know if we should build it yet.
17:12:04 <tdawson> We might use that for testing the automation.
17:12:40 <tdawson> The good thing out of all this is that I now have a good test to make sure tags are right, as well as check that we've pulled from the correct place.
17:13:12 <tdawson> Moving on to automation
17:14:11 <tdawson> As was said before, we need to double check out automation, to A) make sure we're pulling from the correct tag/branch, and B) make sure we have the correct tags for non-master builds.
17:15:11 <tdawson> Moving on to Documentation
17:15:13 <kincl> tdawson: is that automation stored in a git repo somewhere?
17:15:33 <tdawson> kincl: Yes ... just a sec, let me get the link
17:16:01 <tdawson> I'm pretty sure the tags need to be tweeked, I just dont' know if I pressed the wrong buttons for the branch.
17:16:47 <tdawson> https://github.com/CentOS-PaaS-SIG/paas-sig-ci
17:17:17 <kincl> great thanks!
17:18:43 <tdawson> As for Documentation, it was brought to my attention this past week that it only briefly mentions these weekly meetings, and doesn't say anything about the time or place.  I'll be updating that this week.
17:18:59 <tdawson> Unless someone want to get that for me.
17:21:11 <tdawson> I think we can move onto the Committee Member changes.
17:22:08 <tdawson> #topic  Upcomming Committee Member Changes
17:22:35 <tdawson> This week I finally got emails out to the people who volunteered to be on the committee.
17:22:48 <tdawson> ogunheper: Welcome, and thank you for volunteering.
17:23:28 <ogunheper> Hi all, thanks for having me, will be glad if I can be helpful
17:23:59 <tdawson> ogunheper: Glad to have you
17:24:22 <tdawson> ogunheper: If it seems a little quiet in here, we're a little low on attendance this week.
17:24:32 <ogunheper> :) seems so, yeah
17:24:44 <tdawson> Usually when that happens I just go through the news of the week.
17:25:00 <tdawson> And usually, if people can't make it, they send me any status updates they have.
17:25:39 <ogunheper> ok, no problem
17:26:08 <tdawson> We usually have sdodson here, he's our official OpenShift representative, but he's on vacation, as well as brig-man
17:26:09 <ogunheper> I've missed the earlier topics, would be good to catch up later on in private
17:26:38 <ogunheper> especially on building rpms, and on maintaining the pipeline
17:26:45 <tdawson> ogunheper: Sure thing, and the meeting is automatically recorded, so you can go to a web page and read them.
17:26:51 <kincl> ogunheper: https://www.centos.org/minutes/2018/March/centos-devel.2018-03-21-17.01.log.txt
17:27:08 <ogunheper> great, thank you
17:27:15 <kincl> np
17:27:21 <tdawson> Oh ... I didn't realize it was recording live ... cool.
17:29:07 <tdawson> ogunheper: Since you came at the right time of the meeting, for the new committee members ... was the email I sent to ya'll helpful?  Do you have questions?
17:29:49 <ogunheper> yes, that was helpful indeed
17:30:16 <ogunheper> however, if I were to build rpms using https://github.com/CentOS-PaaS-SIG/paas-sig-ci, it would be great to have a little more orientation
17:30:35 <tdawson> Fair question
17:30:39 <ogunheper> on maintaining and executing the pipel
17:30:41 <ogunheper> ine
17:31:27 <tdawson> ogunheper: For that it would be good to get ari.  He's not here (last week was his last week) but he's said he would help whoever is planning on replacing him.
17:32:17 <tdawson> ogunheper: But, to get started, the front end of the builds are done here - https://ci.centos.org/job/paas-ci-cd/
17:32:40 <ogunheper> that's ok, just tell me how to get to him and I will
17:33:09 <ogunheper> I will try to disturb him as less as possible
17:33:17 <tdawson> ogunheper: :)  OK, his email is alivigni@redhat.com
17:33:25 <tdawson> ogunheper: Do you have jenkins experience?
17:33:32 <ogunheper> I'll refer to his help after looking deeper into pipelines
17:34:10 <ogunheper> yes, I do
17:34:31 <ogunheper> we are maintaining our pipelines with jenkins
17:34:36 <tdawson> ogunheper: Ah, I see that in your email ... sorry, was getting you mixed up with one of the other emails.
17:34:42 <tdawson> ogunheper: Cool, very cool.
17:35:17 <ogunheper> however, no experience on publishing signed rpms to any of the centos repositories :)
17:35:44 <tdawson> ogunheper: No problem there ... that part can be done manually, it's fairly easy.
17:36:16 <tdawson> ogunheper: If we could get it to go through some type of testing and be automatically tagged into our -testing repo's that's really what we wanted.
17:36:38 <ogunheper> Ok, I think we need to build 3.7.2 for the shortest term
17:36:58 <tdawson> ogunheper: That came up earlier ... do you know if it's been released yet?
17:37:39 <ogunheper> yeah, it seems so at https://github.com/openshift/origin/releases/latest
17:38:16 <tdawson> Of course, we can always build scratch builds, to make sure the workflow is working correctly this time.
17:38:21 <ogunheper> it fixes some critical vulnerabilities on kubernetes, thus seems important to build the rpms asap
17:38:37 <tdawson> Huh ... looks like I either missed the email (quite possible) or clayton forgot to send the email (also possible.)
17:39:18 <ogunheper> I'm talking about this pr
17:39:19 <ogunheper> https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/18954
17:40:20 <ogunheper> | If we could get it to go through some type of testing and be automatically tagged into our -testing repo's that's really what we wanted.
17:40:22 <tdawson> Yep, but outside of the master branch, our jenkins setup isn't designed to various pull requests, just releases.
17:40:54 <ogunheper> yes, that pr is included in 3.7.2
17:41:05 <tdawson> OK
17:41:51 <ogunheper> I can modify the pipeline to include some testing but we need to elaborate more on the scope and context of this
17:42:12 <ogunheper> we may discuss this later on, if you wish
17:42:27 <ogunheper> but in any case
17:43:02 <tdawson> ogunheper: Sounds good ... we can discuss it on email ... proburlby on centos-devel, so other can chime in on good tests.
17:43:24 <ogunheper> let's aim to build 3.7.2 together, so that could be a more on-the-job training kind of a transition :)
17:44:35 <tdawson> ogunheper: Sounds good ... we'll probrubly need/want to do that offline, or private channel, cuz passwords will need to be discussed.
17:45:01 <ogunheper> agreed
17:45:18 <tdawson> ogunheper: Do you have cbs acces yet?  (the Centos Build System)
17:45:32 <ogunheper> no, not yet
17:45:56 <ogunheper> can setup tonight, but will need authorization later on
17:46:08 <tdawson> OK, we'll have to get that setup, but you can at least see what's building without access.
17:46:24 <tdawson> /access/authorization/
17:47:03 <ogunheper> sure thing, will look into that
17:48:14 <tdawson> Anything else before we move on (although moving on means going to OpenFloor) ?
17:48:56 <ogunheper> on modifying the pipeline to include more sound tests, agreed to talk this on centos-devel, however, setting this up may take a while
17:49:14 <tdawson> ogunheper: totally understandable
17:49:23 <ogunheper> so, I don't recommend waiting for it to be done before 3.7.2
17:49:50 <tdawson> ogunheper: Wasn't planning on it.
17:50:02 <ogunheper> ok
17:50:22 <tdawson> ogunheper: We'll got on a private channel after this and I'll step you through the process of how we currently do builds.
17:50:34 <ogunheper> sure, thank you
17:51:35 <tdawson> We're getting short on time, I'm goign to move on to OpenFloor
17:51:44 <tdawson> #topic Open Floor
17:52:02 <tdawson> Does anyone have anything to talk about that wasn't on the agenda, or got missed?
17:53:13 <tdawson> I'll take the silence for a no.
17:53:32 <ogunheper> no from my side
17:54:41 <tdawson> Very well, we'll talk to ya'll next week.  Hopefully we'll have 3.7.2 released by then, and ogunheper will have more permissions and helping out.
17:55:01 <tdawson> #endmeeting